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Cowboys Reacts Survey Wild Card game: Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

With the Cowboys big playoff game against the Buccaneers coming up, we need some fan input.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

That regular-season thing is now in the past. The Dallas Cowboys finished 12-5 and while we can talk about the record, the games played, the decisions made, all that really matters now is the playoffs. The Cowboys secured their spot in the tournament a while back, and now they begin their post-season voyage.

First up is a road trip in the Wild Card Round. The Cowboys play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. Tampa Bay won the NFC South, but with only an 8-9 record. The Cowboys may be the road team, but they are actually favored this week according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

We have a three-part poll for you this week.

Part 1: How do you feel about the general direction of the franchise? Did the loss to the Commanders shake your confidence? Or are you writing that off as an end-of-season anomaly and still feeling good about the franchise?

Part 2: We want to know if you think the Cowboys will win on Monday night. Plain and simple.

Part 3: If the Cowboys do lose on Monday night, will Jerry Jones be so mad that he cleans house? There has been the notion hanging out there that if Mike McCarthy can’t produce in the playoffs, Jerry’s wandering eye will start looking elsewhere. So, if the Cowboys lose to the Buccaneers, will Jerry fire McCarthy?

Hit up the poll and we’ll post the results later this week.

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