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Cowboys Reacts Week 9: It’s Eagles week, time to check on the fanbase’s confidence

How confident are you feeling heading into Philly on Sunday?

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

We are now in the midst of Eagles Week. The Dallas Cowboys have formed a bitter rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles and the two games a year are must-see TV as we have two franchises that just don’t like each other. And two fanbases that really don’t like each other either.

Before we move into the Eagles’ portion of the program, let’s go back to last week. The Cowboys were coming off their bye, and their previous game (Chargers) was a win, although one that still showcased many of the issues the team was having, especially on the offensive side of the ball. All eyes were on Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott as the fanbase wanted a more convincing version of the team, a version like the first two weeks of the season that dominated opponents.

That’s exactly what everyone got. The Cowboys made adjustments to their offense over the bye, check out our own David Howman’s excellent breakdown of that here, and they destroyed the Rams 43-20.

So that’s where we stand here in the middle of Eagles Week. We have two questions for you today. Are you confident in the direction of the franchise? And do you think Dallas will beat Philadelphia on Sunday?

Answer the poll questions, and then hit the comments and let us know why you voted the way you did.

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