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Cowboys vs Seahawks Stock Report: Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb help pull Dallas to victory

Dak Prescott led the way in our stock report following Thursday night’s win.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Welcome to December. The Dallas Cowboys have nine wins to show for their work so far this season. The Cowboys have sent us all to bed happier than not 75% of the time here in 2023 as they boast a 9-3 record through 12 games. This is only the fourth time since the 1995 season that Dallas has won nine of their first twelve and the last two happen to be both last and this year. What we are in the middle of is rare for this franchise, people.

But just because it is rare does not mean it is easy or given, and Thursday night was a great example of that. Dallas had to scratch and claw for every inch (shout out Al Pacino) of their ninth win of the season and we are all grateful that they did.

As a result of the game’s back-and-forth-ness we have an even-steven stock report with five arrows pointing up and five headed due south.

Let’s begin.

Stock Up: Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is playing like the MVP of the NFL. And he might actually win it, too.

Thursday night saw chaos all over the Cowboys team but with one metronome that kept them in the game over and over - Rayne Dakota Prescott. All told Dak finished with three passing touchdowns and one yard shy of a flashy 300 in the box score, and he constantly willed the team to score and score and score.

It is true that he got help from offensive friends who we will mention, but in a game that got tense, the calming force that drove the Cowboys to victory was their franchise quarterback.

Stock Up: CeeDee Lamb

What is his contract extension going to look like? We are looking at a superhuman of sorts here. Another 100-yard performance, another touchdown and another series of incredible catches that moved the chains.

It is true that Lamb had a rare drop on fourth down that looked like it was going to seriously cost the team, but he had 17 targets (!) and is very clearly the catalyst for offensive drive and success. He has arrived.

Stock Up: Jake Ferguson

Speaking of, I will totally admit that I did not exactly believe in Jake at the beginning of the season. Serve me my crow. I’ll take it grilled, baked, deep fried, whatever.

While Lamb is the most dynamic weapon at Dak Prescott’s disposal, it is Ferguson who may be the most reliable. He has a tenacity that separates him from the other pass-catchers and doesn’t back down from any sort of moment. It was fitting that he caught the game-winning touchdown.

Stock Up: Brandin Cooks

Remember this time last year when the Cowboys were aching for any kind of help at the receiver position opposite Lamb? That Brandin Cooks has filled that void is so wonderful.

Cooks takes pressure off of Lamb in an obvious way, but he makes more than enough work out of the shares that he gets for himself. His speed provides a different element that opposing defenses have to account for which opens so many things up.

Stock Up: Osa Odighizuwa

If there was one defender who showed up from start to finish it was undeniably Osa Odighizuwa.

We are seeing Odighizuwa serve as a force defending the run and rushing the passer. He is providing everything we could have wanted from the middle of the defensive line and making the most out of the opportunities created by having Micah Parsons and DeMarcus Lawrence on the outside.

He may be the most underrated player on the team.

Stock Down: DaRon Bland

It’s hard to knock anyone for having difficulty guarding DK Metcalf, but goodness gracious was Thursday night not DaRon Bland’s finest hour. To his credit Bland battled back from what was arguably the worst first half that any cornerback has had this season and still hauled in his eighth interception of the season. That says a lot about his resolve and skillset, but it doesn’t take away from his mistakes.

Seattle was clearly targeting Bland which was part of what was so concerning. He seemed stuck in failure and couldn’t get out of it. Thankfully it didn’t wind up costing the team the game, but it sure came close.

Stock Down: Dan Quinn

Generally speaking there are not a lot of poor marks to give Dan Quinn, but this was a mess of a game from his side of the ball. And that is being kind.

It isn’t just that Quinn’s unit got worked by an offense that had been largely stagnant prior to Thursday night, it’s that they were also doing silly things like lining up offsides. We can live (relatively speaking) with penalties that are more subjective and a result of officiating, but how are you lining up offsides before the play even happens?

Recall that Quinn’s defense allowed 100% touchdown conversion when Dallas lost in Philadelphia. They are very, very, very good, but they certainly have their flaws and bit to work on over the mini-bye.

Stock Down: Donovan Wilson

The first Seattle touchdown (the DK Metcalf 73-yard house call) obviously had a lot to do with DaRon Bland, but also with Donovan Wilson falling for Geno Smith’s eyes. Wilson seemed lost in coverage and sort of represents the entire secondary in that sense. There was no cohesion, no organization and no substance. It was a disaster.

Stock Down: Dante Fowler

We already touched on the offsides penalties, but have to hold the guilty party accountable specifically.

Stock Down: Markquese Bell

There has been a lot of good football played by Markquese Bell as of late, but he seemed to fall victim to Geno Smith’s manipulation as well. All told the entire defense really struggled, but the middle of the unit left everything susceptible which is how the Seahawks were able to pick on it throughout the game.

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