Jets Fan Joe Benigno After Losses To Chargers & Raiders...

So you think you are a long-suffering Cowboys fan...

Get to know Joe and his 55-year saga since Joe Namath won Super Bowl III.

He was on WFAN as a host for many years until they finally ran him off. Now they call him up after Jets games and after the Jets lose, it's classic sports radio. Tiki Barber gets a kick out of Joe's misery, which only puts more backspin on it.

"Players change, coaches change, general managers change, owners change, uniforms change - results don't change. It's unbelievable"


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Russ_Te_ is the Cowboys screen name for Roy Greenfield / site author of the mid-2000's board "Cowboy Saloon"

- where the bar fights were legendary...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.