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Dallas Cowboys LT Jason Peters says it’ll be ‘a couple of weeks’ until he’s ready to play

It may be a little bit before Jason Peters plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys signed veteran tackle Jason Peters on Monday and in the process significantly altered the way that this season, set to begin on Sunday night, looks for them.

Things have been chaotic for the Cowboys at tackle for almost two weeks as left tackle Tyron Smith was lost for what may wind up being the season. Time will tell if he is able to return, but December has been noted as a possible “at best” return date for him.

Obviously losing your left tackle so close to the season is far from ideal which has meant that things have been a bit tense for Dallas ever since. Optimism was born again when rumors of their interest in veteran Jason Peters began to pop up and all of that thankfully culminated in him officially joining the team on Monday.

Just how soon could he officially join them on the field, though?

It seems like we might have to wait a few weeks for Jason Peters’ Dallas Cowboys debut

Monday was understandably a hectic day for Jason Peters, with him joining a new NFL team, participating in practice with them, and meeting with the media all for the first time.

Peters has been in the NFL for a long time though and understands the way things work. In that first media session he noted how excited he was to join the Cowboys, the chief rival of his longtime team in the Philadelphia Eagles, and also said it would be a couple of weeks until he’s ready to go.

We are of course at Week 1 which means that weeks now all end with games. The Cowboys host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night and it feels unlikely that Peters would play then or during next Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

A possible debut for Peters could be the team’s Week 3 matchup on the road against the New York Giants. That game is actually three exact weeks from today as it takes place on Monday Night Football. If that were to be the case then the Cowboys would “only” have to go two games with an alternative plan at left tackle.

That plan has figured to be rookie first-round pick Tyler Smith with Connor McGovern taking the left guard spot. While that sounds like a huge challenge the team has expressed confidence in Smith and if he performed well it would show quite the promise for the future of the team.

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