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Cowboys news: Jerry Jones refers to Dak Prescott’s contract when discusing free agents

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SPORTS-FBN-HILL-COLUMN-FT Yffy Yossifor/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

‘No free lunch’: Jerry Jones brings up Dak Prescott’s contract in explaining Cowboys’ roster holes - Jori Epstein, USA Today

Balancing the payroll for a franchise quarterback and the rest of the roster can be a difficult task given the contracts being given to signal-callers around the league. However, given the Cowboys cap space, there are questions about no free agent splashes and whether they are willing to spend to win-it-all.

And yet, Prescott’s average annual salary is exceeded by the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, Broncos’ Russell Wilson, Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, Browns’ Deshaun Watson, Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Bills’ Josh Allen, Raiders’ Derek Carr and matches that of the Rams’ Matthew Stafford.

The Broncos still signed free-agent defensive end Randy Gregory, when the Cowboys decided he was too expensive. The Browns still traded their fifth round pick for receiver Amari Cooper and his contract, another Dallas offseason loss. The Bills signed veteran pass rusher Von Miller, whom Dallas fans coveted. And the Rams last year traded for both Miller and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. en route to a Super Bowl title.

Jones insisted he has proved his willingness to take risks.

“No one would deny that I’m a risk-taker,” he said. “No one. I take risk and I do it every day in my life. And so, there is a proper time to take some risk. We have taken them and we will take them.

“I hope that some of the risk I take in the future … will result in a change from where we’ve been: and that’s not getting to the Super Bowl. But I do that every day in my life.”

Cowboys, Jason Peters commence contract negotiations - Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

The biggest news of the week was the rumored visit of long-time Philadelphia Eagle, Jason Peters. The potential future Hall of Famer met with Cowboys brass Friday night after his physical to try and hammer out a contract.

There could soon be a new Cowboy in town. Even if this is far from his first rodeo.

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that contract negotiation have commenced with veteran tackle Jason Peters.

Peters had a physical with the team on Friday, and he had (per Moore) a “very productive round” of meetings with team officials.

At 40, he would become the second-oldest player in the NFL, behind only 45-year-old Tom Brady. Peters entered the NFL in 2004 as an undrafted free agent. He played tight end. The Bills made him into a left tackle — and he thrived.

The nine-time Pro Bowler and two-time All Pro spent five seasons with the Bills and 11 with the Eagles. Last year, Peters started 15 games with the Bears.

Next Man Up Opportunities Galore - Mickey Spagnola,

There are many spots on this roster for young players to step up and make a name for themselves. The veterans feel the same way.

But when you look out onto the two practice fields, this is the land of opportunity, an unusual amount of opportunity with 30 of the 54 players the Cowboys have rights to entering no more than their third NFL season. For most, their field of dreams. Young, inexperienced guys.

There is no time for babysitting. A whole gunch of these must be ready to go come Sunday against the Buccaneers and 45-year-old quarterback Tom Brady, reasonably old enough to be the father of the 35 players on this roster no more than 25 years of age.

Scary when you are trying to win football games against grown men?

“I love the youth,” says 29-year-old Dak Prescott, beginning his seventh season in this league, knowing he was one of them back in 2016, just a 23-year-old rookie at the time, probably to him just a blink of the eye ago. “The excitement, the confidence they can have. A little bit of the naiveness. Some of those young guys think they are the best to do it, and I want to make sure they believe that – and do that.”

What these veterans want to impart on these young bucks is this: Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Seize the moment.

“I talk to them all the time,” says 28-year-old Jayron Kearse, entering his seventh season, too. “Those opportunities might not come twice.”

‘F the Cowboys!’ Eagles TE Dallas Goedert Begins 2022 NFC East War of Words - Geoff Magliochetti, Cowboys Country

If the Cowboys fans needed another reason to despise the Philadelphia Eagles, tight end Dallas Goedert just handed one on a silver platter. The season hasn’t even started yet and the war for the East has seemingly begun.

With Goedert set to be a part of the rivalry for the foreseeable future, his name came up in an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia. In the FCC-friendliest way possible, Goedert let Dallas know that there’s no love lost between them.

“F the Cowboys, F all the rest of the NFC East,” Goedert said with a smirk, refusing to spare fans of the New York Giants and Washington Commanders. “Go Birds!”

Even at an early age, Goedert was never destined to wear a star on his helmet, even after his father bestowed him the name of the Cowboys’ home area. Goedert was born in 1995, in the midst of arguably the most prosperous decade in Cowboys history. But by the time he was seven, he was more attracted to Brett Favre’s affairs in Green Bay while the Cowboys were trapped in a turn-of-the-century rebuild.

“My dad was a big Cowboys fan (but) I was smart enough,” Goedert tells host John Clark. “It must’ve been around the age of seven that I decided (to) forget Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys ... I went to the Packers.”

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