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Cowboys vs Seahawks prop bets: Dak Prescott, Brandin Cooks are good bets

What prop bets are you willing to take for this week’s Cowboys game?

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

When the Dallas Cowboys play the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, we’ll all be rooting for a Cowboys victory, but there is a way to add a little more spice to the game. Prop bets!

DraftKing Sportsbook has a dizzying array of interesting prop bets for the game, so we’ll take a look at a few to try and get an idea of how the game may go.

First, a brief primer on the odds:

All the betting odds at North American sportsbooks are based around a bet of $100. A plus sign (positive odds) indicates your profit on a bet of $100, while a minus sign (negative odds) indicates the amount you would have to bet for a $100 profit.

So, a +200 line means that, should the sports bettor win, they receive $200 profit for every $100 they wager (plus their original $100 back). If the wager had a minus sign (i.e. -200), it would mean that the sports bettors will earn $100 profit for every $200 they wager.

Here are the bets to take.

Dak Prescott over 1.5 passing TDs (-230)

Okay, we admit the -230 on this bet is at a crazy level. But that just goes to show what a sure thing this bet is this week. For those who are willing to put some extra money out there for a sure return, this is the best to take. Prescott has been on fire at home, and it’s hard to see him getting under two touchdowns passes on the day. The Seahawks defense is weak against the run, but Prescott likes to get redzone touchdowns through the air. Take the easy money.

Brandon Cooks over 40.5 receiving yards (-115)

The Seahawks do a pretty good job on top receivers, but that leaves room for the other receivers to shine. Seattle will concentrate a lot of forces on slowing down CeeDee Lamb, leaving Brandin Cooks to benefit. Cooks has finally become the WR2 that Dallas envisioned when they traded for him, and this week he will go over the 40.5 receiving yards.

CeeDee Lamb under 83.5 receiving yards (-115)

This is related to above. Once Lamb went on his tear for several games, teams started to throw bracket coverage his way. His numbers have calmed down recently, but the offense still keeps humming. That’s because Prescott is spreading the wealth. We mentioned that Seattle does a decent job on WR1s, so we see Lamb going under 83.5 receiving yards.

Tony Pollard under 14.5 rushing attempts (-120)

This one is little counter-intuitive as we expect the Cowboys to run the ball well on Seattle. But Dallas generally doesn’t overload Tony Pollard with rushing attempts. Hitting 15 attempts doesn’t happen very often for Pollard, and Rico Dowdle seems to be sneaking into the mix more. We are going with the gut on this one and taking the under for Pollard.

Where do you stand on these prop bets? Which would you take? Hit the comments.

Those are only a small fraction of the prop bets available for the game. Check out DraftKings for more.

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