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Week 14 rematch: Schedule shapes up nicely for Cowboys, not so much for Eagles

The road to Week 14 is very interesting for both Dallas and Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys Set Number: X164454 TK1

"Time heals all wounds, but history never forgets." As it pertains to the 28-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, this quote definitely resonates with the Dallas Cowboys and their fan base alike. In time this unfortunate loss will be a distant memory, however, as of right now the wound is still fresh and will be difficult to forget anytime soon.

These two teams square off against one another about a month from now on December 10 in Week 14. This is a matchup they no doubt have circled on their calendars right now, but between now and then they still have business to take care of.

From now until December 10, the Dallas Cowboys have four games on their schedule before they meet the Philadelphia Eagles for the second time this season. The Eagles only play three times in that same stretch because they are on their bye week as of right now. The difference in the caliber teams each one plays though could prove significant.

For the Dallas Cowboys, they will only face one team who currently has a winning record, the Seattle Seahawks (5-3). The other three teams they play have only won a total of seven games combined; New York Giants (2-7), Carolina Panthers (1-7), Washington Commanders (4-5). There's a real possibility of going 4-0 before meeting up with the Eagles once again.

On the flipside, the Philadelphia Eagles competition is much stiffer than what the Cowboys will face over the next month. Coming off their bye week they will hit the road to play the Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) before playing back-to-back home games against the Buffalo Bills (5-4) and the San Francisco 49ers (5-3). Although they have two home games, this is a tough stretch for them and there's a real possibility they could go 0-3 during this time.

Let that sink in for just a little bit. Think for a second what a four-game win streak would do for the Cowboys confidence and what going 0-3 would do to the Eagles. Dallas would enter the Week 14 matchup playing on the highest of highs with the home-field advantage and the mindset of being able to get some revenge/payback. Whoa buddy!

If that wasn't enough, due to the competitive edge the Dallas Cowboys should have over there next four opponents they should continue to improve in every aspect of the game as a team. Offensively and defensively there are a few tweaks they can make to be even better and they should be able to make those kind of adjustments over the next month.

That would mean the Dallas Cowboys could be peaking at the perfect time to not only get the better of their division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, but also put together a strong playoff push on their journey to a potential Super Bowl. There's a lot that can happen between now and then, but it is something to ponder and get excited about.

Of course, this is all pure speculation. Anything and everything could happen over the next month. Injuries are always a concern as well as other things, however, this team is playing well enough right now where going undefeated over the next month is completely feasible. One way or the other, the stage is already set for what should be another intriguing/entertaining matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14.

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