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Confidence in the Cowboys, Mike McCarthy, and Dak Prescott has plummeted

The Cowboys fanbase is very unhappy.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys lost in Week 5, and they didn’t go about it in a run-of-the-mill, ho-hum way. Instead, they absolutely face-planted against San Francisco. And you know what that means? An unhappy fanbase.

But not just any ol’ ordinary unhappy fanbase, but one that is pretty much exasperated with the Cowboys’ wild swing in performances this season. One question we have tracked is the fanbases’ confidence in the direction of the team.

After Week 1, the confidence was 96% of the fanbase, in Week 2 it was 97%. After Week 3 it dropped to 46%, only to jump back to 80% after Week 5.

Now? So low it’s hard to even measure. A measly 8%.

That might be among the lowest numbers we ever measured for that question.

After the game, both Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott came under plenty of fire for the result against the 49ers.

We asked you about your confidence level in Mike McCarthy. The winning category was a below 50% confidence level with the ‘I’m done’ denotation. The other largest group (50%-69% confidence level) was willing to say win the Super Bowl or else.

The results for Dak Prescott were even worse. Over 55% of respondents voted they have a confidence level lower than 50% in Prescott, and that they were done with the quarterback.

Safe to say, the Cowboys fanbase is not buying what the team is selling at the moment. If they can’t pull off a win against the Chargers, things are likely to get ugly in Cowboys Nation.

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