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Mike McCarthy officially has a habit of scoring a lot of points in his home building

Mike McCarthy does not get enough praise for the job he is doing.

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The Dallas Cowboys are on fire. It seems like everything they do, whether its on offense, defense or special teams, turns to gold.

In terms of recent seasons, there has been a transformation on the defensive side of the ball (shout out to Micah Parsons, Dan Quinn and others) that we have really enjoyed but has felt foreign in terms of how the Cowboys were built as a team before that transformation. Dallas teams for most of this century have had success on offense, but dominating on defense feels new and different.

But the offense is still ultimately the side of the ball charged with scoring points, and given that the team who scores the most in a given game wins, it stands to reason that points matter. If you have not noticed the Cowboys have made playing well at home a bit of a pattern for them (they have won 13 games in a row at AT&T Stadium) and they are seemingly scoring at will while benefiting from home cooking.

Mike McCarthy has officially made it a habit to score a lot of points in his home building

We are all aware of the fact that Mike McCarthy was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers before arriving in Dallas and that he also served as their play-caller for just about the entire time there as well. Most attributed the success that McCarthy had in Green Bay to Aaron Rodgers, so unless we are willing to say that Dak Prescott is as good as peak Rodgers, then we have to be willing to give McCarthy a lot of credit.

What are we talking about credit for exactly, though? McCarthy winning a ton of home games in general is not exactly new for him. He is currently riding a 13-game streak at home as mentioned which ties the most wins he ever had consecutively at Lambeau Field.

Given that the only common denominator here is McCarthy it stands to reason that he is a factor in it all. Obviously McCarthy served as the play-caller for those Packers and these Cowboys so the amount of points scored is significant, too.

To date the Dallas Cowboys have scored 205 points in their five home games. Technically this is all points scored so it includes defensive and special teams work (shout out DaRon Bland and friends) but obviously the majority belongs to the offense.

Since the beginning of time that Stathead’s database stretches back to (1940) there have only been eight teams in the NFL to score at least 205 points in their first five home games of the season.

For what it’s worth the 2023 Cowboys have the fewest points allowed (60) of the group as they just edged out the 1966 version of the club (66, coincidentally). Having an all-world defense definitely does not hurt the overall cause.

But McCarthy is the only head coach to appear here twice, and he is the play-caller involved, so it stands to reason that he deserves his fair share of props for what is happening in an overall sense.

There is nothing but objective fact to support that Mike McCarthy has a proven track record of taking care of business at home and doing so with authority. At the moment there are a lot of people involved with the team who are receiving their due in terms of credit for contributions, make sure to include McCarthy on your list the next time you make one.

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