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Dallas Cowboys trades: A list of every deal the team has made in the last year

A list of every trade the Dallas Cowboys have made over the last year.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Trade Deadline is just around the corner (Tuesday, October 31st) and there are obviously a lot of things that many of us would like to see the Dallas Cowboys do.

When it comes to trades there is nothing that is ever really out of the question, but it all always centers around whether or not the price is right. Things have to make sense as far as the price you are paying, obviously the player you are acquiring, the contract you are absorbing, so on and so forth.

For the purposes of refreshing minds we wanted to lay out a list of every single trade that the Cowboys have made over the last year given that they made a move right before the 2022 deadline one year ago today.

October 25th, 2022 trade with Las Vegas Raiders

  • Cowboys Sent: 2023 6th
  • Cowboys Received: DT Johnathan Hankins & 2024 7th

March 14th, 2023 trade with Indianapolis Colts

  • Cowboys Sent: 2023 5th
  • Cowboys Received: CB Stephon Gilmore

March 19th, 2023 trade with Houston Texans

  • Cowboys Sent: 2023 5th, 2024 6th
  • Cowboys Received: WR Brandin Cooks

April 29th, 2023 trade with Kansas City Chiefs (during 2023 NFL Draft)

  • Cowboys Sent: 2024 5th
  • Cowboys Received: 2023 6th (used to select CB Eric Scott Jr.)

August 25th, 2023 trade with San Francisco 49ers

  • Cowboys Sent: 2024 4th
  • Cowboys Received: QB Trey Lance

August 29th, 2023 trade with Miami Dolphins

  • Cowboys Sent: CB Kelvin Joseph
  • Cowboys Received CB Noah Igbinoghene

In case you did not realize it in looking at this list the Cowboys have already traded away their fourth-, fifth- and sixth-round picks in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft although they do have an extra seventh-rounder that they got in the trade a year ago. It stands to reason that Dallas will receive a compensatory pick or two, but obviously that is not known at this time.

Over the offseason we gave the Cowboys a lot of credit for engineering trades for players that improved important positions. It is important to remember that they have done these things even if they do not pull off a deal before Tuesday’s deadline.

The countdown to Tuesday is on.

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