Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants: Sacks Galore and Pee Wee Penalties

After the natural disaster of week one, the world thought the Cowboys would be 0-3. Somehow, we managed to survive. Not only that, but we have managed to improve week by week. By no means are we a playoff team right now. But then again, last year the Boys went 12-5 and still managed to die in round one. My point being is that the Boys are unpredictable and someone needs to get me a pacemaker.

Let's start with the positives, as there were many! Cooper Rush has held down the fort once again. He threw 21-31, 215 yards, and one touchdown. At this point in Cowboy Nation - we need a calm quarterback. Dak is passionate, but sometimes the look on his face is pure shock and confusion. Rush knows what he has to do, does it, and leaves. I'm not comparing stats when I say this, moreso the personality: he reminds me of Drew Brees. Remember when I said to "ask me again" about Rush? Well. I've made up my mind. It's Rush Hour baby!

Our receivers and tight ends must've had some extra practice last week. Many worried about Dalton Schultz being out, as well as Gallup deciding to not return. But you know what that means, rookies come out of the shadows. We saw Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershot make crucial blocking plays. It's so nice to have tight ends that can block. Jalen Tolbert was also in the mix. He only had one catch, but he is in the testing phase. Simi Fehoko was on the field too, one catch to his name.

I would like to again shout out our kicker, Brett Maher. Also known as "Money Maher." While the offense struggled to put up any touchdowns until the second half, Maher did his job. No longer will I have to worry about missed kicks.

Okay. Let's talk about the CeeDee Lamb drop. He has talent and the ability to be a playmaker....when he wants to be. The passes he's dropped the past weeks, I've seen him catch a million times over in the past. What's going on? I get having one bad night, but when you're noted as the "number one receiver" - I expect more. The 52-yard drop from Lamb would've been a touchdown. He was wide open, steps ahead of his defender...and the ball goes right through him. The good news is, he ended the night with a redemption arch. Catching a crucial 4th down pass as well as a beautiful one-handed touchdown. I propose that every time Lamb makes a touchdown, we call it "The Lamb Chop."

Our running game opened up, how lovely! Zeke and Pollard are talented enough to make plays when need be. Elliott has eaten, and he must continue to feast. One of the reasons the running game worked is due to our offensive line. Thanks to Tyler Smith and Jason Peters.

While Micah Parsons didn't have a sack last night, this kid is the real deal. He was double-teamed and still able to put pressure on the quarterback. Many worried that he wouldn't have the season he did last year. The lion is in his jungle. No need to worry. Meanwhile, Lawrence had three sacks last night. In total, the Cowboy's defense had five sacks and six TFL (tackles for loss). Diggs had a wonderful night with the game-sealing interception. This is what I like to see.

Here's what I don't like to see. Penalties. It was like flag football out there. False start. Holding. Delay of game. These shouldn't be happening. While they have decreased substantially, they are still alive and killing drives. I also don't like not playing until the second half. The game has four quarters, let's try to play the whole game. Merely a suggestion.

Next week, we play the Commanders. I refer to them as the ketchup and mustard team. (Heinz could sponsor them?) Not worried at all. Get your hotdog buns, it'll be a blow-out.

- BB

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.