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The Dallas Cowboys are playing in a number one television spot for the 6th time in 7 games

The Dallas Cowboys are not regarded as America’s Team by accident.

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team. It is a tale as old as time at this point. Whatever is going on with the Cowboys remains at the forefront of interest and discussion as it relates to the National Football League as a whole, Dallas is the straw that stirs the proverbial drink.

This phenomenon can often be frustrating for fans given that Dallas is discussed and/or scrutinized in ways that may seem unfair relative to other teams, but that is sort of the give and take here. When you are the most-viewed, most-discussed team in the world you are inherently going to have more things said about you (including ones you do not like) on a regular basis.

As we enter the month of November, an important one for television ratings, the Cowboys will take their rightful place at the center of everyone’s lives to a heightened degree. But they have been there all throughout October and September as well.

The Dallas Cowboys are playing in a number one television spot for the 6th time in 7 games this season

Sunday afternoon will see the Cowboys host the Los Angeles Rams and unfortunately there is no cool name for beating the L.A. teams back to back (Dallas beat the Los Angeles Chargers right before the bye) like there was with the New York Giants and New York Jets to start the season (Sinatra style).

L.A. is the home of Hollywood though, and the Cowboys are effectively the most-wanted show in the world. Dallas has drawn the number one FOX broadcast crew this week (Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen, Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi) which comes as no surprise. What’s more is it is their sixth number one slot in seven games this season.

  • Week 1 on NBC at the New York Giants: Mike Tiricio, Cris Collinsworth and Melissa Stark
  • Week 2 on CBS against the New York Jets: Jim Nantz, Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson
  • Week 4 on FOX against the New England Patriots
  • Week 5 on NBC at the San Francisco 49ers
  • Week 6 on ESPN at the Los Angeles Chargers: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Lisa Salters

To be perfectly clear here nobody is necessarily bragging about this happening to the Cowboys. Nobody is hanging any banners for “accomplishments” such as these, although if the person who we all think is the most likely to wants to do so, and use them as curtains for the afternoon sun then it will ultimately be a win.

November is a sweeps month for television ratings and the next Cowboys game will take place in it. You should not be surprised to see that the first November contest for Dallas is a road game against the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday afternoon, likely in the top FOX slot again. The Cowboys will return home from that game for another afternoon kick on FOX against the New York Giants, it would not be a shocker to see it get the top treatment as well. The afternoon windows are more valuable (in a sense) than primetime contests given that everybody is already watching primetime (so to speak).

Again, none of this helps the Cowboys or provides any benefit to them on the field. But if you ever doubted whether or not their star power had lost a touch, it is obvious that every major network partner of the NFL is lining up for opportunities to have them on their airwaves.

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