For fifty years I have been a fan, and in the Jerry era it just keeps getting harder. When Troy and Emmitt and the rest came along they were 1-15, and that was easier than what we are getting from GM Jerry. We have an owner who played college football, and he thinks that is all the experience one needs to run an NFL team. The trouble is his ego will not let him realize how wrong he is! They have had mediocre drafts ever since Bill Parcells left, and Jerry is the reason! They could have won a Super Bowl with Tony Romo under center, but they are always a few players short. They may be able to win with Dak Prescott, but the million dollar question is, can they win with Jerry? Well for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS the answer is no they cannot! If I screwed up at anything for that long without making a change I hope someone would slap me and make me realize how stupid I had been. But then my ego is not as big as Texas like Jerrys!I hope Jerry's son has a smaller ego than Jerry, or is smart enough to hire a GM, otherwise my time as a Cowboys fan will come to an end! Go Cowboys! Go home and watch the rest of the playoffs! Go Cowboys, you had a great year, won a playoff game. Go Cowboys, and after another mediocre draft you may be able to win a playoff game. Trouble is I am a Cowboys fan, and I used to be accustomed to winning Super Bowls. Thanks Jerry!

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