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Cowboys Reacts Week 6: 49ers game opens up all kinds of questions for Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys pitiful performance against the 49ers is bringing up questions. We got a survey for Cowboys fans and we need your opinion.

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys loss to the San Francisco 49ers has opened up all kinds of questions about the team, the players, the coaching, just about everything is under scrutiny. When you get blown out by a 42-10 score, and you’re supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, serious doubts start to creep in.

The Cowboys have spent a lot of time and effort building their team to take on their NFC nemesis, the 49ers, but seem to be headed in the wrong direction as this week’s loss showed the gap has widened considerably.

Two people in particular have taken a lot of criticism after the game. Head coach Mike McCarthy is one. Taking over as play-caller was supposed to elevate this team and better its chances of beating the 49ers. That obviously didn’t happen. The other is quarterback Dak Prescott. He had a terrible game against the 49ers with misplaced passes, questionable reads, and then a flurry of interceptions.

So we want your opinion on these topics. We have three questions in our survey. One about the overall direction for the team, one about Mike McCarthy, and one about Dak Prescott. Vote in the survey, then hit the comments and let us know your opinions.

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