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Cowboys vs. Buccaneers: Dallas will wear their road navy jerseys against Tampa Bay in wild card game

The Cowboys uniform has been decided.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

You are likely aware by now that the Dallas Cowboys have never defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in an NFL game. This particular note makes the fact that the Cowboys are visiting the Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round next Monday night a little bit more terrifying than a standard playoff game.

Obviously this team’s history against Brady isn’t going to be completely relevant next Monday night, but it is a point in the narrative that people are discussing. The Cowboys are a team that has been synonymous with falling short in the postseason for almost three decades so starting off their latest quest with the greatest player of all time does not inspire confidence.

To make matters worse, the Buccaneers are an NFL team who bucks the trend in the way that the Cowboys do in the uniform department. Tampa very often likes to wear their white jerseys when at home which just so happens to be what they are doing this week. The home team will be in white which means that the visitors, the Dallas Cowboys, are about to play a playoff game wearing their navy uniforms that some people believe are cursed.

The Cowboys infamously lost Super Bowl V while wearing their road blues and as the mothership’s Nick Eatman notes way back then the blue was hardly navy (many people have petitioned to see a more royal blue uniform return but that is a conversation for another day). In terms of recent history, the Cowboys have exclusively worn their traditional white jerseys in playoff games.

ESPN’s Todd Archer has noted that the team will rock white pants with the navy tops as opposed to the silver ones that they wore for so long. This is a more modern lift that the navy combination has had since 2017 thanks to former wide receiver Dez Bryant who first suggested it to the team after the white pants entered circulation as part of the color rush ensemble.

Bring on the curses. The Cowboys will try to break several of them on Monday night.

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