Command view: Dallas finishes 2nd in NFC LEast behind Philly, nobody in division gets a title

Dallas scares me the next few seasons because of:

1. Dak Prescott

2. Micah Parsons and their very good LBs

On paper, Dallas should easily get 9 or 10 wins. Philly should get 10 or 11 wins. My Commanders should get 7 or 8 wins. The Giants well maybe 5 or 6 if they are lucky.

Dak is easily the best QB in this very mediocre division. Philly fans talking like Jalen Hurts is on some kind of HOF level maybe.

Carson Wentz is woefully mediocre always getting hurt be he has played at an MVP level when healthy. Just like with Kirk Cousins, Daniel Jones, and sometimes Dak, the big backbreaking turnover is coming. However, the Commanders and Philly have extreme depth at QB with Gardiner Minshew and Taylor Heinicke probably 2 of the best backups and spot starters in the league. However Washington has 2 other potential great situational QBs in Sam Howell and Logan Thomas. Cooper Rush?

But for perspective, NO NFC LEast QB would get much playing time on an AFC West roster with HOF locks Mahomes, Wilson, future HOFer Herbert, Pro Bowler Carr. Dak, Wentz, Hurts, Jones nay not be even kept as backups with their salary demands.

The Commanders easily gave the best defense on paper with possible HOFer Jonathan Allen, Pro Bowlers Sweat, Payne, Chase Young, Holcomb, Fuller. and Kurl. However Dallas is loaded at LB with HOF lock Parsons. possible Pro Bowlers Vander esch and Barr. Philly on defense? Not sure if they have individual great defensive player but a collection of good players because GM Roseman may be a HOFer like Bobby Beathard.

On paper, Ron Rivera is the greatest coach in the division and maybe the most risk adverse coach ever in the NFL. McCarthy is probably the greatest offensive mind in the division. And yes technically the greatest because of 1 title with otherworldly QB Rodgers. Cam Newton was very helpful to Rivera in Rivera's lone SB shot. But if Riverboat had Rodgers in Carolina?

The Philly coach may be the best in the division. The Giants coach? Vamos a ver.

Saquon Barkley probably is the best player in the division. The now bum franchise Giants depress his statistics due to overuse and horrible GMing and coaching. They are wasting his potential to put up HOF numbers.

My Commanders Scary Terry McLaurin is easily the 2nd best player probably headed to the Hall. Last season, Cooper Kupp along with McVay already secured a spot in Canton while Donald was already there. But if you swapped Kupp with Scary on the Rams he would have put up video game numbers. WRs Chase, Jefferson, Metcalf, Higgins, and others are probably more talented than Kupp or McLaurin in 50/50 balls. But great WRs like Jerry Rice have to block, return kicks, show grit, leadership route running, etc. Kupp and McLaurin have a lock on those qualities.

Note, to the already great CBs Jaylan Ramsey and maybe great CB Trayvon Diggs. Tread slightly with the smack talking. The greatest cover CBs easily ever are Deion Sanders, Darrell Green, and Rod Woodson. Only Deion used smack to his advantage against lesser WRs. Deion knew not to smack great WRs like Jerry Rice and Art Monk.

The Ramsey mouth almost cost the Rams the SB because of his mouth against fellow Oak Ridge boy Tee Higgins. Higgins scorched Ramsey 1 on 1 (maybe he pushed off) for a key TD. Only SB MVP Kupp on the last drive is why the Rams won the Lombardi. If the previously bum Bengals had won, Higgins would have been MVP and probably headed towards the Hall along with Chase.

McLaurin tried to warn Diggs in his rookie year. In the WFT lucky division title run, the quiet McLaurin just gave the rock the baby sign after smoking him for a long TD. Let great LBs like Parsons run the mouth. Trayvon and his brother Stefon should choose their words carefully.

The NFL and football in general has almost always been a 70-80 percent coaching dominated league. Basketball is like 70 percent players league. MLB is dominated by great general managers. An astronomically talented QB like Montana, Brady, Mahomes, or Aaron Rodgers can sometimes overcome mediocre coaching but not for long to win titles. Montana had Bill Walsh. Brady had the current best coach Belichick. Mahomes has great coach Reid. Rodgers? Never really had a great coach yet.

Allegedly, someone I knew put a futures bet on the over/under for Washington win total this season. When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, it was teetering between 7.5 or 8.5. Just based on poor timing, the bet was stuck for over 8.5 wins. It will be close.

But just like their QB play, the Commanders will OK, good, not horrible, but probably not win a Super Bowl this season probably around 8 or 9 wins. And, the Eagles, who have really been the only good NFC East franchise in the 2000s, will again win the NFC LEast.

OK gotta get to Inglewood tonite. Peace and Love.

Fearless predictions for 2022 NFL season

Preseason top 10 rankings
1. Buffalo
2. LA Rams
3. LA Chargers
4. Kansas City
5. Denver
6. Tampa Bay
7. San Francisco
8. Cincinnati
9. Green Bay
10. Baltimore

Top 5 highest preseason odds to win Super Bowl:
1. Buffalo
2. LA Rams
3. Kansas City
4. San Francisco
5. LA Chargers

Preseason MY PICKS:(as Bubba said: "Though I am a hillbilly, don't get the wrong idea. It's just Tim-outhy talkin."

NFC (* makes playoffs)
LEast - 1. Philadelphia * 2. Dallas *, Washington tie 4. N.Y. Giants
South - 1. Tampa Bay * 2. New Orleans, Carolina tie 4. Atlanta

North - 1. Green Bay * 2. Minnesota 3. Detroit 4. Chicago

West - 1. LA Rams * 2. Arizona * 3. San Francisco * 4. Seattle
NFC championship - San Francisco over LA Rams

East - 1. Buffalo * 2. New England * 3. Miami 4. N.Y. Jets
South - 1. Tennessee * 2. Indianapolis 3. Jacksonville 4. Houston
North - 1. Baltimore * 2. Cincinnati 3. Pittsburgh 4. The gutterball bum franchise in northern Ohio with serious employment law issues
West - 1. Kansas City * 2. LA Chargers * 3. LA Raiders * 4. Denver (will have more wins than most division winners)
AFC championship - LA Chargers over Kansas City

Super Bowl on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix area


Vamos a ver. Que sera sera.

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