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2023 NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: Dallas Cowboys continue to rank among the best

Our latest NFL power rankings, including where outlets across the internet have the Dallas Cowboys.

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NFL: Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There is just one NFL game left in the month of November and it just so happens that our favorite team is set to play in it.

We have indeed reached December football (effectively speaking) which means the stakes are higher than ever before. With critical attention surrounding everything the next 30 days and change will offer performances that will dramatically shape the way that we view all sorts of people.

But how do we feel about them now? What is the current state of the NFL at this exact moment in time? As always we have put together our weekly power rankings of the entire league and collected how outlets across the internet view the Dallas Cowboys.

You can see last week’s rankings right here.

1. Philadelphia Eagles, 10-1 (LW: 1)

We are all very annoyed.

2. San Francisco 49ers, 8-3 (LW: 3)

Especially because we have to root for these guys.

3. Dallas Cowboys, 8-3 (LW: 4)

They are one of the best teams in the NFL. This is objective fact.

4. Baltimore Ravens, 9-3 (LW: 5)

Perhaps the most dangerous team in the AFC, but time will obviously tell.

5. Kansas City Chiefs, 8-3 (LW: 6)

Because it is not a smart thing to bet against Patrick Mahomes.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars, 8-3 (LW: 9)

They are turning out to be more than some flash in the pan. Sunday was fun.

7. Miami Dolphins, 8-3 (LW: 8)

Do we think the super high-powered offense is going to return? It feels like it has to for them to have a legitimate shot.

8. Detroit Lions, 8-3 (LW: 2)

Nobody is trying to discredit them, but it feels like there is a bit of a small gap between the top three teams in the conference and Detroit at the moment.

9. Cleveland Browns, 7-4 (LW: 7)

It feels improbable that they will be able to hold on, but their defense is amazing and Myles Garrett seems to be alright.

10. Houston Texans, 6-5 (LW: 10)

C.J. Stroud is so much fun to watch. Houston lost on Sunday, but they seem rather safe to make the postseason.

11. Buffalo Bills, 6-6 (LW: 11)

Thanks for nothing.

Seriously though, it is getting late very early here.

12. Indianapolis Colts, 6-5 (LW: 16)

Are we not giving Shane Steichen enough credit for what he is doing?

The Colts are a playoff team right now and their former coach just got fired midseason for the second year in a row.

13. Los Angeles Rams, 5-6 (LW: 20)

As someone with fantasy shares in Kyren Williams... please keep doing more of that.

14. Seattle Seahawks, 6-5 (LW: 13)

It is starting to feel like the wheels are falling off a bit.

If the Cowboys win on Thursday then this will be the party line on Friday morning.

15. Green Bay Packers, 5-6 (LW: 23)

Wouldn’t it be something if they made the playoffs given everything that has happened to the Jets? It is definitely possible.

16. Atlanta Falcons, 5-6 (LW: 29)

The potential hosts for Dallas in the Wildcard Round... it turns out using Bijan Robinson on offense can really help. Who would have ever thought?!

17. Denver Broncos, 6-5 (LW: 18)

It is truly amazing that they are now north of .500 given everything that has happened. Legitimate kudos to Sean Payton.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers, 7-4 (LW: 19)

I’m sorry but they just feel so much more hollow than their record suggests.

19. Los Angeles Chargers, 4-7 (LW: 14)

Always disappointing. Always in chaotic fashion.

20. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-6 (LW: 15)

It is such a bummer to watch them without Joe Burrow.

21. New Orleans Saints, 5-6 (LW: 17)

They are certainly in the mix in the NFC South, but their offense is never consistent.

22. Minnesota Vikings, 6-6 (LW: 12)

The Joshua Dobbs story was fun while it lasted.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-7 (LW: 24)

Are they in the mix? Maybe.

Do we really believe that? Probably not.

24. Las Vegas Raiders, 5-6 (LW: 21)

Kansas City spotted them 14 points and still won by two possessions.

25. Tennessee Titans, 4-7 (LW: 27)

It has been a weird season here.

26. New York Giants, 4-8 (LW: 26)

Keep pushing yourselves out of top 5 territory for the NFL Draft!

27. Washington Commanders, 4-8 (LW: 22)

The beneficiaries of Tommy DeVito in that sense.

28. Chicago Bears, 4-8 (LW: 30)

Thanks for the help!

29. Arizona Cardinals, 2-10 (LW: 28)

They are at least watchable with Kyler Murray back under center.

30. New York Jets, 4-7 (LW: 25)

No matter who is for them they are not.

I mean, how do you throw a pick six on a Hail Mary?!

31. New England Patriots, 2-9 (LW: 31)


32. Carolina Panthers, 1-10 (LW: 32)

Ultra yikes. 5 (LW: 7)

Into the top 5 here.

Dak Prescott is on a six-game heater, averaging 312.3 passing yards per game with an 18:2 TD-to-INT ratio. I am not sure he’s ever had a better six-pack of games at a more critical juncture for the team. A year ago at this time, Prescott was starting off an ignominious streak that would ultimately reach seven games with at least one pick. But ever since the humiliating loss at San Francisco back in Week 5, Dak’s dialed in this season. He’s at least an MVP dark horse at this point — and could end up taking home the hardware if the Cowboys go nuclear down the stretch. Now is the time for folks who decried Mike McCarthy taking over play-calling duties to start the season to offer up their mea culpa, as you couldn’t hope for much better results lately. Dallas hasn’t been in a conference championship game in almost 30 years. Could this be the season?

ESPN: 5 (LW: 6)

Likewise. They also included their Football Power Index rankings for each side of the ball.

Offense: 4

Defense: 4

Special teams: 11

When the season began, the Cowboys were going to be a defense-led team, but that has started to change with how the offense has come alive with Dak Prescott’s high level of play and Mike McCarthy’s playcalling. The defense is still top-notch, but the Cowboys have been able to put up points — the most total points per game in the league (31.55). It’s strange that special teams is ranked just 11th when Brandon Aubrey has not missed a field goal attempt and Bryan Anger is averaging 45 yards per punt. They have also returned a blocked field goal for a touchdown and blocked a punt. But these rankings have them among the NFL’s elite. — Todd Archer

USA Today: 5 (LW: 5)

Holding at 5 here.

Look who’s overtaken Miami as the league’s top scoring team at 31.5 points per game. Dallas has won a league-best 13 in a row at home and by an average of 29 points in this season’s five games at AT&T Stadium. But if “America’s Team” wants to play more than three more in North Texas, lot of work to do – starting with their next two guests, Seattle and Philadelphia.

Yahoo: 7 (LW: 7)

This outlet was not impressed enough to bump Dallas up.

They still have Miami and Detroit ahead of them.

Brandon Aubrey is a ridiculous story. He was a soccer player who, at age 27, took his shot as a kicker with the USFL’s Birmingham Stallions. He played two USFL seasons, got noticed by the Cowboys and earned a roster spot. The 28-year-old NFL rookie has made all 22 of his field-goal attempts, which easily outdistances the old NFL record of 18 straight made FGs to start a career. That’s a movie script.

CBS Sports: 2 (LW: 3)

The highest ranking for the Cowboys this week, right behind the Eagles.

They are surging right now, even if it isn’t against the toughest opposition. Dak Prescott is lighting it up.

The Athletic: 5 (LW: 7)

They were quite low on Dallas even just two weeks ago.

Dallas hasn’t been able to do better than regular-season rings for a while now, so there’s some understandable skepticism about this team, but the Cowboys are a very real threat. They lead the NFL in scoring margin (162). They are second in offensive EPA, third in defensive EPA and 10th in special teams EPA. Dak Prescott received PFF’s highest game grade (97) of any quarterback since 2007 for his Thursday performance. He has topped 300 yards passing and a 115 passer rating four times in the last five games.

Sports Illustrated: 6 (LW: 6)

Also trailing Detroit here.

In lieu of discussing this blowout, I am curious if, in the post-Jerry Jones NFL, is there a Thanksgiving 15 years down the road that doesn’t feature the Cowboys? I’m a traditionalist in a sense, but Dallas captured America’s attention at a different time. Something to think about I suppose. I bet DaRon Bland will still be posting ridiculous pick-sixes, though.

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