This season was lost in the spring

Dallas won two of three phases of the game... Defense was championship caliber, the special teams played very good except for the missed extra point and one return. In addition to that, the offensive line played well against a very tough front. Pollard did not play bad either. Lamb played like a number one.

So, that gets us to the heading of this post. Jerry, if reports are accurate, lost this game in the spring when he ships off Amari Cooper for a 5th over a covid shot. Ridiculous. I assumed he thought what I thought... this team would not be this good this year. I had them struggling for 9 wins and they way outperformed expectations.

Dak had already shown himself to be an average to better than average quarterback IF he has a bevy of weapons. Instead, Jerry trotted out an offense that had only two real playmakers: CeeDee Lamb and Pollard and a decent but not game changing tight end.

So, yes if Dak had played well they may have squeaked this out, but if they had kept Cooper or maybe even Cedrick Wilson, maybe the outcome and even the season record shakes out better. Jerry and his front office got schooled this season by SF and Philadelphia. The Giants and Washington will be better next year. Unless Jerry does something really impactful this offseason, Dallas could be the fourth best team next year.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.