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Cowboys rumors: NFL insider says things ‘weren’t great’ between Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore at end

Word of potential discomfort between Mike McCarthy and his former offensive coordinator.

NFL: Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This time last week the Dallas Cowboys were doing their best to pick themselves up after ending another season shy of the NFC Championship Game. There are of course a lot of things associated with a season ending, and one of them is addressing any potential change to a staff or roster.

When Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy had his end-of-season press conference he still had both his offensive and defensive coordinators in the building (so to speak). Shortly after his presser concluded, we would come to find out that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn would return for a third straight season, but it would still be a few days until we would learn the fate of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

It was right after the aforementioned NFC title game when word came out that the Cowboys were moving on from Moore. It was less than 24 hours later when word came out that he had a new gig as the offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Chargers.

With all of the procedural things behind us, it seems that we are starting to hear a little bit more of what was going on over the final few weeks of the season.

Albert Breer says things ‘weren’t great’ between Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore at the end

It is natural for details of things to leak after dissolutions between two parties so it should not be shocking to see that we are starting to get that as it relates to Kellen Moore and the Dallas Cowboys.

Moore did a fine job in an overall sense as a staffer for the team, although there had to make some sort of change given the team floundering in the divisional round yet again and Moore was the direction that the team went.

There are fans who wanted to see a change at offensive coordinator given how inconsistent the Cowboys offense was over the course of the season that featured Dak Prescott. It is not as if Moore and/or McCarthy are unaware of how the offense was so hot and cold, but it appears that it happening may have caused a rift.

Noted NFL insider Albert Breer said Tuesday on The Dan Patrick Show that things ‘weren’t great’ between Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore at the end.

Breer says this after being asked if Moore was fired by the Cowboys, an understandable question given that he was still under contract with the team. The verbiage used all along here has been that this was a ‘mutual’ parting of ways, but again, if you are asking someone not to return when they still have time left on their deal, that implies a certain thing.

Breer also notes that both McCarthy and Moore are play-callers at their core and that this could have been part of the divide that began to happen. He also says that he doesn’t know if it was finally that in a general sense, or if it was the way that Dak Prescott played.

Many Cowboys fans have argued that Dak is a top-tier quarterback in the NFL (define that how you’d like to) and while he certainly played like that for moments this past season, he also played quite poorly in other stretches. He is not above blame or responsibility here, especially if the volatility of his play is partly what led to a disagreement of sorts between his play-caller and head coach.

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