Good job by you/C'mon Son

Another victory Monday. My mocha latte protein drink tasted extra good this morning as I think back to what happened yesterday. After a hiccup and a momentary lapse in focus, the coaches had the team ready to take on the legend that is Bill Belichick. They were so locked in that in his 29 years of coaching he has never lost by this many points before. That's not nothing (yeah I know that is a double negative but the situation demanded it). We are back up off the mat in a good way.

Good Job by you...

Dak. I've seen a lot of people concerned about Dak. If you listened to Mike McCarthy talk since day one when they released Kellen Moore, he wanted mistakes limited and to own Time of Possession. Dak is doing that with great efficiency. I know we are used to seeing him throw for 350-400 yards and want that type of stat line. But that is not what is asked of him. Routes are going down the field 20-30 yards. Its crossing patterns and release valves to move the sticks. Keep the drive alive and limit turnovers. He is doing an excellent job of that. He is not going to be perfect, but 28/34 for 261 yards and 1 TD is what they want. Schoon dropped a TD. Dak was dropping dimes all day. To anyone who says he has regressed doesn't really understand the nuances of MM's offense. West coast offense isn't about big numbers. It is about efficiency and limiting turnovers. Always remember that when you watch our games. I also counted 4 times Dak stood in the pocket, took a big hit and made the completion for a first down. Good job by you Dak.

Daron Bland: Was kind of spicy this week. Two picks. One TD and he even dropped another pick 6. Since he was drafted he has the most interceptions in the entire league. Is that good? That sounds good. Good job by you.

LVE: got roasted all week (rightfully so) for his poor showing against the Cardinals. Showed up with better tackling and even scored a TD. His red zone efficiency is better than the offense right now. Good job by you LVE.

Gallup/Tolbert: Adding another dimension to the offense to where the defense can't just focus on Lamb play after play. good job by our 3rd and 4th WR. Especially Tolbert on the punt tackle that preceded LVE's TD. Good job by you.

Coaches: Little nuances in the game that fall by the wayside. The extra point turned 2 point conversion. MM said Bones came to him on Tuesday and said he noticed that NE will at times send all 11 players to block the kick. they instituted a code word for Gholston if that happens and it worked to perfection. Mind you Bill Belichick is a special teams coach so this it not nothing (I know I know the double negative again). MM called a clean game and Quinn is a maestro. He hardly coaches two bad games in a row. Good job by you coaches.

C'mon son:

Dropped ints: Kearse and Bland had one that should have been picked off. I like complete domination guys so C'mon son.

Schoon: I am big fan but we have red zone issues right now so we have to pull that in and get our confidence up. C'mon son.

Red Zone: It's like we lose all focus once we get down there. They are pressing too much to try to get out of that funk. Schoon didn't help and Pollard and Dak running into each other didn't help. I just have this feeling that once we get two in one game it will be smooth sailing after that. C'mon son.

Slow defensive starts: Always seems like teams best drives are the first or first couple of drives. Then the defense settles down. Let's crush their confidence early. C'mon son.

Dono's ankles: HAHAHAHAHA C'mon son.

Overall we did what we are supposed to do. We won at home. No team in the NFL is 38-3 bad so to say it's only Mac Jones or just the patriots is a lazy take. In our 3 wins we have a point differential of 108-13. I don't care who we played that is exceptional. Now comes the best test of the season so far. We need to show up and show out. It's on the road against our nemesis. I think the coaches will have us ready. HERE WE GO!!!

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