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Reports splash cold water on the idea of the Cowboys being big buyers at trade deadline

Do you think the Cowboys will be buyers at the trade deadline?

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The NFL trade deadline is just a couple of weeks away. There was a report that the Cowboys might be buyers at the trade deadline. But we are also getting a conflicting reports.

According to NFL insider Jay Glazer, the Cowboys are not looking to make any big trades by the deadline. In a conversation with David Helman Glazer had this to say earlier this week:

“They did in the past with Amari Cooper a few years ago, right,” Glazer began. “Dallas is always pretty aggressive, especially if they think, ‘We’re on the cusp here, we need something else.’ But just in my conversations this week, when I was asking around, ‘Hey, who are the some of the names we might see?’ There really wasn’t a lot. In the past, you knew, okay, these players whose contracts are in the last year of their deal, these guys might be valuable. We just didn’t see a lot of marquee names.”

Other reports from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler also attest to the same idea that Dallas will not be big players before the trade deadline.

The Cowboys are not expected to be major movers at the deadline, barring surprise. They are content with the roster as currently constructed.

With very little draft capital as it stands, the front-office may be looking to hold off using any draft picks for its roster heading into the second half of the season. And with the news of the team trying out a number of free agent players this week, this only seems to reinforce the idea the team may not look to trade.

The news may seem deflating to some fans who had hopes to see extra talent walk through the door, but never rule out a sudden change with Jerry Jones. He has been known to make an immediate jump for a player that comes completely out the blue. The Trey Lance trade being the most recent example.

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