Regression of Dak

As a rookie in 2016, posted a 104.9 RTG. Numerous years in the 90's, then a 104.2 in 2021. In 2022, 91.1.


I would normally chalk the downturn this year up to Jerry letting Cooper walk, and then Dak didn't get Hilton until late in the year. Except for how Dak got that 91.1.

He has been forcing the ball to covered receivers all year. It makes no sense and it's regression from 2016, when he only threw 4 INT's.

We've seen it happen to other QB's over the years - play well for a while and then seem to fall off. Some of that might be DC's cracking the code on how to play them. I don't know if that has happened to Dak. But when they adjust to you, you have to adjust back. Franchise, historical great QB's get it done.

I never thought he had a problem seeing the field and all the receiver routes until this year. He's either not finding the open man, which I expect is part of it, or he's refusing to be smart with the ball when nobody is available. Pull it down to run, or throw it away. He's playing now like a contested catch is a good option and a high % throw. It is not.

It's obviously not lost on Moore and McCarthy, who would have been on to it early this year and coaching to correct it. We got no improvement except in Minneapolis and Tampa, and then the 2 INT's which were arguably the difference in the game Sunday. Right when your QB has to be playing his A game to give you a chance for the Lombardi.

He did it again in the 4th quarter, right on the hands of a LB who would have walked in for 6, except the ball was dropped.

Whatever the cause for the poor decisions, this was Dak's best chance yet for a title. He didn't bring his best when he needed to, and was not close to his game in Tampa.

I hate to sell off on Dak, but don't see that there is a choice. We got a definitive reading on what he is in the playoffs.

He is 2-4 with a 92.3 rating, commensurate to his worst regular season years. That's not Lombardi football.

Rush will be gone, let's draft a QB.


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