Danny White's Broken Wrist vs Dak

Ok, you decades-long veterans know what I'm taking about. In 1986 the Cowboys were rolling at 6-2. They had added #1 pick WR Mike Sherrard to go with Tony Hill and Mike Renfro. Doug Cosbie at TE. Tony Dorsett and then they added Herschel Walker from the USFL.

That was an overloaded offense similar to the 2021 Cowboys. It was going to win the division and probably get home field advantage. Then in week 9 Carl Banks of the Giants broke Danny's wrist. Out for the year, season over. Only 1 more win behind Steve Pelluer, finishing 7-9.

This situation differs but it is interesting to contrast. For one thing Rush has proven he can win with this offense. Even without Gallup or Schultz. He's no Pelluer. And Dak broke his right thumb not his right wrist >

Dak Prescott’s hand injury: Orthopaedic surgeon breaks it down and timeline for his return - The Athletic

However, when Danny's cast came off they discovered ligament damage >

OH, DANNY BOY : The Dallas Cowboys' Great Collapse of '86 Came as a Direct Result of the Loss of Their Quarterback; He's Back, Mended, to Make Amends - Los Angeles Times (

White returned for the 1987 season but simply could not throw the same way. Got benched during the year for Pelluer, then lost the starting job to him in camp 1988.

It just demonstrates that things change in the NFL in totally unexpected ways. Nobody thought White's broken wrist would end his career. Nobody thought the sea would part for 2016 4th round project QB Dak, and with injuries to both of the QB's ahead of him, he'd be opening day starter.

It's unlikely I would think that the Dak thumb injury will cascade on him, but keep that in mind about White. You get a chance in the NFL and simply nobody knows what is next.

You sign Cooper Rush off the street thinking he - might - be able to make plays if the starter goes down. You don't know that he can face down SNF and MNF national TV, on the road, score when he needs to in the 4th and go 3-0 as a starter.


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