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Dallas Cowboys Week 12 Madden simulation predicts close Thanksgiving Day win over Commanders

Madden sees the Cowboys pulling out a close one this week.

If you blinked you may have missed that the Dallas Cowboys are about to get back to work again, such is life on a short week. Dallas will be back in action on Thanksgiving Day and this year’s festivities will see them play host to a division rival, the Washington Commanders. We have all seen the Cowboys take care of business on Turkey Day but also play down to competition and ruin our holiday. It sounds cliché, but things can truly go either way sometimes.

In an effort to get the best possible understanding of how Thursday might go we, as we always do, ran the game as a simulation in Madden 24. You can watch the entire digital game below and if you do you will see that the Cowboys win. Huzzah!

Notable Madden statistics:
  • Dak Prescott: 17 of 20, 227 yards, 2 touchdowns
  • Tony Pollard: 10 carries, 47 yards
  • Michael Gallup: 4 receptions, 103 yards, scored on a 75-yard touchdown
  • Brandin Cooks: 6 receptions, 40 yards
  • CeeDee Lamb: 3 receptions, 42 yards
  • Damone Clark had 2 sacks and Micah Parsons had 1

This week’s simulation has the Cowboys winning, but Madden seems to think it will be closer than any of us would like. At the time of this writing the Cowboys are double-digit point favorites and “only” win this simulation by a score of 20-17, but it’s not like Madden has the most reliable record this season at predicting games the Cowboys play in.

Madden predictions this season and game result:
  • Week 1: Madden predicted Cowboys win 23-20, Cowboys won 40-0
  • Week 2: Madden predicted Cowboys win 27-14, Cowboys won 30-10
  • Week 3: Madden predicted Cowboys win 14-7, Cowboys lost 28-16
  • Week 4: Madden predicted Cowboys win 41-14, Cowboys won 38-3
  • Week 5: Madden predicted Cowboys win, 27-19, Cowboys lost 42-10
  • Week 6: Madden predicted Cowboys lose, 21-17, Cowboys won 20-17
  • Week 8: Madden predicted Cowboys lose, 30-27, Cowboys won 43-20
  • Week 9: Madden predicted Cowboys win, 28-10, Cowboys lost 28-23
  • Week 10: Madden predicted Cowboys win, 31-3, Cowboys won 49-17
  • Week 11: Madden predicted Cowboys lose, 34-31, Dallas won 33-10
  • Overall Madden Accuracy so far this season: 4-6

Perhaps the game is also operating on a short week and not at its full and total capacity. Or perhaps it is a video game and unpredictable. You can never really tell in situations like these, haha.

Hopefully the Cowboys win and do so in convincing fashion so that our stress levels are not too high on Thanksgiving.

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