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Mike McCarthy considering not practicing Tyron Smith during the week the rest of the season

A potential plan for Tyron Smith from Mike McCarthy.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys lost last week but in the process saw a lot of great things out of their team. One of the things from Sunday’s game that stood out was the throwback prime version of Tyron Smith. Dallas has obviously had issues with Smith over the course of the last few years now and they have all stemmed from an availability standpoint.

It has been noted many times that Smith has not played a full season since 2015 (which pre-dates Dak Prescott’s time by the way) but over the years the time missed has grown.

In the name of finding a solution many people have thrown out a number of potential ideas and it appears that the team may be willing to think a little outside of the box. Mike McCarthy mentioned on Wednesday that the team may not have Smith practice on Wednesdays or Thursdays over the rest of the season.

This was how the Cowboys operated last week, and as mentioned, Smith looked incredible in Philadelphia. It is obviously a risk to not have him practice in a general sense, but we all know that he is an elite player when fully healthy. It has always been the maintenance of his health that has been the issue.

Perhaps the Cowboys really do explore this path more, but at the very least the idea of trying it is interesting. If the goal is simply to get Smith to gameday, and this works, then it might be the best possible solution.

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