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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Rams: A Fortyburger of Sadness

Listen in on other fans as they watched the Cowboys dominate the Rams.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

It’s Victory Monday, which means it’s time to take another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys stomp the Los Angeles Rams 43-20. That makes the Cowboys 5-2 on the year.

The early afternoon slot doesn’t always generate a ton of comments on the other blogs, so today’s TTN is a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully just as enjoyable.

So sit back and re-live Sunday’s game via the comments made by other football fans while watching the game, because Sunday domination calls for Monday celebration!

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Half
Rams I think our defense can and will play good in this game.
Rams I feel like today is going to be a win.
W2B1999 | 13:03 EDT
Rams Sacks all day.
Puka | 13:04 EDT
Rams Dang, where’d the pass rush come from?
delusionalramfanslosteve | 13:05 EDT
(9:44) D.Prescott pass deep middle to J.Ferguson for 18 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 7 - Rams 0
Rams Should have been three and out. Now down seven.
delusionalramfanslosteve | 13:10 EDT
Rams Lol we are so bad.
Danteslion | 13:11 EDT
Rams You’ve got to be kidding.
delusionalramfanslosteve | 13:20 EDT
(5:22 - 1st) L.Havrisik 33 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 7 - Rams 3
Rams Rams D break don’t bend today.
BrandonHansen | 13:27 EDT
(0:43) B.Aubrey 58 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 10 - Rams 3
Rams Kickers never miss against us either lmao.
BrandonHansen | 13:30 EDT
Rams 58 yard FG! Must be nice.
oldfartramfan | 13:30 EDT
(0:36) M.Stafford pass INTERCEPTED by D.Bland at LA 30. D.Bland for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 17 - Rams 3
Rams Gonna be a long game folks.
JerseyRamFan | 13:34 EDT
Rams How did Stafford win a Super Bowl?
joecoolio | 13:34 EDT
Rams Horrible throw.
RammingSpeed | 13:34 EDT
49ers Rams/Cowboys is like a gerrymandered election. It looks 50/50 but the results are coming back 90/10.
bignerd | 13:35 EDT
Rams That wasn't even a great play. Stafford thought the defense was the offense.
W2B1999 | 13:35 EDT
Rams It's only the 1st Q and we've already abandoned the run. I'm tired of this same script.
Ape Face | 13:38 EDT
Rams Look on the bright side, Rams first round pick getting better.
Avenger888 | 13:38 EDT
They’ll probably give it up.
Whothatbbbbb21 | 13:39 EDT
Yeah, I know.
Avenger888 | 13:40 EDT
Eagles Meanwhile the Cowboys are destroying the Rams.
nononono | 13:39 EDT
Second Quarter
Rams Mama said there'd be days like this....
RamFan415 | 13:40 EDT
Yeah, but it’s not s’posed to be every Sunday between September and January.
BDARam | 13:40 EDT
Rams How do you start the game with 2 sacks and they score aTD and then give them a free TD.
tntram | 13:40 EDT
Rams Avert the eyes... This is ugly.
joecoolio | 13:41 EDT
(13:39) LAR punt is BLOCKED by S.Williams, ball out of bounds in End Zone, SAFETY.
Cowboys 19 - Rams 3
Rams REALLY!!!
SGII | 13:42 EDT
Rams Rams going for the complete breakdown. Offense, defense, and ST.
BrandonHansen | 13:43 EDT
Avenger888 | 13:43 EDT
(13:39) LAR kicks 56 yards from LA 20 to DAL 24. K.Turpin pushed ob at LA 13 for 63 yards.
Rams That special teams coach for the Cowboys looks good, I wonder if he would fit in at the Rams......
mark banks | 13:44 EDT
Rams It’s happening, we’re going after that #1 overall pick. I just hate it’s the Cowboys doing this to us, the only way it would worse if it’s the Santa Clara team.
FrederickRams | 13:45 EDT
Rams Looks like the Rams are tanking. Quite frankly I'd like to see McVay, Raheem, and Stafford gone next year.
GHOT | 13:45 EDT
Rams I really miss Bones.
GoRamsandAngels | 13:45 EDT
Seahawks Yeah the Rams are bad.
Mookie Alexander | 13:45 EDT
Someone tell the Week 1 Seahawks.
djafrot | 13:48 EDT
(12:45) D.Prescott pass short middle to C.Lamb for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 26 - Rams 3
Rams Well, opened up the rest of the season for non-football activities.
Avenger888 | 13:46 EDT
Rams McVay can't wait to get back home to his kiddo.
DannyStone | 13:46 EDT
Rams Game already over. Question now is can Dallas set the modern day record for most points.
Avenger888 | 13:50 EDT
Rams How many seasons does a SB buy a coach? Seriously think this guy is massively overrated. Would rather have Jim Bob Cooter.
Det2LA | 13:50 EDT
Rams The Cowboys blew out the Rams last time they played. I would've thought McVay prepared this team a little better. McVay needs to be gone next year. Along with Raheem and Stafford. I've never seen a SB winning coach regress so badly.
GHOT | 13:51 EDT
Got paid, got married, had a kid. Not the same guy. Not even close.
MarkLZCran | 14:43 EDT
(11:30) LAR punt
Seahawks Hahaha...RAMS....Hahaha
ChuckKnoxsGhost | 13:53 EDT
Rams We’ll at least I played the Cowboys defense in my fantasy.
FrederickRams | 13:53 EDT
Eagles Meanwhile Dallas is embarrassing another NFL team. Bummer - I thought we’d come out amped up like that after Monday night.
Time2Win | 13:53 EDT
Rams We need to trade McVay before he completely destroys the narrative that he's an actual good coach. I'm sure there's another Les Snead out there!
Det2LA | 13:54 EDT
I think he already has destroyed that narrative. After today we will be 8-17 since the SB. That's .320.
MarkLZCran | 14:42 EDT
49ers Cowboys look better than us now. They would probably drop 40 on us if we meet again. Maybe we shouldn’t have talked so much crap after that game.
nick_kerr_49_49 | 13:55 EDT
Eagles Dallas 26, Rams 3, just five minutes into the second quarter? No big deal. Offensive genius Sean McVay will have the Rams up to 50 points by halftime. Right?
Varjak76 | 13:56 EDT
Rams LA hasn't looked competitive since the pick 6. The team doesn't even look like they are there.
DannyStone | 13:57 EDT
(6:19) D.Prescott pass short middle intended for S.McKeon INTERCEPTED
Eagles Howell is playing against us how Dak usually plays against us.
sk5250 | 14:02 EDT
(5:19) M.Stafford sacked at LA 19 for -4 yards (M.Parsons). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-J.Lewis at LA 29. The Replay Official reviewed the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED. M.Stafford pass incomplete.
Rams Stafford gonna be on IR after this game.
BrandonHansen | 14:05 EDT
Rams Mock draft Szn.
Rams Time to go clean the bathroom and wash the dog.
BDARam | 14:06 EDT
Rams I didn't see us winning today. But I also didn't see this crap show happening. Lol. Thought we kept it somewhat close, but lose by 10 or so.
nj_rams_fan | 14:07 EDT
Rams I think McVay should be a full time dad.
oldfartramfan | 14:07 EDT
Rams Why can't the Rams just run simple quick slants to the WR and TE like Dallas keeps doing? McVay constantly has Stafford doing 7 step drops.
Ape Face | 14:08 EDT
LAR punt
Rams Cowboys getting easy first downs. Rams can’t get one.
BrandonHansen | 14:10 EDT
Rams We can't even get a 1st down and Dallas keeps running basic plays to the TE for 1st downs
Ape Face | 14:11 EDT
(2:27) D.Prescott pass deep right to C.Lamb for 22 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 33 - Rams 3
Rams You’d think the Rams might want to pay a little more attention to Lamb.
Avenger888 | 14:14 EDT
Rams Making Dak look like Joe Montana.
BrandonHansen | 14:14 EDT
49ers How did we struggle to beat the Rams? They look like a JV team out there.
nick_kerr_49_49 | 14:14 EDT
Rams Most of their yards are from passing. This is like losing in two hand touch football.
LaRams&NyMets | 14:14 EDT
Rams Put Rypien in Stafford gonna get hurt.
LaRams&NyMets | 14:16 EDT
Rams Mcvay is not sleeping enough due to the baby.
Rams Rams radio host...still upbeat.....holding out hope.
LaRams&NyMets | 14:22 EDT
Much can be said for legal pot!
oldfartramfan | 14:25 EDT
Rams A little humble pie will make you look inward. Might not night be what you want to see. It has to be acknowledged to make changes.
Ramaha | 14:23 EDT
Rams Make some trades before the deadline. Lower the cap for next year and gain picks.
LaRams&NyMets | 14:24 EDT
Rams Let me see, maybe trading Donald to Pittsburg, Kupp to Seattle, and Stafford anywhere. It sure couldn't hurt.
Kdelgen | 14:27 EDT
(0:04) R.Freeman up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN. TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. M.Stafford pass is incomplete. ATTEMPT FAILS.
Cowboys 33 - Rams 9
Rams A TD, that is neat. Good to see the team still trying, I suppose.
DannyStone | 14:32 EDT
End of Half
Rams Stafford 2 away from NFL all time pick 6 lead!
IdontGiveADamm | 14:37 EDT
Seahawks All the Giants QBs look like a variation of Eli.
Dmadgrass | 14:38 EDT

Second Half
Eagles Jalen has a huge turnover problem. Can’t deny it anymore.
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 14:49 EDT
Seahawks Cowboys fans going to be gloating more than usual this week.
80'sHawksfan | 14:51 EDT
(11:29) M.Stafford pass short middle to B.Skowronek for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 33 - Rams 17
Rams Here we go! Comeback time Ramily!
BDARam | 14:53 EDT
Rams Just got home, how the heck have they allowed 33 points in 2 quarters ?
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 14:58 EDT
Complete team effort: O, D and ST
BDARam | 14:59 EDT
(5:09) 4th & 1 at LAR 37: D.Prescott pass short right to B.Cooks to LA 32 for 5 yards.
Rams Look at that, with a big lead Boys went for it on 4th down. McVay take note.
GHOT | 15:06 EDT
Rams The Cowboys' OL is playing a heck of a game as well from what I'm seeing, great pass protection for Dak.
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 15:07 EDT
(1:32) B.Aubrey 27 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 36 - Rams 17
Fourth Quarter
(13:24) 4th & 2: B.Rypien pass incomplete. Turnover on downs.
Rams Rypien is absolutely terrible, where's Bennett ?
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 15:21 EDT
oldfartramfan | 15:31 EDT
Rams This game has been utter misery.
BrandonHansen | 15:22 EDT
(12:19) D.Prescott pass deep right to B.Cooks for 25 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 43 - Rams 17
Rams Oh look, a WR that runs straight down the field, I wonder what we could do with one like that......
mark banks | 15:29 EDT
Rams At least this will set the expectations, we shall draft in the top 10.
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 15:29 EDT
Rams I never understood why we got rid of Brandin Cooks after his first round one year rental.
BDARam | 15:30 EDT
Rams Defense is bad. What can you do, only one stop on the INT, I believe.
LaRams&NyMets | 15:32 EDT
(10:55) E.Evans punts 59 yards to DAL 12, K.Turpin for 88 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty.
Rams 8-17 since the SB. This is starting to remind me of the Spagnola/Linehan years.
MarkLZCran | 15:40 EDT
(8:28) DAL punts
Eagles What an embarrassment the Rams are..
Rodeoj0nes000 | 15:42 EDT
Rams Stafford turned the LA Rams into the LA Lions in just over a year. It's really unreal.
W2B1999 | 15:42 EDT
We won a SB with Stafford.
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 15:43 EDT
And now we can't give him away. The Rams suck and they are in a really bad spot. Winning a SB two years ago does nothing for me right now.
W2B1999 | 15:44 EDT
Seahawks I don't care that it's the Cowboys, I'll never not love watching the Rams get embarrassed.
sas1969 | 15:44 EDT
(5:31) L.Havrisik 47 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 43 - Rams 20
(3:55) DAL punts
Rams After this season? I seriously don't see McVay coming back and I'm serious. New baby, this guy has checked out like 4 weeks ago. No fire, no determination, no desire...nothing! Dude is shot.
AztecaRamsFan99 | 15:53 EDT
(2:00) LAR punt
End of Game
Rams McVay looks devastated.
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 15:59 EDT
Eagles Nobody expects The Brotherly Sweep.
jjsmith39 | 16:10 EDT
The Bootie Scootie!
CamdenSixers | 16:12 EDT
No, just no.
Phillysf | 16:13 EDT
Eagles Dak is gonna torch this secondary.
macjackforever | 16:17 EDT
Rams This is a unique score so we are all in the record books. This is the first time a game ended 43-20. So there's that...
LaRams&NyMets | 16:21 EDT
Eagles Ugh, I didn't realize Dallas had a cupcake schedule coming up. Giants, Panthers, Wasteam
Revenge of Weapon X | 16:26 EDT

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