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Dallas Cowboys Madden simulation predicts overtime loss to Los Angeles Rams

This week’s Madden simulation sees the Cowboys losing in heartbreaking fashion.

We have waited a long time to see the Dallas Cowboys play another football game and on Sunday afternoon it will finally end. The Cowboys are set to play in their home building for the first time since the first day of the month so it will good to see them back at home.

Dallas will wear their navy jerseys so if you believe in laundry being a factor make sure and update your notes. The Los Angeles Rams, in white for those keeping score at home, will do their best to make it a tough day in the metroplex although it is hard to believe in them at the moment given that they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers a week ago.

There are a lot of opinions on how this game could go so in an effort to remove our emotional attachment we have, as we always do, run the game through a simulation in Madden 24. We do this every week here at BTB and are coming off of the game predicting a Cowboys loss for the first time (thankfully it was wrong).

Hopefully this week’s is wrong as well. Madden has the Cowboys losing to the Rams by a score of 30-27 thanks to a walk-off Puka Nacua touchdown in overtime.

Notable Madden statistics
  • Dak Prescott: 29 of 40, 273 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, 3 carries, 34 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown
  • Tony Pollard: 19 carries, 62 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Brandin Cooks: 9 receptions, 81 yards
  • Jake Ferguson: 7 receptions, 41 yards, 1 touchdown
  • CeeDee Lamb: 5 receptions, 57 yards

Notably, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Puka Nacua had five receptions for 155 yards and two touchdowns, the second of which was the game-winner.

Madden predictions this season and game result:
  • Week 1: Madden predicted Cowboys win 23-20, Cowboys won 40-0
  • Week 2: Madden predicted Cowboys win 27-14, Cowboys won 30-10
  • Week 3: Madden predicted Cowboys win 14-7, Cowboys lost 28-16
  • Week 4: Madden predicted Cowboys win 41-14, Cowboys won 38-3
  • Week 5: Madden predicted Cowboys win, 27-19, Cowboys lost 42-10
  • Week 6: Madden predicted Cowboys lose, 21-17, Cowboys won 20-17
  • Overall Madden Accuracy so far this season: 3-3

Now I do want to note something as it relates to this particular simulation. In overtime the Cowboys receive the ball first and put together a long drive that ends in a field goal. Per NFL rules a Rams touchdown wins the game and while that was the net result the game acted a bit strangely.

In the simulation the Rams have the ball as time is expiring in overtime, and then, it just expires. They do not seem to be acting with urgency and shortly after we understand why. After a graphic flashes that says “end of regulation” (which is impossible given that it is overtime) there is suddenly 6:15 on the clock for the Rams to work with which Matthew Stafford and Puka Nacua obviously do.

Our goal is to give you a simulation and we are obviously not just trying to find ones where the Cowboys win. This was a fun game that went back and forth, but that ending seemed a bit glitch-y and we just wanted you to have proper context.

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