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Cowboys news: Defense rivaling Dallas history with strong first three weeks, Dak Prescott able to grip a football again

The latest Cowboys news.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Mick Shots: Defense Waking Up Ghosts Of Past -

The Cowboys’ defense is flipping the script back in time with its hot start to the season.

Some things don’t need to be pointed out. We just know.

We just know the Cowboys defense has jumped off to a great start, holding their first three opponents to begin this 2022 season to 19 points, then 17 and 16. Those rambunctious guys have only yielded three touchdowns.

The Cowboys rank eighth in points allowed with 52. They rank first in sacks with 13 and first in sacks per play, which has them second in net passing yards per play and fourth in net passing yards per game.

But this one would have never guessed. Thanks to the PR staff, on the front page of the Dallas Cowboys weekly game release, in the BY THE NUMBERS section with three of those listed weekly, there was this, “19.”

Huh, 19?

And it reads: The Cowboys have held all three of their 2022 opponents to 19 or fewer points, the first time Dallas has held an opponent under 20 points in the first three games of a season since …

1974, like 48 years ago.

Say what? Seventy-four, with all the great defenses this team has produced, ranked 16 times in the top 5, five of those No. 1 over the franchise’s previous 62 seasons?

Indeed. The Cowboys began that 1974 season beating Atlanta, 24-0, then losing to Philly, 13-10, and losing to the Giants, 14-6. They would lose their next two games, too, getting off to a 1-4 start on their way to an 8-6 season, missing the playoffs for the first time since that 8-8 year in 1965, the expansion franchise’s first non-losing season.

But to accomplish that feat, holding the first three opponents to no more than the 19 points – and that year no more than 14 – the Cowboys were trotting out on that defense future Hall of Famers Bob Lilly, Mel Renfro and Cliff Harris, along with such notables as Lee Roy Jordan, Charlie Waters, Cornell Green, D.D. Lewis, Jethro Pugh, Larry Cole and Dave Edwards.

‘I Can Grip It!’ Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Fighting for Week 4 Return from Injury? - Mike Fisher,

Dak Prescott (kind of) tossed a pigskin for the first time in quite a while.

Meanwhile, the other Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott - remember him? - was smiling, too, showing off his thumb brace to a handful of reporters, explaining how simply Monday’s pregame stitches-removal procedure was - “You could’ve (performed) it!’’ he told the aforementioned reporters - and with subtlety suggesting that he doesn’t want to put a limiting date on when he might return from the hand surgery that has sidelined him for two weeks.

“I can kind of grip it right now!’’ he insisted, and indeed, before what would become a Rush-led 23-16 win at the Giants, Dak couldn’t resist some throwing-hand soft-tossing with an actual football.

Not left-handed.

Not throwing a yellow workout ball.

Sort-of-real throwing with what amounts to four-and-a-half fingers.

‘GOAT & Lion’: Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Responds to Lawrence Taylor Challenge - Mike Fisher,

Micah Parsons and an NFL great paid homage to each other following Monday’s win.

FRISCO - Lawrence Taylor’s initial judgment of the work of Micah Parsons in Monday’s 23-16 Dallas Cowboys win at New York against LT’s old Giants team?

Sort of a challenge.

But on the morning after? The NFL’s all-time greatest linebacker acknowledged a the budding superstar Parsons in a more cordial manner - and Parsons responded in kind.

Hall of Fame linebacker Taylor tweeted about how ”special” Micah is, telling the Cowboys star he “can’t wait to see everything you achieve young man.”

Parsons responded with emojis of a goat and a lion, a combination of LT being “the Greatest of All-Time’’ and his own “Lion-backer’’ mentality.

“Thank you!!!” Parsons wrote. “God is great!


LT’s initial tweet was a “challenge’’ for Parsons to “keep it up for 13 years,’’ as Taylor himself did. The tone wasn’t quite right.

But “GOAT and Lion’’ has a nice ring to it.

Jerry Jones: ‘I wouldn’t sell the Cowboys’ for $10 billion - John Schafer, Yahoo Finance

Who knows what lump sum it would take to budge Jerry’s hold on the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t planning on selling his beloved franchise anytime soon, even if the number comes in above Forbes’ estimated $8 billion valuation.

“I wouldn’t sell the Cowboys for $10 [billion],” Jones told Yahoo Finance (video above). “Of course, I’m not interested in selling the Cowboys.”

Jones’ comments come just months after Walmart (WMT) heir Rob Walton bought the Denver Broncos for $4.65 billion in June, marking the most expensive professional sports purchase ever and solidifying the National Football League (NFL)’s increased valuations over the past several years.

Still, the Cowboys are estimated to be the world’s most valuable franchise.

Jones attributed the rising valuations in the NFL to the increased eyeballs watching the sport — NFL shared broadcast revenue hit a record $347.3 million in 2021 and will increase with Amazon’s $1 billion deal — and owners like himself. Since he and others would never sell their teams, an advantageous supply-demand scenario is created for any potential seller. (Clark Hunt, whose family has owned the Kansas City Chiefs since their inception in 1959, also recently told Yahoo Finance the NFL valuation “hasn’t topped.”)

Creating a lucrative franchise wasn’t Jones’ initial goal, though, when he bought the team in 1989 for a then-record $150 million.

“I had a little money,” Jones said. “I’d done it in gas business. I had a little money, but what I wanted to do was coach football. I never thought that I could be involved in something that would have economic viability. The fact that it does ... and has for the last 30 years, beyond anything I could have ever imagined, is just a major plus. So I think there’s a future of values that will exceed what Denver went for, for sure.”

Where Was Micah Parsons in the Giants Game? - Tony Stahl, Inside The Star

Tracking Micah Parsons’ presence against the New York Giants was a bit harder than usual, and for good reason.

Yes, Linebacker Micah Parsons did play against the New York Giants, yet his stats were very limited to his previous games. What went different and how did the Giants stop him?

In the last two games, Parsons racked up 4 total sacks (two for each game). This was a massive stat pact, yet against the Giants, he only managed to get one tackle. This was a concern to many, but if you look closer, it’s not.

Throughout the game, Parsons was being double-teamed at the line of scrimmage. The Giants knew that Parsons is a massive threat to their offense so they made sure to stop him at no matter what.

This is similar to how during the 2022 Super Bowl the Cincinnati Bengals triple-teamed Aaron Donald. Yes, I said it again, Micah Parsons is looking like a replica of the great Aaron Donald.

Back to the game, while the Giants were putting two linemen on Parsons, it opened up some room for someone else to gather up some sacks. That someone was DeMarcus Lawrence. When Parsons was being manhandled, Lawrence was gathering up some impressive stats.

Three total sacks that game for Lawrence and 6 tackles. Yes, Lawrence deserves a lot of credit for getting back there and taking down Quarterback Daniel Jones; but Parsons is a very big variable here.

Parsons is such a good rusher that it made the Giant’s offensive line have to put another defender on him to insure he won’t get sacks. That’s when you know you have a good player on your team.

So, where was Parsons’s amazing ability to get to the quarterback in the Giants game? It was right there, only it was passed to another player for this game. You see, when Parsons is on the field, sacks are happening, whether it’s from him or not. Because of that, he hasn’t just brought great talent to himself, he’s brought talent to the whole team.

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