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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Patriots: ‘Cooper Rush is Dallas’s backup QB, he would be our starter’

Read what other fans had to say as they watched the Patriots suffer a historic beatdown at the hands of the Cowboys.

(090708 Foxboro, MA) New England Patriots Vs Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. A Tom Brady fan looking a bit sad after Brady left the game when he injured his knee in the first quarter Sunday, September 7, 2008. Staff Photo by Matt Stone Photo by Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

As we like to do after Cowboys wins, today we’re going to look at what fans of other NFL teams had to say while they were watching the Cowboys dismantle the New England Patriots.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy the site guidelines of our board, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

One question I’ve received with increasing frequency is why there aren’t more comments from fans of the other 30 teams. Part of the answer is that unfortunately not every game generates a ton of comments on the other blogs. Often, when the Cowboys play in a Sunday afternoon slot for example, other fans are either busy watching their own team or debating how their own game ended, so there aren’t always a lot of comments about the Cowboys to be had.

Anyway, here we go with a recap of yesterday’s game in the words of Patriots fans, with a smattering of comments from Eagles, Giants, Jets, Packers, Lions, and Seahawks fans.


First Quarter
Patriots Isn't it weird how Jerry Jones meddles non-stop in the draft, and still Dallas always drafts great talent? Jerry Jones is a better talent evaluator than BB and our entire front office.
nbefor.belair | 16:26 EDT
Patriots Patriots gonna have to score a lot today. No two ways about it.
Mikesully131 | 16:27 EDT
Jets Pats vaunted D steamrolled in the opening minutes.
jet_veteran | 16:30 EDT
They did the same thing to our vaunted D to be fair
LawyerUp21$ | 17:15 EDT
Patriots How do you come out flat in Dallas?
Mikesully131 | 16:30 EDT
Patriots Time out by BB. He’s just reminding them that the game has started.
DreithVader | 16:32 EDT
(10:52) B.Aubrey 23 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 3 - Patriots 0
Patriots At least we kept them out of the zone. C’mon Mac, answer for the Pats.
Dan Lattrell | 16:34 EDT
Phantom255x | 16:34 EDT
Patriots The freaking Eagles game just ended. Now I gotta do like 8 mins of commercials before they'll flip to the Pats game.
ghosthaus | 16:37 EDT
Giants I cannot possibly hate Philly any more than I do right now.
ItsmeWeejer | 16:38 EDT
Give it time.
roar13 | 16:45 EDT
Wait till we play them.
TheProShop | 17:00 EDT
Hate is a bottomless pit that is only filled with more hate.
TheGoldbricker | 17:47 EDT
Patriots My friends are at this game… I am so jealous. This was our "Pats road game" this year. I could've drove to the game pissed.
ChestnutTrill | 16:41 EDT
Drive now? How far are you ?
Jagroop | 16:42 EDT
8 hrs
ChestnutTrill | 16:48 EDT
Seahawks I wonder if the Cowboys players get tired of wearing the same uniform all year, year after year.
BarcaloungerBill | 16:43 EDT
(6:41) NE field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 3 - Patriots 3
Patriots Pretty good start overall. Defense hopefully can force a turnover soon.
Phantom255x | 16:43 EDT
Patriots Dak will have 400 yards today.
Challenger2013 | 16:46 EDT
Patriots Pats are getting blown off the ball.
Mikesully131 | 16:46 EDT
Patriots We need a turnover or two or we're going to lose.
napalmA5 | 16:47 EDT
Patriots Dak saying “here we go” before every snap is gonna get pretty annoying.
Joe_Danger | 16:48 EDT
Patriots Why can't we have nice things?!
stevethumb | 16:51 EDT
We had it for 20 years straight.
Swede in the South | 16:51 EDT
stevethumb | 16:52 EDT
(1:30) D.Prescott pass deep left to C.Lamb for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 10 - Patriots 3
Patriots Did the defense make the trip to Dallas this week?
MD Pats Fan | 16:53 EDT
Patriots Dak displays how to drop the ball in for an open receiver, unlike the Mac to Gesicki throw.
nbefor.belair | 16:53 EDT
Patriots Lamb could have 200 yards tonight if they want.
nbefor.belair | 16:53 EDT
Patriots It's official: The Patriots first seven picks of the 2022 draft are not playing today.
IluvuMaryJane | 16:54 EDT
Patriots So glad we've used all our stockpile of draft picks over the years to build up some good depth players on defense.........
Pats062893 | 16:54 EDT
Patriots I wish Fox would go back to showing the Eagles post-game.
nbefor.belair | 16:56 EDT
Patriots We are going to need to score a lot of points today.
BirdStealsTheBall | 16:57 EDT

Second Quarter
(13:43 - 4th & 1) M.Jones up the middle to DAL 41 for no gain. Turnover on downs.
Patriots And this game is over.
Mikesully131 | 17:04 EDT
Patriots FAIL
nbefor.belair | 17:04 EDT
Patriots If you are going to run that play, take Mac off the field and snap it to the RB. You are committed to that play by the formation.
oldpatsfan23 | 17:06 EDT
Eagles Mac Jones and the Pats just failed the brotherly shove. The Eagles prove again that it is their skill that makes the play successful, not the play itself.
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 17:06 EDT
Patriots Can’t get one freaking yard and you brought Zeke in specifically for short-yardage situations?
CeltsFanNH | 17:07 EDT
(11:54) DAL punts
Patriots Here's comes the offense. Do a shot every time you say "WTH was that?!"
nbefor.belair | 17:12 EDT
I’d probably pass out before the end of the game.
Dan Lattrell | 17:13 EDT
You’d be blitzed by halftime if you did that!
Okes | 17:13 EDT
Patriots Season defining drive here. We go down 17-3 if offense sputters here.
BirdStealsTheBall | 17:14 EDT
tomrody | 17:15 EDT
(11:09) M.Jones sacked at NE 8 (D.Fowler). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-L.Vander Esch, L.Vander Esch for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 16 - Patriots 3
Patriots Mac the Brainiac!
Markie0372 | 17:14 EDT
Patriots TV turned off, better things to do than watch this crap show.
napalmA5 | 17:14 EDT
Patriots Please sit Mac. You are doing a disservice to him by keeping him in the game.
tomrody | 17:14 EDT
Patriots Only down 2 possessions. At least we get the ball right back and hopefully in a better field position via the return than we just had.
ChestnutTrill | 17:15 EDT
Cowboys 18 - Patriots 3
Patriots Lopdie dopdie doodie dope dope dope dope. Do do birds.
Mikesully131 | 17:15 EDT
Lions That was a pretty good fake by Dallas.
Rampnasty | 17:15 EDT
Patriots Why would Dallas show that play in this game? That was a nice looking fake, they should have saved it for a game when it mattered. This game is over. Seems like a waste of a nice gadget play.
nbefor.belair | 17:17 EDT
The whole league are taking these opportunities to dunk on the Pats and Belichick. No doubt they want to embarrass them for the whole game.
Mikey679 | 17:19 EDT
Patriots Dallas really determined to humiliate Belichick.
Todger | 17:18 EDT
It happens almost every week these days.
MD Pats Fan | 17:18 EDT
Patriots Dallas is having fun.
BirdStealsTheBall | 17:20 EDT
Patriots Back foot throw, almost an INT, nearly a pick-6. He needs to sit and think for a while.
PatsFan71 | 17:17 EDT
(9:36) NE punts
Patriots At this point, it's probably better if Mac just implodes this year so we avoid signing him to a huge long term contract. He's absolutely not "the guy". Just move on already.
nbefor.belair | 17:22 EDT
Patriots Mac needs to take three months off, then quit.
zeppage2 | 17:22 EDT
Patriots You know it's bad when you're down 18-3 and you say at least they didn't get the pick 6 and go up 25-3.
BirdStealsTheBall | 17:23 EDT
Patriots I didn't expect this at all, but then, I am a homer.
eastie Rich | 17:24 EDT
Patriots 40-10 beating inbound.
CeltsFanNH | 17:26 EDT
Patriots Where are the Pom Pom fans??
Mikesully131 | 17:28 EDT
They’re getting drowned out by the glum brigade.
19CMA67 | 17:29 EDT
(4:03) B.Aubrey 23 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 21 - Patriots 3
Patriots The optimists are maintaining radio silence.
Todger | 17:32 EDT
Patriots The safeties are making the tackle at the LOS. Lol.
Mikesully131 | 17:37 EDT
Two minute warning
Patriots Most teams just lie back and say go ahead Mac, try to beat us, but the Cowboys are bringing the house almost every play and he can't figure out his ass from his elbow
Bits_of_Real_Panther | 17:38 EDT
Patriots Ok, ultra optimistic POV here: Score a TD here, then you get the ball to open the 2nd half, you score then and we are tied.
CeltsFanNH | 17:39 EDT
Patriots Greg Olsen is rightfully calling out how pathetic this operation is on offense. Even their best plays feel lucky.
Phantom255x | 17:39 EDT
(0:54) M.Jones INTERCEPTED by D.Bland, D.Bland for 54 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 28 - Patriots 3
Patriots He is a turnover machine.
Bits_of_Real_Panther | 17:41 EDT
Patriots across the field
across your body
stupid stupid stupid throw
ChestnutTrill | 17:41 EDT
Patriots I really was wrong about this game. Really thought we had a legit chance at a W.
oldpatsfan23 | 17:42 EDT
Packers And that's likely a wrap on the Mac Jones "era" in NE.
MCAction | 17:43 EDT
Patriots Do we have to come out for the second half?
nbefor.belair | 17:43 EDT
Patriots Hey we still have 54 seconds left to put some more points on the board.
BirdStealsTheBall | 17:44 EDT
For which team?
behindthesilkthong | 17:46 EDT
Patriots 28-3, boys....we know this score all too well, huh?
ChestnutTrill | 17:44 EDT
Patriots That slo-mo shot of BB was priceless Good ad for Excedrin.
DreithVader | 17:44 EDT
Jets The Hoodie is getting smacked all ovah Dallas.
jet_veteran | 17:44 EDT
Patriots 28-3! Right where we want them.
WmassSox | 17:44 EDT
Patriots The Dallas D has outscored the Dallas O.
tpr04 | 17:45 EDT
Patriots Mac is killing us. Just play Zappe. We’re not winning either way.
Victor Kermit Kiam's Close Shave | 17:46 EDT
Patriots How embarrassed is Zeke right now?
CeltsFanNH | 17:47 EDT
Patriots Mac nearly with another pick 6. Yikes.
TheRobNinkovichEra | 17:47 EDT
Patriots This fool still on the field?
Syntaxrage | 17:47 EDT
Patriots Im getting Zach Wilson vibes from Mac Jones. Without any of the physical talent.
tomrody | 17:48 EDT
Patriots Jake Ferguson is better than any of our 3 TEs.
stevethumb | 17:49 EDT
Patriots Halftime! 15 minutes without a pick 6, defensive lapse, or 3-and-out.
lascombes | 17:50 EDT
End of half
Patriots All week long the Pats media felt that the Patriots could upset the Cowboys ? Lol, I read it all and said huh
Mikesully131 | 18:01 EDT
Jets Remember when we used to say "eventually Brady will retire, Pats will will suck, and we'll make a run for the division"? Good times.
jet_veteran | 18:02 EDT
Patriots And THIS is the year I order Sunday Ticket?
IluvuMaryJane | 18:04 EDT

Third Quarter
(11:43) M.Jones INTERCEPTED by D.Bland
Patriots Lol, another INT.
TheRobNinkovichEra | 18:13 EDT
Patriots Mac Jones is just Zach Wilson without the arm strength.
ThunderMonkee | 18:13 EDT
Eagles Imagine what the Eagles' record would be right now if they were playing well.
Varjak76 | 18:13 EDT
Cowboys are 2-1 and have played better than us in 3 out of 4 games. As an Eagles fan, I'm concerned they're better than we are.
slashsnake | 18:18 EDT
No one cares what you think.
season ticket holder 417 | 18:21 EDT
Patriots I actually feel bad for Mac. He's done right?
BirdStealsTheBall | 18:15 EDT
Markie0372 | 18:15 EDT
Burned toast.
Dan Lattrell | 18:16 EDT
Patriots A turnover factory. I like it. We should make a tee-shirt.
DreithVader | 18:15 EDT
Patriots It's a good thing I love my TV so much. Because otherwise I would have definitely thrown my remote at it right now.
Phantom255x | 18:15 EDT
Patriots He really is a wet noodle tosser.
rod1776 | 18:15 EDT
Patriots This is a mollywhopping on all sides of the ball.
MD Pats Fan | 18:16 EDT
Patriots At least the defense is getting a good cardio workout.
DumpTruck617 | 18:21 EDT
(7:42) B.Aubrey 33 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 31 - Patriots 3
Patriots Remember the days when the announcers would basically stop talking about our opponents, and just focus on the Pats for the last quarter of the game? I guess that feels like this.
Switters76 | 18:25 EDT
(6:08) NE punts
Patriots Zappe up.
Markie0372 | 18:31 EDT
Patriots Mac looked relieved to be benched. Says a lot.
Victor Kermit Kiam's Close Shave | 18:31 EDT
Patriots The only QB worse than Mac is Zappe. Another QB with no arm and no talent. How do we find these bums?
nbefor.belair | 18:32 EDT
Patriots Some dude named Jake Ferguson has 8 catches for 77 yards against us. Now look, Ferguson is probably a good player, but still…
Phantom255x | 18:33 EDT
(3:41 - 4th & 3) D.Prescott sacked at NE 31. Turnover on downs.
Patriots Celebrating down 31-3 is always a bad look.
Challenger2013 | 18:36 EDT
Patriots The defense has to celebrate any small victories considering the entirety of the situation.
zeppage2 | 18:37 EDT
(6:08) NE punts
Patriots This is truly depressing.
DreithVader | 18:45 EDT
Patriots Based on what I am seeing in this half, I am glad I missed the 1st.
Susan Fournier | 18:45 EDT
Patriots So what's everyone here having for dinner?
Phantom255x | 18:47 EDT
I made some nice chicken, deglased with a nice wine and used that to cook up some mushrooms and onions.
jcorye1 | 18:48 EDT
Leftover pizza. Finishing up a Manhattan right now.
nbefor.belair | 18:48 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Patriots Boy the Pats media all week long saying the Pats could upset Dallas today? Boy were they way off. My goodness.
Mikesully131 | 18:49 EDT
Patriots This is how top 5 picks materialize.
Challenger2013 | 18:51 EDT
Patriots Saints fans are saying they have a "get right game" coming up against New England. Sad how far we've fallen…
Phantom255x | 18:52 EDT
Eagles Cowboys beat the Giants 40-0
Beat the Jets 30-10
And are currently up 31-3 over the "genius" Patriots.

Not everything has to be hard.
TeachMeHow2Dougie | 18:53 EDT
You skipped one of their games.
WiltsJunk | 19:01 EDT
Correction 38-3 over the "genius" Patriots and counting.
TeachMeHow2Dougie | 19:08 EDT
Too reactionary for my taste. There's no Lombardi for early season performance. I'll worry about the Cowboys when we play them. Rather concentrate on our team in the meantime.
fareastfan | 19:14 EDT
Just shooting down the narrative that you can't blow out your opponents... As we did much of last year and our top competition is doing this year.
TeachMeHow2Dougie | 19:17 EDT
(12:30) DAL punts
Patriots The Patriots couldn’t tackle a telephone pole.
CeltsFanNH | 18:54 EDT
Patriots Just want to point out, Zappe was put on waivers for any team to claim, and no one did. So I'd really pump the brakes on the Zappe Fever thing again.
Phantom255x | 18:55 EDT
(11:06) NE punts
Patriots At this point I feel like I'm rubbernecking at the scene of an accident.
BirdStealsTheBall | 18:57 EDT
Patriots I see why we drafted a punter now. Really need him.
tomrody | 18:57 EDT
Patriots Germany might revoke the Patriots Passports.
Challenger2013 | 19:00 EDT
Soccer teams score more than we do.
nbefor.belair | 19:01 EDT
Patriots Cooper Rush is Dallas's backup QB...he would be our starter.
stevethumb | 19:03 EDT
rod1776 | 19:04 EDT
(6:38) H.Luepke right guard for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 38 - Patriots 3
Patriots I live in Philly and play in a fantasy league with Eagles fans, so I drafted a joke team that was all Cowboys. My joke Cowboys team outscored my other regular fantasy team this week.
ghosthaus | 19:08 EDT
(4:03) NE field goal is No Good
Patriots Our kicker sucks now too. Lol.
nbefor.belair | 19:12 EDT
Patriots And what's worse, it's Dallas that did this to the Pats.
rod1776 | 19:14 EDT
Patriots I swear Cowboys fans didn't even enjoy this game, it was so non-competitive. They've been quiet since the first quarter.
nbefor.belair | 19:16 EDT
The game lasted one quarter, that's the sad part.
tomrody | 19:16 EDT
Patriots I gotta say that slow mo shot of Bill running his hand down his face is amazing, 10/10.
TheRobNinkovichEra | 19:24 EDT

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