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Confidence in the Cowboys creeps up, playoff expectations rise a bit

Cowboys fans are pretty confident these days.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a little bit of a roll recently. They have been blowing out inferior competition and looking a like a complete team. Of course, if they had managed to punch the ball in on that final drive versus the Philadelphia Eagles a while back, things would be looking so much better.

As it is, the Cowboys are still chasing the Eagles in the NFC East and are fighting for the best playoff seeding they can get in the conference.

Given the current state of things, we first asked fans about their confidence in the direction of the team. It has taken a jump up from last week by over 10 points to 84%

With all that confidence in the team, we wondered what the expectations were for the Cowboys in terms of the playoffs. Specifically we asked how far they would go this year.

The biggest single group voted for a wild card/divisional round exit (46%), which is what the Cowboys always do. But, if you add the groups together that see a conference championship game or Super Bowl appearance for the team in this year’s playoffs, you get 52%. So the slight majority of fans see the Cowboys having a deep playoff run.

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