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Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has surged dramatically in MVP odds

Oddsmakers suddenly believe more in Dak Prescott as an MVP candidate.

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

It was just nine days ago when we had the conversation. On November 16th we talked here at BTB about how Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s odds for this season’s MVP awards seemed way too low. The subject of Prescott can often be a divisive one which is why did our best to keep the conversation factually-based and more from a point of confusion than anything else.

In that article we noted that MVP is a partly narrative-driven award and that Dak checks all of the boxes that a Hollywood script writer would want to include in the ideal story. Obviously you have to play well to win the award as well, and since then Dak has continued the top form that he was already on when we last visited this topic.

Prescott’s latest outing happened to occur on Thanksgiving Day and during a game that was seen by just about 41.5M people. Considering he put up another gaudy stat line it stood to reason that his odds for the award in question would rise, but they have taken off to the moon.

Dak Prescott is currently in the top 5 of MVP odds for this season

On Friday morning, a look at the odds for MVP showed that anyone who took Dak at +3500 had to be feeling good about themselves. We are down to the triple digits which is a significant decrease.

Prescott is currently listed at DraftKings Sportsbook (the odds we have always been basing this off of) at +850 to win MVP. You can see the current odds (as of late Friday night) in the first slide here and the odds from the past we have been mentioning in the second.

Interestingly the lines moved slightly from Friday morning to Friday night. If you are curious it was Patrick Mahomes who moved up from +425 to +400 and Tua Tagovailoa who moved down (after playing on Black Friday by the way) from +550 to +600.

But back to Prescott, he is the only real significant movement here in terms of change between November 16th and 24th. Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff also rose in odds although his performance on Thanksgiving Day will have the inverse effect for his candidacy than Prescott’s given how rough it was.

Odds are not everything, and nobody should completely bank on them at any point in time, but it is certainly not insignificant that they believe in Prescott’s campaign to this degree now. Obviously the Cowboys will need to keep winning, and Prescott will need to keep performing well for him to have any real shot of winning this thing, but right now he is in more than just striking distance.

By the way, it should also be noted that the Cowboys have a rather strong presence in terms of odds for Defensive Player of the Year. Micah Parsons and DaRon Bland are both in the top four.

Most people believe that Cleveland Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett will win this award but it is very interesting how right on his heels Micah Parsons is. As much as we all love Parsons, it does feel like most Cowboys fans would agree that DaRon Bland has a fair claim to the award this season, but his odds are obviously lower and a lot of that is due to how the award generally goes to pass rushers and not defensive backs. The last defensive back to win it was current Cowboys cornerback Stephon Gilmore in 2019 while with the New England Patriots.

At the end of the day the award that we all care most about is the one handed out in the final game of the season in February, but it is certainly interesting to see where the Cowboys stand right now in other areas.

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