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Despite only being in Week 9 of the season, Cowboys at Eagles has extremely high stakes

Today should be fun.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys play their most important game of the season so far on Sunday, taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys (5-2) take on the Eagles (7-1) in Philadelphia on Sunday at 4:25 pm ET. A win for the Cowboys would set up the team in prime position to take the lead in the NFC East. While the win would only put them at six wins, it is important to note that the Eagles are resting the following week when the Cowboys face the Giants in week 10. This means if the Cowboys win their next two games, both them and the Eagles would be entering week 11 with a 7-2 record. The Cowboys would have the tie-breaker and would be first in the division.

The Cowboys are currently three point underdogs against the Eagles. While the Eagles have only lost one game this season, they have looked vulnerable at various points. Washington gave them a run in both of their games this season, and this Eagles team looks less dominant than last season.

Team owner Jerry Jones emphasized the importance of the game when he joined 105.3 the Fan on Friday.

I heard someone say, ‘Well, this will be a good measuring stick.’ This isn’t about measuring sticks right here. There’s a time when you have to quit measuring and just try to go get the win. Because the win itself means so much. This is what you’re supposed to be doing it all for. This is like the playoffs.

With the San Francisco 49ers losing their last three games, a Cowboys victory against the Eagles sets them up in a great position across the entire conference. After the Eagles game, the Cowboys host New York in Week 10, travel to North Carolina to play the Panthers in Week 11, and host the Washington Commanders in Week 12 on Thanksgiving. Assuming the team can handle business against the two inferior teams in the conference, the Cowboys could be sitting at 9-2 after Thanksgiving. Not only would they be 9-2 but they would have a 4-0 division record.

It is only week nine of the season and a lot could happen the rest of the way, even if the Cowboys can get a win in Philadelphia. However, they would be putting themselves in a very favorable position the rest of the season if they can come away with a victory on Sunday.

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