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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys at Panthers: ‘The only bright spot are pending firings’

Listen in on other fans as they watched the Cowboys take care of business against the Panthers.

NFL: NOV 19 Cowboys at Panthers Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s Victory Monday, which means it’s time to take another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys take care of business against the Carolina Panthers. The win moved the Cowboys to 7-3 on the season and helped them keep the pressure on in the playoffs race.

The early afternoon slot doesn’t always generate a ton of comments on the other blogs, and many fans of the 1-8 Panthers seem to have given up already, so today’s TTN is a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully just as enjoyable.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Half
Panthers Time to take our weekly medicine. Try to find some enjoyment, my fellow suffering Panthers fans.
e4* | 12:53 EDT
Falcons I hate the Cowboys, but it was really cool watching Jerry announce to Jimmy that he will be inducted into the Ring of Honor in December. Should've done this a long time ago, but still really cool to see it happen.
FalconFanMainer | 13:05 EDT
Panthers Wow, hope that is not our only three and out.
Panther-Try | 13:05 EDT
(13:44) DAL punts
(9:05) B.Young sacked (M.Parsons)
Panthers All I was going to say was do not take a sack, we were in field goal range I believe, but of course a sack.
Panther-Try | 13:12 EDT
Panthers Not gonna complain. If you thought Zavala could block Parsons, that’s your fault.
Charlsong1 | 13:12 EDT
Panthers Parsons came in untouched. Don’t know how the heck Zavala is getting the start again
BlooVeinz | 13:13 EDT
(8:26) CAR punts
Panthers One positive: This is a clean uniform combo.
BlooVeinz | 13:19 EDT
(3:20) D.Prescott pass deep right to L.Schoonmaker for 18 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 7 - Panthers 0
Panthers Offense can’t score and defense can’t get a stop. This is going to be a looooong game.
WolfpackPride | 13:23 EDT
Panthers Hoping we get embarrassed so there’s even more reason to get rid of Reich and Fitt.
BlooVeinz | 13:23 EDT
Panthers Still bad. As always. Can we fire everyone during the game?
DanishPanther | 13:24 EDT
Panthers Cowboys are vulnerable against the run. Keep at it. It's not rocket science.
CamelRingMaster | 13:26 EDT
Maybe it is rocket science.
CamelRingMaster | 13:29 EDT
Panthers Back to play clock being an issue, know Reich is back now.
Panther-Try | 13:28 EDT
(1:42) B.Young sacked (M.Parsons)
Panthers Bryce is gonna get killed.
Bull123 | 13:29 EDT
Panthers Bryce is gonna die....
bringo! | 13:29 EDT
Panthers Bryce has been pressured or sacked on 8/9 dropbacks.
storybook | 13:30 EDT
Panthers Parsons likely to have more sacks than we have points.
OptimistPanther | 13:32 EDT
Panthers We could have had Parsons. He has a sack for every game our first round selection has missed this season.
crack back blocker | 13:33 EDT
Second Quarter
Panthers Almost stopped them, but a penalty of course.
Panther-Try | 13:43 EDT
Panthers Why settle for one penalty when you can get two to keep their drive alive.
NEPanther | 13:43 EDT
Panthers First time I've ever seen a Horsecollar/Facemask penalty by the same player. I'm dying.
Revshawn | 13:43 EDT
You have to give credit to the innovation this team shows on a weekly basis!
NEPanther | 13:43 EDT
(11:01) B.Aubrey 30 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 10 - Panthers 0
Panthers Did not predict we would only be down by 10. Moral victory.
Panther-Try | 13:46 EDT
Eagles Panthers reminding everyone why they’re the worst team in football.
phillyphanatic10 | 13:47 EDT
Panthers The Parsons sack parade is just getting started.
PeterHollandActor | 13:48 EDT
(9:47) CAR punts
Panthers Stroud having a great game so far. And this joke of a organization had the opportunity to get him.
adam carter | 13:57 EDT
(7:01) DAL punts
Panthers 2 TDs in the last 42 possessions. I knew it was bad but wth?
Panthers75 | 14:07 EDT
(2:18) B.Young sacked (D.Lawrence).
Panthers Bryce was patting the ball before being got time to do that you got time to throw it away.
panther159 | 14:10 EDT
(1:56) CAR field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 10 - Panthers 3
Panthers We could be winning if we stopped the penalties.
Charlsong1 | 14:14 EDT
Winning generally requires scoring.
CamelRingMaster | 14:21 EDT
Panthers Whoever that was standing behind Reich with his eyes closed shaking his head, I feel you.
BlooVeinz | 14:14 EDT
Panthers Maybe the defense is trying to stay on the field so Bryce does not get murdered.
Panther-Try | 14:20 EDT
Panthers Olsen is flabbergasted with this team. Even him and his partner are amazed at how bad this team is.
TLGPanthersFan | 14:21 EDT
(0:24) D.Prescott pass short left to C.Lamb for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 17 - Panthers 3
Panthers That sucks man... Defense is playing really well and let a couple dumb penalties give them 10 points.
CouchGM | 14:24 EDT
It's not like I can even argue with the calls either. They were all correct calls.
CamelRingMaster | 14:25 EDT
Panthers Every single one of those penalties? No reaction from Frank Reich. He's just chewing his gum on the sidelines like a cow chewing the cud.
Revshawn | 14:24 EDT
Probably planning how he's about to spend Tepper's buyout money on this long vacation.
storybook | 14:25 EDT
He's toast and he knows it.
adam carter | 14:27 EDT
Saints If I was the Panthers, there are about 3 or 4 players I would give their walking papers tomorrow for pure bone-headedness. Total lack of maturity and discipline.
whatwasthat | 14:25 EDT
Panthers Two touchdowns in the last 43 drives. The defense is giving the middle finger to Reich and the offense.
WolfpackPride | 14:25 EDT
End of Half
Panthers Lmao a kneel with 24 seconds and 2 timeouts down by 2 TDs. Good job, Reich.
BlooVeinz | 14:28 EDT
Panthers Feel like we should do like an Etch-A-Sketch and wipe the entire team clean and start over. Any way to start over with a new owner?
TLGPanthersFan | 14:39 EDT

Second Half
(13:37) CAR punts
(11:05) DAL punts
(8:18) CAR punts. PENALTY on DAL-S.Williams, Running Into the Kicker, 5 yards - No Play.
Panthers Penalty went against Dallas, tide is changing.
Panther-Try | 14:54 EDT
(1:59) B.Young pass to T.Tremble for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 17 - Panthers 10
Eagles TD Panthers!
ToddSK | 15:09 EDT
Panthers Is it wrong to find that the comment section here is way more entertaing than actually watching a game anymore.
panth3r | 15:10 EDT
Panthers Olsen saying, "I don't know how much that score would affect the result today", when we're only down 7 is hilarious.
KeepPounding88 | 15:10 EDT
Fourth Quarter
Panthers That hit that Frankie delivered on his own corner was the hardest hit I've seen from the Panthers all week. And it's enough to knock his teammate out of the game.
Revshawn | 15:23 EDT
(13:58 - 4th) T.Pollard up the middle for 21 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 24 - Panthers 10
Panthers This game is like watching a kittens-instead-of-water-balloons fight.
jmays | 15:28 EDT
(13:48) B.Young pass INTERCEPTED by D.Bland at CAR 31. D.Bland for 31 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 30 - Panthers 10
Panthers Pick 6 machine.
OldhamA | 15:29 EDT
Panthers Sigh.
Burn the RIVER BOAT | 15:29 EDT
Eagles Reich should skip the post-game presser and start cleaning out his office.
djbigf | 15:30 EDT
Eagles Dagnabbit! Daron Bland is a really good player. Super unfortunate development.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 15:31 EDT
Panthers 121 passing yards in a league that makes it easy for offenses to pass the ball and score points.
adam carter | 15:34 EDT
(12:52) B.Young sacked (sack split by M.Parsons and J.Kearse).
(12:13) B.Young sacked (sack split by D.Armstrong and C.Golston).
Panthers Someone radio the QB, you don’t get 5 seconds in the pocket in today’s NFL.
Mrcogburn | 15:37 EDT
(11:29) B.Young sacked (D.Wilson). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Wilson
Panthers What could Frank possibly be saying to Bryce?
Bull123 | 15:38 EDT
"You just cost me my job."
Revshawn | 15:38 EDT
"I wanted Stroud ..."
Camrolina89ers | 15:38 EDT
Panthers Young is just comically bad. What a franchise crippling trade that was.
OldhamA | 15:39 EDT
Panthers We could have had the best QB in the NFL. Instead we go with the guy that wouldn't get to ride roller coasters at Carowinds.
Revshawn | 15:41 EDT
Ouch, that's such a LOW blow lol!!!
panth3r | 15:55 EDT
(7:18) B.Aubrey 27 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 33 - Panthers 10
Panthers At least the Panthers are 4-2 in my Madden 24 franchise. Don’t worry I traded Burns in the preseason week 1.
WolfpackPride | 15:43 EDT
Patriots Carolina is tanking when they don't even have a first-round pick. Insanity.
Axis2Lord | 15:46 EDT
(6:38) B.Young sacked (S.Williams).
Panthers Just throw in the towel....
panth3r | 15:49 EDT
Can't block long enough to get the towel out.
storybook | 15:49 EDT
True story.
panth3r | 15:50 EDT
Panthers Just like with every week, the only bright spot are pending firings.
OptimistPanther | 15:55 EDT

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