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2023 NFL Week 6 Power Rankings: The Dallas Cowboys have lost the benefit of the doubt

Ranking every team in the NFL entering Week 6.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached (basically) the middle of October and have a legitimate idea who each NFL team is. Unfortunately it is a rather tough week for our Dallas Cowboys what with how last week went, but there are still plenty of games left and lots of football to be played which means there is not a ton of time to harp on it all.

Also, the Cowboys were not the only team to disappoint in Week 5, although they certainly disappointed the most, as it was another unique and interesting week across the league as a whole.

Here are our power rankings entering Week 6 as well as our collection of where outlets across the internet have the Cowboys ranked.

You can see last week’s rankings right here.

1. San Francisco 49ers, 5-0 (LW: 1)

Not sure how they have time to be such an elite football operation what with their total and complete ownership of the Dallas Cowboys taking up part of their responsibilities. Great at multitasking, the Niners are.

2. Philadelphia Eagles, 5-0 (LW: 3)

They keep looking vulnerable-ish, but keep finding ways to win. It is very annoying.

3. Kansas City Chiefs, 4-1 (LW: 4)

Same sort of story here although they obviously have a loss to their name. The offense is struggling but if it gets right they will be their usual selves in no time.

4. Miami Dolphins, 4-1 (LW: 7)

Speaking of offense, my goodness.

5. Detroit Lions, 4-1 (LW: 9)

I’ve said before that I did not believe in the Lions hype of the offseason and preseason. I was wrong. They are great.

6. Buffalo Bills, 3-2 (LW: 2)

On Sunday morning I thought they would have the most embarrassing loss of the day. Good times.

7. Baltimore Ravens, 3-2 (LW: 6)

Tough showing against Pittsburgh overall, but man did the offense let Lamar Jackson down. While the loss stings if that play sustains itself (as in Lamar’s) they will be fine.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-2 (LW: 11)

Are we ready to believe that they are taking the next steps?

9. Dallas Cowboys, 3-2 (LW: 5)

I’d imagine some people have them 32nd.

10. Seattle Seahawks, 3-1 (LW: 8)

Cannot wait to see them in Cincinnati this week.

11. New Orleans Saints, 3-2 (LW: 18)

You have been warned that blowing out the Patriots does not mean you are going to be on cruise control for the rest of the season!

12. Los Angeles Rams, 2-3 (LW: 10)

Obviously the record is not ideal, but with Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua catching passes from a Matthew Stafford that looks to have found the fountain of youth, don’t rule them out.

13. Tennessee Titans, 2-3 (LW: 12)

It is so hard to trust them on a weekly basis.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 3-1 (LW: 13)

Welcome back from the bye.

15. Indianapolis Colts, 3-2 (LW: 19)

The loss (however long it winds up being) of Anthony Richardson stings, but Shane Steichen did a great job of managing things with Gardner Minshew. With Jonathan Taylor now back who knows how this thing goes.

16. Los Angeles Chargers, 2-2 (LW: 15)

See you on Monday night.

17. Cincinnati Bengals, 2-3 (LW: 24)

Are they clawing back?

18. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-2 (LW: 22)

The win was super gritty but their offense is so painful. It just doesn’t seem strong enough to last all season long.

19. Cleveland Browns, 2-2 (LW: 16)

Good luck with the 49ers.

20. Atlanta Falcons, 3-2 (LW: 28)

Desmond Ridder had his best game as a professional. If he can develop even more, watch out.

21. Houston Texans, 2-3 (LW: 17)

C.J. Stroud is the real deal. I’ll take the Texans to at least be a Wild Card team.

22. Las Vegas Raiders, 2-3 (LW: 29)

They are a rather boring bunch, but Maxx Crosby is amazing.

23. Green Bay Packers, 2-3 (LW: 14)

Times are tough for the Packers right now.

24. New York Jets, 2-3 (LW: 25)

Good for them. Everyone was rooting for the Jets on Sunday.

25. Washington Commanders, 2-3 (LW: 20)

Who will their next head coach be?

26. Minnesota Vikings, 1-4 (LW: 21)

They feel so much better than 1-4.

27. Arizona Cardinals, 1-4 (LW: 23)

Same story here.

28. Chicago Bears, 1-4 (LW: 32)

Speaking personally, thank you to Justin Fields and D.J. Moore for winning my fantasy matchup for me. For real though, if they have discovered something they can replicate at least they will be fun to watch.

29. Denver Broncos, 1-4 (LW: 26)

Nobody saw the Sean Payton experience going this poorly.

30. New York Giants, 1-4 (LW: 30)


31. New England Patriots, 1-4 (LW: 27)

It is getting late early.

32. Carolina Panthers, 0-5 (LW: 31)

Imagine if they finish last and their number 1 pick goes to Chicago. 8 (LW: 5)

Here we go.

A rough loss to the Cardinals in Week 3 was followed by a laugher win against the Patriots in Week 4, then a full-on tail-whipping from the 49ers. What do we make of this team after the past three weeks? Dak Prescott had an awful night on Sunday, as did Tony Pollard, who disappeared after his first-quarter fumble. Even the fallback defense was tarred and feathered, to the point where it’s fair to challenge that unit’s lofty reputation. The 49ers stood up to Dallas’ toughness and pushed back — several times into the end zone. The Cowboys face old friend Kellen Moore and the Chargers in prime time this coming Monday, and you can bet that Moore took close notes on what Kyle Shanahan achieved Sunday. Will Dallas bounce back? Or limp into the Week 7 bye at 3-3?

ESPN: 7 (LW: 5)

They also offered a fantasy surprise for each team. This is not a good one if you drafted him.

Fantasy surprise: WR Brandin Cooks

With the way things went in training camp, Cooks looked like he was going to be a huge factor in the passing game. So far, it hasn’t happened. He has nine catches for 73 yards in four games and missed one game with a knee injury. The Cowboys have not gotten the deep passing game going yet, either, because of blowout wins when they scaled back the attack, questions about pass protection or just sheer ineffectiveness. His 8.1 yards per catch would be a career low since averaging 10.4 yards per catch as a rookie in 2014. — Todd Archer

USA Today: 8 (LW: 4)

More of the same.

Good thing they’re not part of the NFC West … even if it would make more sense geographically. In its two defeats (to Arizona and San Francisco), Dallas has lost by a collective 70-26. Worse, the Niners seemed to expose how limited the Mike McCarthy offense might actually be.

Yahoo: 7 (LW: 5)

Not too far of a dip.

Here’s a hard truth: The Cowboys are very good, and probably going to win 11-12 games. They’re also probably not going to win the NFC East, not going to make a deep playoff run and are not a Super Bowl contender. Just like it has been the past couple years. The problem is you don’t blow up a double-digit win team and start over. I’m not sure what gets Dallas over the hump.

CBS Sports: 7 (LW: 5)

Same exact movement here.

So much for the idea they could make a statement against the 49ers. That was a dud all the way around. The offense and Dak Prescott has to be better.

The Athletic: 7 (LW: 6)

Only a one spot drop.

Saying anything bad feels like piling on after Sunday night, after which Dallas has to turn in its contender card, but this year’s draft class doesn’t suggest there’s help on the way. First-round pick Mazi Smith has played only about 25 percent of the snaps and has four tackles on the defensive line. Second-round tight end Luke Schoonmaker has one catch for 1 yard.

Sports Illustrated: 5 (LW: 5)

No drop at all here.

What to make of the Cowboys, who demolished the Jets, Giants and Patriots, and lost to the Cardinals and 49ers, the latter in a rout? As it turns out, if you don’t sit back and accept the havoc Micah Parsons causes as an inevitability, there are some options. The 49ers trapped Parsons, they threw quickly on him, and they screened him to death. Now, if you have Trent Williams and a slew of ancillary blocking skill position players, this is possible. But we do have to wonder if the Cowboys can elevate this defense into the stratosphere where it contends with the truly elite offenses of the NFL. The Chargers are coming next, and while they are nowhere near as talented as the 49ers, they will be taxing on a worn defense.

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