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Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Stock Report: DaRon Bland, Tony Pollard lead the way after win

Our stock report following Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys win against the Carolina Panthers.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys showed up to Charlotte on Sunday afternoon with a simple objective - win. It did not need to be pretty, just a win with Thanksgiving week and the immediacy that comes with it about to begin. Truth be told it was a bit of a struggle for the Cowboys at times, but the Panthers made one too many mistakes and left the door open for too long, and it all went in the silver and blue direction.

The Cowboys are now 7-3 with a chance to reach eight wins as the tryptophan courses through our systems on Thursday. That is a subject for later this week, for now we are going to revisit what transpired on Sunday afternoon by way of our stock report.

Stock Up: DaRon Bland

The NFL record for most pick-six interceptions in a single season is four and DaRon Bland now has a piece of it. He has had a pick six in four of the 10 games that the Cowboys have played this season. How insane is that?!

Honestly this might be the prettiest interception that Bland has ever had for the Cowboys. While this was the fourth one that he took back to the house this season, it was his 11th overall in his career which is only 27 games long now.

Who was the last corner to have at least 11 interceptions in their first 27 games, you ask?

That would be Trevon Diggs.

Stock Up: Tony Pollard

Sunday was momentous in a lot of ways and one of them was that it featured Tony Pollard returning to the endzone for the first time since the season opener. Well done!

This was the best game that Pollard has had all season for the Cowboys as he showed the boost and explosiveness that we have known him to have for a very long time. Seeing that it still exists is quite the feeling, and good on him for turning it into points.

Stock Up: Micah Parsons

The NFL may wind up changing this but at the time of this writing Parsons is being credited with three sacks against the Panthers. What an infusion! Parsons is the engine that powers this whole thing and he was in tip-top shape on Sunday despite an apparent illness. A quiet day in the box score last week seems so far in the rearview mirror now.

Stock Up: Luke Schoonmaker

The first Cowboys points of the day belonged to Luke Schoonmaker. Give it up for the rook!

Seriously though, these are the kinds of catches that everybody wants to see from the second-round rookie. Having athletic tight ends who can haul these in is a very good thing for the offense overall and pairing Schoonmaker with Jake Ferguson is only going to yield positive things.

Stock Up: DeMarcus Lawrence

During the broadcast, FOX noted that Zack Martin told them during the week that DeMarcus Lawrence is the unsung hero of the Cowboys team. He is absolutely correct.

Tank was a force on Sunday and even grabbed a sack. Overall it was an excellent game that saw him turn in his helmet for a baseball cap rather early which is always a good sign.

Stock Up: Damone Clark

Last week brought the unfortunate news that Leighton Vander Esch would not be returning this season, but Damone Clark had maybe his best game of the season for the team. Clark is one of the best traditional linebackers on the roster at this point and absolutely played like it on Sunday making stop after stop.

Stock Up: Donovan Wilson

Late in the game when things were already pretty much out of hand, Donovan Wilson charged at Panthers quarterback Bryce Young and spooked him so badly that the number one overall pick fumbled the ball before any contact was made. It is that enforcer-type of disposition that Wilson brings to the Cowboys on a week in and week out basis. You love to see it.

Stock Up: Jerry Jones

This is low-hanging fruit and more about Jimmy Johnson than anything, but putting Johnson in the Ring of Honor is something that we have all wanted to see for a long time. It took him way longer than it should have, but Jerry did it and now we all get to enjoy.


Stock Down: Jalen Tolbert

Tolbert saw a handful of targets in this game but was not able to cash in all too often. We have spent a lot of time talking bout how he should be utilized more and perhaps bumped up to WR3 duties, but you have to turn your targets into production if you want that to happen.

Stock Down: Brandon Aubrey the Extra Point Kicker

Ultimately if Brandon Aubrey is going to make every field goal that he attempts then we are perfectly fine, but on Sunday he did miss an extra point which gives him two of those on the season.

Again, he is taking care of what matters most. But this is what it is.

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