Good job by you / C'mon Son

In my 6th grade science class, a girl read "orgasm" instead of "organism" and the class laughed, and she was embarrassed. To calm her down our teacher told her everyone would forget in a couple of weeks. It's been 30 years and I still remember Meghan. I STILL REMEMBER!!

I hope you see this.

It's been 30 years since we won a playoff road game. For fans that were around that is important. To these players most of them weren't even born yet so that didn't bother them. We killed the blue jersey demon, the 7-0 Brady demon, the playing on grass demon, the back-to-back playoffs demon. Now we get to face the "put us out the playoffs" demon from last year. Victory Tuesdays are always good. The wife made tacos. I am living the good life.

Good job by you.

Schultz knows he is on that franchise tag and played like he is playing for big money. I would love to have him back, but I don't think we can afford him. He caught everything coming his way and had 2 TDs. Good job by you Schultzy.

Tyler Smith, Tyron Smith and Zack Martin had a combined 1 pressure between them for the entire game. As bad as TB is, as a team their D Line was not the issue this year. That is a tremendous stat. We will need that plus more for a more ferocious line in SF. Bosa is the real deal. Good job by you; Law firm of Smith, Smith and Martin.

2 penalties for 15 yards all game and zero turnovers. My man parts are getting happy just picturing us doing this against the 49ers. We will win if that happens. Team: Good job by you.

LVE and Hankins so glad you could make it back to the land of playing time. We missed both of you more than you will ever imagine. Please come in and have a seat. Can I offer you a mint? A smoke and a pancake? Good job by you LVE and Hankins

C'mon Son

BRETT MAHER - that is all.

sidenote: To be fair this was so inexplicable I sincerely believe the mob had one of his loved ones tied up in a basement somewhere to hold to the under. The over was 46 and score was 45. I am no conspiracy theorist, but he had a pro bowl season and to do this defies all logic. I forgive him, but still.

We get to celebrate for one day and now it is back to work for SF. They are a real team. To quote the great philosopher Eminem "Let's get down to business. I don't got no time to play around, what is this? Must be a circus in town, let's shut the sh-t down on these clowns. Can I get a witness?" Hell yeah!

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