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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Giants: ‘We got 28 yards. They have 28 points’

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys rip out Big Blue’s soul.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

A day late, but not a dollar short: Today’s TTN wasn’t ready for Victory Monday, but that may make it all the sweeter as we revel in Giants fans despair a day longer.

Because as sweet as a win against a formerly bitter rival is, it is so much sweeter when you get to relive the agony and even utter despair of Giants fans watching their team get outclassed, with the occasional snide remark from other NFL fans thrown in for good measure.

So here’s your chance to relive Sunday’s smackdown of a divisional rival via the comments made by NFL fans around the league while watching the game.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Giants Not expecting much but these are pro athletes and pro coaches. Be nice to see a competitive game today.
Wayward_Son | 16:02 EDT
Giants Dallas 45 Giants 9
Giantstep | 16:10 EDT
Giants This is the NFL. The saying is that on any given day any NFL team can beat another NFL team. The challenge is does this NYG team believe that? Not holding my breath here.
Big Blue Papi | 16:15 EDT
Giants Be honest. How many of you laughed out loud when they said America's game of the week coming up next? Cmon.
GiantsFirst | 16:27 EDT
Giants Bruh, wasted a TO and a challenge the first 30 seconds of the game off of a really obvious play? Sounds about right.
Lucky | 16:29 EDT
Giants This guy is coaching himself out of a job. What an idiot!
Moon Bars | 16:29 EDT
I'm starting to think he wants out.
Murchada | 16:30 EDT
He wants that Jimbo Fisher treatment. Seventy five million not to work.
GiantsFirst | 16:30 EDT
Giants Did he catch that with one hand? ...smh
Big Blue Papi | 16:32 EDT
Eagles Dallas is going to win this game by 50 points.
nononono | 16:33 EDT
Giants Wow, I have to admit that was a pretty impressive catch.
IronGiant18 | 16:33 EDT
Giants Men against boys.
shankapotamus | 16:34 EDT
(10:16) 4th & Goal at NYG 2: T.Pollard to NYG 1 for 1 yard, Turnover on downs.
Giants McCarthy is not very smart. When you're the better team, you take the points early.
GiantsFirst | 16:36 EDT
Giants Wow. A successful Giants goal line stand. I’m shocked.
ToLiveAndDieInLA | 16:37 EDT
Giants Here comes DeVito with a 99.5 yard TD drive! Buckle up!
5kmilesaway | 16:37 EDT
Eagles OMG..!! Can’t believe.. GIANTS must have something against LIL Tommy DeVito.. This MAN is gonna take the BEATIN of his life today.. It’s really not right..
JohnnyNight | 16:38 EDT
Eagles Giants didn't come to roll over and die? Well well well.
jXn | 16:38 EDT
Giants It’s a battle just to get out of the endzone.
IronGiant18 | 16:41 EDT
(8:04) NYG punt
Giants No safety! Success! Lol
IronGiant18 | 16:42 EDT
Giants Honest question. Why would they EVER make this “America’s Game of the Week” unless they wanted to embarrass the Giants?
MileHighGiant | 16:46 EDT
(7:09) DAL punts
Steelers Good start for the Giants so far.
Yinzer. | 16:48 EDT
It was extremely short lived.
bigbrettg | 18:03 EDT
Eagles Dallas starting slow, but it's very early.
Zracer | 16:49 EDT
Giants The Giants should just punt automatically on 1st down. The offense is brutally awful....
7up17togo | 16:52 EDT
What offense?
64 Year Fan | 16:53 EDT
Giants WTH does Mile Kafka do all week? Like seriously, all he did was ride Mahomes' jockstrap and he got gifted an OC job.
TraumaHawk94 | 16:52 EDT
Giants Danny DeVito would be a better option at QB.
7up17togo | 16:54 EDT
Giants Watching this game to see how bad it will get.
TheLeperd | 16:54 EDT
(5:19) NYG punts
Giants FIRE. MIKE. KAFKA. Wannabe Jason Garrett.
TraumaHawk94 | 16:55 EDT
Giants Can't believe its still 0-0
Big Blue Papi | 16:57 EDT
(3:38) C.Lamb right end for 14 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 7 - Giants 0
Giants Game over.
Giantstep | 16:58 EDT
Giants And there goes the wind out of the defense's sails. This will get ugly fast.
Harry Paratestes | 16:58 EDT
Giants CeeDee Lamb on my FF team.
TheLeperd | 16:58 EDT
Giants The first touchdown of many for Dallas.
IronGiant18 | 16:58 EDT
Giants Let the beating begin. We're not gonna cover.
JerseyJumbo41 | 16:58 EDT
Giants And so it begins...
Lucky | 16:58 EDT
Eagles Does a Giants OL getting injured matter? That line is already trash.
DarkSide830 | 17:00 EDT
Giants Brilliant move. Let Dallas go up 47-0 on the season so the Noo Joisey scrub can start a drive from the 20 or 25.
Snap Shot | 17:00 EDT
Giants Defense might start to give up by the 2nd QTR. This could be worse than 40-0.
Big Blue Papi | 17:01 EDT
Giants Pretty obvious the board has been invaded by trolls. Regulars, you may want to just sit this game thread out.
RGVcuse | 17:01 EDT
I’m going to remain to post an occasional crying gif.
roar13 | 17:02 EDT
Giants Watching at Cowboys fan friend. I told him we were leaving at halftime or 21 points down, whichever comes first.
TheGoldbricker | 17:02 EDT
Giants Can we overthrow the Mara family?
TraumaHawk94 | 17:02 EDT
Jets It’s 7-0 in the first quarter and ESPN says Dallas has a 92% win probability
J-Cubed | 17:05 EDT
Eagles I am not even wasting my time watching the NYG DC blitz himself every other play into another loss.
TheGreatJB99 | 17:05 EDT
Giants We HAVE to lead the league in throwing 2-3 yard passes when it's 3rd and 8 or more.
JerseyJumbo41 | 17:05 EDT
(1:36) NYG punts
Giants Notice how much faster/quicker Cowboys are. Gmen look like stuck in quicksand.
Henryopat | 17:07 EDT
Giants Fix is in. Dallas running clock.
Common-Tater | 17:08 EDT
Giants See how when Dallas punts it bounces favorably? Giants punt and it goes right into the lumberyard..
MileHighGiant | 17:09 EDT
Giants My tummy began to hurt for the first time today right after this game started. Coincidence? I think not.
roar13 | 17:10 EDT
(0:00) D.Prescott pass intended for J.Ferguson INTERCEPTED
Jets Interception, first and 10 on the 11 yard line, ESPN still says Dallas 85% chance.
J-Cubed | 17:11 EDT

Second Quarter
Giants I really didn’t want to watch this game, but I failed.
MrBenks | 17:11 EDT
(13:23) 4th & 2 at DAL 4: S.Barkley up the middle to DAL 4 for no gain, Turnover on downs
Giants That’s the best play call???
BrashShaggyYankee | 17:15 EDT
Giants Dear Brian Daboll, you are allowed to pretend to run and then pass to trick the defense. It's actually not against the rules.
Brady's Bane | 17:16 EDT
Bills The Giants should be fined $50,000 and a draft pick for every snap that DeVito takes. How does a team get away with rostering a non-viable NFL player? Are they going to refund all the tickets from the game today?
NJT34 | 17:17 EDT
We once played Nathan Peterman, so I don't think we can really be too harsh.
Hopefulcynic | 20:02 EDT
“We?” I wasn’t part of that.
seasonticketrefund | 21:31 EDT
Giants I think it's still possible for Brian Daboll to coach himself out of a job. What an embarrassing series of plays. Absolutely pathetic.
partyongarth | 17:17 EDT
Giants 96 yd Dallas TD drive coming up.
64 Year Fan | 17:19 EDT
Eagles Watching these games gets me frustrated the Eagles can’t blow a team out.
CyclingGeo | 17:23 EDT
Eagles Dak yelling out the play that everybody can understand...and the Giants still can't stop it.
phillyphanatic10 | 17:23 EDT
Even the announcers spelled it out.
sk5250 | 17:34 EDT
(8:48) D.Prescott pass to J.Ferguson for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 14 - Giants 0
Giants Called that drive.
64 Year Fan | 17:23 EDT
Giants Candy from a baby. It’s inhumane.
Common-Tater | 17:23 EDT
Giants Dallas scrimmage game against Rutgers.
shankapotamus | 17:24 EDT
Not fair to Rutgers.
Ughagain | 17:24 EDT
Eagles I think the game was over at 7-0. But 14-0 should do it. The Giants only score like 11 points a game.
phillyphanatic10 | 17:25 EDT
Giants Daboll looks like a disgusted fan. Not a HC of this squad.
PittJimbo | 17:25 EDT
Giants They’re headed for another 40-0 loss aren’t they?
Daitong | 17:25 EDT
This score could be worse than 40-0.
Big Blue Papi | 17:26 EDT
Giants Maybe we can somehow use AI to program BP to coach again.
Henryopat | 17:26 EDT
Giants Dallas already laughing and joking around. You could tell they didn’t sweat the INT at all because they knew this boring, unimaginative team wouldn’t score. Every. Single. Time.
Jason Sehorn | 17:26 EDT
Giants Lol these stupid comments.... Daboll's playing the best defense (Cowboys at home) with no quarterback.... But let's fire him for bringing a celery stick to a gun fight hahaha.
somerandomgiantsfan | 17:26 EDT
Giants Daboll on the phone trying to change to an earlier flight.
Common-Tater | 17:27 EDT
Giants Daboll about to lose the locker room
Gintdiehard | 17:28 EDT
He already lost it.
ronrat2 | 17:33 EDT
Giants Daboll’s lack of enthusiasm tells me that he is waiting for the hammer to fall. Pathetic effort from the coaching staff.
ronrat2 | 17:31 EDT
What happened? His game management is on par with Timmy Tuffnutz.
CTblues56 | 17:34 EDT
Might be worse as of late.
Harry Paratestes | 17:35 EDT
It's unbelievable.
CTblues56 | 17:36 EDT
(6:36) NYG punts
Giants 21-0 at half we can be right on schedule for 42-0.
Harry Paratestes | 17:34 EDT
Giants Pollard has sucked all year but of course he’s dragging guys with him for positive gains.
Jason Sehorn | 17:35 EDT
(3:48) D.Prescott pass to B.Cooks for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 21 - Giants 0
Eagles Giants stink man. I mean, I’m ok with that, but man they stink.
RootForTheLaundry | 17:38 EDT
Giants Dallas just completely owns us.
IronGiant18 | 17:38 EDT
Giants Now Brandon cooks is getting open at will. You can’t make this up.
Jason Sehorn | 17:38 EDT
Giants We have to be the absolute worst team in the league. We have 26 yrds of offense.
costanza! | 17:39 EDT
Giants Is there a mercy rule so we don’t have to see another half of this atrocious mismatch?
kenneth.brody.7 | 17:40 EDT
Giants Are there any NFL games on TV?
Common-Tater | 17:41 EDT
Giants The Washington Generals used to give the Harlem Globetrotters more of a game.
icyhand2000 | 17:42 EDT
Giants This is a tough watch. Lucky for us there's an entire other half to go.
ForgotUsername1234 | 17:43 EDT
(2:47) NYG punt
Giants Dallas about to go 85 yards in two minutes.
Wayward_Son | 17:45 EDT
How about 45 seconds.
JerseyJumbo41 | 17:45 EDT
Giants “It’s just too easy”. Says the announcer. Too funny.
GusBee | 17:46 EDT
Bills The Cowboys are winning. There’s sooooooo much joy in America right now
DonFredo | 17:47 EDT
Giants This reeks of Pre Season....only problem is that that the Cowboys never got the memo.
Big Blue Papi | 17:47 EDT
Giants What would happen if the Giants just went to the airport at half and didn't show up for the second half?
Fran10 | 17:48 EDT
The offense would improve.
Snorkis_Hunter | 17:48 EDT
Giants Cowboys just having a game of catch.
blitznow | 17:48 EDT
Giants Dallas now checking into the wrong play on purpose just to be challenged.
Common-Tater | 17:49 EDT
Giants Cowboys players actually laughing at Giants.
Henryopat | 17:51 EDT
I am too.
costanza! | 17:51 EDT
Giants The spread should have been 35 points.
Jerry_Terry | 17:51 EDT
(0:16) D.Prescott scrambles for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 28 - Giants 0
Giants 28 - 0 going into the half. Good stuff.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 17:54 EDT
End of Half
Dolphins Giants should just forfeit this game at halftime!
daytonadolfan | 17:56 EDT
Giants I knew it was coming. I had time to prepare myself for this….. and it still hurts.
roar13 | 17:56 EDT
Giants Is Dallas going to risk Prescott in the 2nd half?
shankapotamus | 17:56 EDT
There is no risk.
BigBlueWreckingCrew86 | 18:00 EDT
Chiefs The Cowboys-Giants game doesn't need an officiating crew. It needs a forensics team.
88WIldcat | 17:58 EDT
Giants Welp the over/under was 36.5 points. The Cowboys are almost there just by themselves.
G.O.A.T_56 | 18:00 EDT
Giants We got 28 yards. They have 28 points.
roar13 | 18:01 EDT
Giants Is Dallas allowed to have more players on the field than the Giants? It sure looks and feels like it.
tommy.d.7 | 18:03 EDT
Giants This tank is a work of art. Tank art. Artistically tanky.
Gyrk | 18:06 EDT
This isn't tank. This is a capitulation.
Fran10 | 18:06 EDT
This team looks like it was run over by a tank.
MrBenks | 18:07 EDT
Giants I guess if you’re gonna tank, tank hard. Leave no doubt.
Common-Tater | 18:08 EDT
Giants I think if we played a scrimmage against ourselves somehow it would end up 0-0
JerseyJumbo41 | 18:10 EDT

Third Quarter
Steelers Dallas may hang 60 on the Giants.
The Gif Sgt | 18:14 EDT
Giants You think are we looking at another 40-0 score?
Henryopat | 18:14 EDT
You think they can hold Dallas to 12 in the 2nd half?
icyhand2000 | 18:15 EDT
(13:03) NYG punts
Giants Dallas will absolutely pour it on here. They seem to enjoy crushing the Giants so I don’t see them trying to run the clock out.
Jason Sehorn | 18:16 EDT
Giants We should replace Tommy DeVito with Danny DeVito. At least Danny would be harder for the pass rushers to locate.
ClutchPass | 18:17 EDT
Giants Tommy DeVito aka tank commander.
Snorkis_Hunter | 18:17 EDT
Giants Thibs probably concussed himself banging his head into the locker room wall in frustration.
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 18:19 EDT
Giants 5 yards more offense coming from the defense via penalty. Wow! Good luck stretch?
BarfieldBestArmEver | 18:27 EDT
Giants 28-0 middle of 3rd qtr and Kafka finally starts to open the playbook and let DeVito run? This should have happened during the first plays of the game....smh
Big Blue Papi | 18:28 EDT
(8:07) T.DeVito pass to L.Cager for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 28 - Giants 7
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 18:28 EDT
Giants At least they will not be shut out.
81ta | 18:28 EDT
Giants Dallas literally just let us score. They're so bored, they're not even trying. They called off the dogs to save themselves for next week.
ClutchPass | 18:29 EDT
Giants No shutout today. That's an improvement over Week 1.
icyhand2000 | 18:29 EDT
Giants Where the heck was this offensive game plan in the first half???
Jerry_Terry | 18:31 EDT
Much easier to score when the Cowboys stop the pass rush.
somerandomgiantsfan | 18:33 EDT
Giants A good team like Dallas usually will respond with a TD.....we will see how Wink plays this.
Big Blue Papi | 18:34 EDT
Just as you predicted....
silverheels2 | 18:37 EDT
(4:40) D.Prescott pass deep right to M.Gallup for 41 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 35 - Giants 7
Giants He only makes that throw against the Giants lol. I swear against any other team he’s human but once he sees blue he becomes Brady.
Jason Sehorn | 18:38 EDT
Giants Daboll gives the impression that this mess is someone else’s fault - you’re the head coach, it’s your fault.
ronrat2 | 18:40 EDT
(4:33) T.DeVito pass deep middle intended for J.Hyatt INTERCEPTED by D.Bland
Giants Well that’s kind of like a punt with no return.
81ta | 18:42 EDT
Giants The Refs clearly got a call from the NFL telling them to stop Dallas from getting to 70 points. They called nothing in the first half.
Common-Tater | 18:45 EDT
Bills The Giants had one first down in the first half.
DonFredo | 18:47 EDT
Giants Dallas has 505 yards of offense and 3rd quarter isn’t over. Defense hasn’t quit though.
GeorgeMeade | 18:47 EDT
(1:29) D.Prescott pass short right to C.Lamb for 12 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 42 - Giants 7
Eagles Daboll has lost that entire Giants locker room. He'll be canned at year's end.
slashsnake | 18:52 EDT
At this pace it’d be a minor miracle if he even made it there.
fareastfan | 19:11 EDT
Giants Dallas is averaging 180 yards a quarter. Good grief.
GeorgeMeade | 18:52 EDT
Giants The NFL just posted that none of the stats from this game will count for the Cowboys since they aren't playing against an NFL team.
Common-Tater | 18:53 EDT
Giants Can we just take everyone out? How can they prove that every player isn't hurt.
Common-Tater | 18:55 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Giants I see Parsons went over to the other side of field away from Thomas......
phatdaddy44 | 18:58 EDT
He was tired of being held.
Y A Tittle 2 | 18:59 EDT
(14:43) NYG punts
Giants Does it seem like every team that plays the Giants sets some kind of record?
Wayward_Son | 19:03 EDT
(10:56) C.Rush pass short middle intended for J.Tolbert INTERCEPTED
Giants Do not run to the darn camera down 40 points!
Jerry_Terry | 19:05 EDT
Giants What a dumb move to run and celebrate a pick when you're down 42-7. Dear Lord.
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 19:05 EDT
Giants I'm currently watching 5th round pick Sam Howell, with poor protection, under pressure, and in about his 11th or 12th start, play better than any QB currently on the Giants roster.
icyhand2000 | 19:06 EDT
Giants -17 looking like a gimme suddenly, lol.
ForgotUsername1234 | 19:08 EDT
It was a gimme a week ago.
srcog | 19:09 EDT
Fair enough, lol.
ForgotUsername1234 | 19:10 EDT
(8:54) NYG field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 42 - Giants 10
Giants Dallas, please run on every play and shorten this.
TheLeperd | 19:12 EDT
Giants Dallas having a blast on the sideline. Damn, I hate the Cowboys.
ForgotUsername1234 | 19:14 EDT
Giants Dallas going for 700 yards.
JerseyJumbo41 | 19:17 EDT
Giants Ok good night. 29 first downs for Dallas. 8 first downs for the Giants. Mercy end.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 19:17 EDT
(2:14) R.Dowdle up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 49 - Giants 10
Giants Fire someone. I'm not even that guy, but somebody needs to get fired. Concessions, janitor, somebody.
ForgotUsername1234 | 19:22 EDT
They could fire the man most responsible for this mess, but things would be very awkward between John and Chris Mara at Thanksgiving if that happened.
icyhand2000 | 19:25 EDT
Eagles Just read the Cowboys had 368 first half yards. But the NYG just kept blitzing. Lol.
TheGreatJB99 | 19:24 EDT
Giants Let's all pool our capital and buy out Mara.
Henryopat | 19:24 EDT
Team is worth 7 billion.
srcog | 19:30 EDT
Wait another year, we can get it for $500.
Blues | 19:37 EDT
Giants This is the worst team in the league by a margin, and it still won’t get them the top pick.
GeorgeMeade | 19:26 EDT
Giants Cut the hot water to the showers next time Dallas comes into town.
Harry Paratestes | 19:29 EDT
Giants I felt really bad for the QB today. Dallas D line feasted.
BlockNTackle | 19:36 EDT
(0:06) T.DeVito pass short left to S.Shepard for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 49 - Giants 17
Giants 49-17 looks better.
John Random | 19:38 EDT
Giants Our second highest scoring game of the year! Moving in the right direction.
DougMollin | 19:55 EDT

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