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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Seahawks: ‘It’s a Zebra Circus!’

The Dallas Cowboys won on Thursday night which means it is time for something very special... TROLLING THE NATION!

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

It’s Victory Friday (yes, that’s a thing!) which means it’s time to take another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they watched the Cowboys outlast the Seahawks en route to a 9-3 record on the year.

It was a wild game with lead changes, big plays, and a mountain of penalties, but somehow Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback. Dallas was able to secure their current wild card seeding, while also keeping the pressure on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East race.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

Pre-Game and First Quarter
Seahawks Man, if Dallas does an Enemy Reaction, I'm sure our posts are about to be gold by the second quarter.
KentHawk27 | 19:44 EDT
49ers I hope Dallas puts the nail in the Seahawks coffin and then blows the doors off a shellshocked Philly team next week... and then loses every game thereafter!
psychofancy | 20:04 EDT
Seahawks Talked to my Football God this morning and was told Hawks would blow Dallas out. No fear.
TenTux | 20:12 EDT
Seahawks Man, Dak has so much time.
Sporkhead | 20:18 EDT
Seahawks To be fair, Dallas is looking crisp.
noelahg | 20:20 EDT
Seahawks Dallas marching down the field like there is no defense.
LOBmourner | 20:20 EDT
Seahawks Dak has enough time to make Thanksgiving dinner
Jom Gelborn | 20:20 EDT
Seahawks Pass rush is amazing. Almost did nothing
Jom Gelborn | 20:23 EDT
(9:13) B.Aubrey 30 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - SEA 0
Eagles Holding them to FGs will work.
ToddSK | 20:25 EDT
Seahawks 3 points, for the way it started, is not bad.
ArcticFoxWinter | 20:25 EDT
(7:37) G.Smith pass deep middle to D.Metcalf for 73 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 3 - SEA 7
Seahawks That was gorgeous.
ArcticFoxWinter | 20:30 EDT
Seahawks First time Dallas is behind this season at home.
lgfp | 20:31 EDT
Lions Nice to see Metcalf do that to someone besides us.
sprtn66 | 20:32 EDT
49ers Metcalf was running away from defenders like someone said Mooney Wards' name three times in a mirror.
gunner3477 | 20:32 EDT
Seahawks Dallas safety was thinking about something funny that happened in third grade. Dude was... not with it.
jose luis | 20:32 EDT
Eagles Crazy how fast DK is, he turned on the jets for that one.
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 20:33 EDT
Seahawks That was already more fun than I expected to experience in this game.
el hefty | 20:33 EDT
Giants I’d sooner stab my eyes out with pencils than watch Dallas.
Century Milstead | 20:34 EDT
49ers And all of sudden, Dallas is behind at home for the first time all season.
HolyRomanEmpire | 20:34 EDT
Lions Didja see those stats for Dak at home? The Lions just can't leave the division up to beating the Cowboys in Dallas.
Singledigit | 20:35 EDT
(5:35) PENALTY on SEA-T.Woolen, Defensive Pass Interference, 47 yards.
Seahawks I want to vomit.
noelahg | 20:38 EDT
(4:52) D.Prescott pass short right to C.Lamb for 15 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 10 - SEA 7
Eagles Hate to say it, CeeDee been playing like top 3 WR in league.
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 20:39 EDT
Seahawks Well, the lead was fun while it lasted.
kinsesu | 20:39 EDT
Seahawks If you can't stop them at 3rd and 16, you deserve what you get.
optimisticskeptic | 20:40 EDT
Seahawks I have Lamb on my fantasy team. I wish he had dropped that TD pass.
BruceNa | 20:40 EDT
Dolphins Interesting stat on how the Cowboys don’t do so well on grass. Should play well into our hands.
USMCFinzFreak | 20:43 EDT
They keep stopping to graze.
TheRoo1 | 21:37 EDT
Seahawks Declining that call was super disrespectful.
jose luis | 20:46 EDT
Seahawks Geno is throwing it babes!!! Like in his halcyon days in West Virginia.
Boozey McGee | 20:47 EDT
Seahawks The appalling disrespect of giving the Seahawks a 3rd and 7 over a 2nd and 19, I may never recover from that.
AnthonyFootballs! | 20:47 EDT
(1:01) SEA field goal is No Good
Seahawks Of course he missed.
noelahg | 20:49 EDT
Seahawks This has been a pretty good game, but this is where it can start snowballing if we don't stop them.
noelahg | 20:51 EDT

Second Quarter
Seahawks All in all not bad 10-7, should be tied. Much better than I was expecting.
PLeeM | 20:54 EDT
Seahawks After the 1st Quarter, NFL is probably patting themselves on the back for flexing Sea/Phil game.
HawkJuice | 20:55 EDT
Seahawks Can’t give up 40 points and win this game.
BeHappy1 | 21:00 EDT
Seahawks Pete doing a number on that gum tonight. No mercy.
DannyTartabullsOnParade | 21:01 EDT
Seahawks Lamb killing us.
Simple Jakk | 21:01 EDT
Seahawks Cowboys haven’t beaten a team with a winning record, eh? Luckily they’re facing us.
btownfritz | 21:02 EDT
Seahawks You could create a holographic Pete and go 9-8 forever.
jose luis | 21:03 EDT
(11:40) D.Prescott pass short left to B.Cooks for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 17 - SEA 7
Seahawks Too easy.
Cad | 21:04 EDT
Seahawks Of course. Blitzed Brooks and Dak throws right into the space he left.
PLeeM | 21:05 EDT
Seahawks Oh cool, Wagner covering a fast receiver, how could that fail?
ConcussionProtocol | 21:05 EDT
Seahawks They can do that all day if they want.
Mr Twelfman | 21:05 EDT
Patriots Cowboys look like they could put up 40 tonight.
DrDunk | 21:06 EDT
Seahawks Can’t stop 3rd and long, can’t stop on 4th and short, can’t stop the run, can’t stop long passes, can’t stop short passes…This is just sad.
BullsFan2206 | 21:07 EDT
Seahawks Well at least it was one fun quarter. I enjoyed the DK TD. Let me stop here before I have another emotional breakdown.
IWentToJared | 21:08 EDT
Seahawks Hey look DK dropped a pass!
Spokanetitandad | 21:10 EDT
Metcalf = Stone Hands.
Ranger275 | 21:10 EDT
That was outside DK's catch radius of between the numbers.
Jonetwo | 21:11 EDT
Eagles If the Seahawks win I'm going to buy Pete Carroll a months supply of Bubble Yum, he'll probably go through it in a week.
el aguila | 21:11 EDT
Rumor has it, he’s been chewing the same piece of gum for 30 years.
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 21:12 EDT
Seahawks I wish we had Dallas' OC.
GP20 | 21:14 EDT
We did
sunjay | 21:14 EDT
We used to....
spinerush | 21:14 EDT
(8:56) Z.Charbonnet up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 17 - SEA 14
Seahawks Charbs gets his TD!!
IWentToJared | 21:15 EDT
Seahawks I got Charb-On-It.
tcook | 21:15 EDT
Seahawks They got a red zone TD? How?
Jom Gelborn | 21:15 EDT
Seahawks Thank you penalties.
spinerush | 21:15 EDT
Seahawks Even if we lose, this is the most fun I'm having in the last 4 weeks.
lgfp | 21:16 EDT
Seahawks I feel like I need to reset. This game is going as well as possible. Dallas is moving the ball and scoring because they're good. Take away stupid, drive killing penalties and our offense can be effective.
uwhusky1991 | 21:19 EDT
Seahawks OMG, can we ever stop them?
SteveLargent | 21:20 EDT
Seahawks What a clinic.
SteveLargent | 21:21 EDT
Seahawks Dak's "here we go" sounds like me getting my kids to school in the morning. "Get your shoes on!!! HEEEREEE WEEE GOOOOO."
jose luis | 21:22 EDT
Seems like that would be easy to jump.
Cad | 21:23 EDT
They sack me constantly.
jose luis | 21:24 EDT
Seahawks The Cowboys hardly ever get to 3rd down.
LOBmourner | 21:25 EDT
Packers Difference in this game is the pass rush. One team has one (DAL), the other team doesn't (SEA).
MCAction | 21:26 EDT
Steelers Geno Smith will have a good career as a voice actor after he retires. But, for now, his chatter is annoying.
FearTheBeard5559 | 21:26 EDT
Seahawks I’m not sure we’ll get a single stop all game.
mrubin718 | 21:26 EDT
Seahawks I bet if Dallas fumbles the ball on 3rd and very long, we could stop them.
Jom Gelborn | 21:27 EDT
Eagles Dak looks so good when he's confident it's scary. We're gonna have to rattle that when we play them in two weeks and it'll be an easy W.
AshlynnTroy | 21:28 EDT
Seahawks Has Dallas scored on every possession?
SteveLargent | 21:30 EDT
IWentToJared | 21:30 EDT
Simple Jakk | 21:30 EDT
Legends speak of a drive that was held to a field goal at least.
btownfritz | 21:31 EDT
Jets For my money Dak Prescott>Hurts.
JerseyJet24 | 21:32 EDT
Seahawks People [dump] on Dak, but watch him make all those reads in that compilation. He's a quality starter.
djafrot | 21:32 EDT
(1:33) B.Aubrey 31 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 20 - SEA 14
Seahawks Gonna take the lead by half, calling it now. This is a great game, despite the defensive futility.
djafrot | 21:36 EDT
Djafrot, can you keep your optimism to yourself please? It's infectious.
IWentToJared | 21:37 EDT
Seahawks Fortunately Dallas is playing like the Seahawks in the red zone otherwise this could be really ugly already.
sas1969 | 21:37 EDT
49ers The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders get all the notoriety but what about Seattle's?
no_such_thing_as_nothing | 21:38 EDT
Lions Parsons is a menace.
golionsgo | 21:39 EDT
Eagles Cowboys RT can be the reason the Cowboys flop in the postseason
phillyphanatic10 | 21:41 EDT
Seahawks All this football is getting in the way of the yellow flag show.
OldPeculiar | 21:44 EDT
Seahawks Find someone that loves you as much as Dallas loves jumping every single snap.
ConcussionProtocol | 21:44 EDT
Lions I cannot put into words how much I hate the Cowboys.
Braamer | 21:50 EDT
Falcons Wow, DQ's defense is getting flagged on seemingly every other play. Looks like our defense during the DQ years.
FalconFanMainer | 21:50 EDT
(:07) G.Smith pass short left to D.Metcalf for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 20 - SEA 21
Seahawks DK!!!!!!!!
Cad | 21:50 EDT
Seahawks DK!!
neutronium | 21:50 EDT
Seahawks Bengals fan here. How many times do y'all need to score a TD before the refs will let it stand?
Eagles Hawks just scored three times there. The league office is throwing a hissy fit cause they had to finally award them a TD.
Revenge of Weapon X | 21:52 EDT
Seahawks How many times do they need to score for it to stick?
Detsports | 21:52 EDT
Seahawks We should get all 3 touchdowns.
Kazhole | 21:52 EDT
Eagles McCarthy always looks like he’s disgusted by all the stupidity around him, when he’s the one who allows it all.
YouCannotBeSerious | 21:53 EDT
Seahawks Is everybody ok? Nobody overboard? We gots a game folks!!!
Boozey McGee | 21:53 EDT
Broncos 200 yards of penalties in the first half, it’s a zebra circus.
CSBronco | 21:57 EDT

Third Quarter
Seahawks Hey guys, we HAVE THE LEAD AT THE HALF!
MooseHawk | 22:06 EDT
Seahawks We need a soul-sucking, 18-play, 10-minute drive for a TD.
dt dt | 22:07 EDT
Eagles McCarthy ended the sideline interview early so he could get back to eating crayons.
Revenge of Weapon X | 22:09 EDT
Seahawks Kinda fun to watch a game where there's a 50% chance the penalty is NOT on us.
OldPeculiar | 22:12 EDT
49ers McCarthy looks flustered.
BennyNiner | 22:13 EDT
(10:05) G.Smith scrambles up the middle for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 20 - SEA 28
Seahawks There we go Geno!!!!!!!!!
PLeeM | 22:15 EDT
Seahawks BOOOOOOOM!!!!
scrumbag | 22:15 EDT
IWentToJared | 22:15 EDT
OldPeculiar | 22:15 EDT
Seahawks You guys. The real reason we are winning is because I accidentally put on non-matching socks today. These babies are staying on until February.
IWentToJared | 22:17 EDT
Staple them to your legs.
neutronium | 22:17 EDT
Super glue. Staples can be pulled out.
PLeeM | 22:18 EDT
Eagles Dallas loses and we also get Shaq Leonard....
jeagles05 | 22:18 EDT
Seahawks Time for the defense to join the game.
80'sHawksfan | 22:18 EDT
Eagles As much as I love seeing this, this makes me more nervous about playing in Seattle. We really need to beat SF or Dallas.
CyclingGeo | 22:19 EDT
Eagles I hope this isn’t the version of the Seahawks we face in a couple weeks.
macvicta | 22:19 EDT
Steelers I think I may hate literally every single thing about the Cowboys. Their colors coaches player jersey logo fans cheerleaders owner tradition. All of it, all the way through to my soul.
RenoSteelersFan | 22:20 EDT
Cheerleaders are their only good thing.
Yinzer. | 22:20 EDT
Cheerleaders are stupid. They were good in the ‘80s when I had their calendar nailed to my wall but stupid since.
RenoSteelersFan | 22:21 EDT
Now your wall is full of clocks instead...
BBnG | 22:34 EDT
It is. Really. They are everywhere.
RenoSteelersFan | 22:34 EDT
I’d rather have cheerleaders than a bunch of clocks.
Yinzer. | 22:35 EDT
Pshaw. Amateur.
RenoSteelersFan | 22:36 EDT
Lions Both of these teams should just incorporate yellow into their uniform colors... The flags, the flags.
Braamer | 22:21 EDT
Seahawks I like it when D linemen make tackles. It's so rare.
LOBmourner | 22:22 EDT
Seahawks Like my stomach, soft in the middle.
dt dt | 22:23 EDT
Seahawks You get a flag! And you get a flag!
singingintherain | 22:24 EDT
Seahawks Theres been more dirty laundry in this game than in my son's room.
DadBodTod | 22:24 EDT
Seahawks It's like the refs saw Dallas and Seattle were the highest penalized teams in the league, and said "Hold my beer".
noelahg | 22:25 EDT
49ers If you are familiar with the stock market then you'll recognize what Seattle is doing tonight as your typical "dead cat bounce". It won't last past next Sunday, especially because they are playing *checks notes* OH would you look at that, they are playing the Niners.
JSing | 22:28 EDT
49ers The conspiracy theorist in me thinks these refs were told by Amazon to throw a ton of flags to extend the game run time.
Djo719 | 22:28 EDT
Jets Biggest ref show I’ve ever seen.
DMAC17 | 22:29 EDT
Seahawks Honestly, refs aren't even biased. Just absurdly trigger-happy. Let them play.
CornDog472 | 22:29 EDT
Seahawks We'll show them who leads the league in penalties!
DadBodTod | 22:30 EDT
(3:46) T.Pollard right end for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 27 - SEA 28
Seahawks Dallas does it.
Jonetwo | 22:32 EDT
Seahawks Sloppy game. 17 combined accepted penalties and I didn't see any egregiously bad calls. The refs certainly don't have to call it this tight though.
vilanye | 22:33 EDT
Seahawks Why wouldn't they go for two? That seems dumb.
mrzebra | 22:33 EDT
Seahawks Time to play defense with your hands behind your backs so you dont get called for anything.
spinerush | 22:34 EDT
"Chinning, defense. Automatic first down."
EmonOkari | 22:36 EDT
49ers I went to grab a beer at the commercial break and got flagged.
HolyRomanEmpire | 22:35 EDT
Illegal movement to the fridge!
Derekjallen | 22:36 EDT
Well he did leave his couch cushions uncovered, so illegal formation!
no_such_thing_as_nothing | 22:37 EDT
Its true, I didn't report to the ref as an eligible drinker.
HolyRomanEmpire | 22:38 EDT
Lions So far 17 penalties for 217 yards. This what is known as flag football?
57lion | 22:36 EDT
(3:02) G.Smith pass short right intended for T.Lockett INTERCEPTED by D.Bland
Eagles Game.
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 22:37 EDT
Eagles Bland is crazy… like he might be better than Diggs.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 22:37 EDT
Seahawks Picked by Bland... of course.
PLeeM | 22:37 EDT
Rams Easy call to go for 2 points there but I guess McCarthy feels he has too much brain to go for no brainers.
danielhart64 | 22:38 EDT
Seahawks The out routes are the ones that Bland has feasted on and that Geno has struggled to throw. Just a terrible idea.
PLeeM | 22:39 EDT
Seahawks Need to hold them to a FG here.
Nshima | 22:39 EDT
Jets This dude has an interception in 4 straight games.
J-Cubed | 22:41 EDT
(1:08) 4th-and-2: D.Prescott pass incomplete short right to C.Lamb. Turnover on downs
Seahawks Phew. A stop. TO on downs.
Mad Dog 64 | 22:43 EDT
Seahawks Heck yeah!
Sea-duckie | 22:43 EDT
Seahawks Why wouldn't they take the lead? What is going on?
go_huskies | 22:43 EDT
Seahawks Well thank you Dallas for refusing to try to win this game.
Lambduh | 22:44 EDT
Steelers Dak Prescott's cadence cracks me up. "Yeah! Here we go!"
BBnG | 22:46 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Seahawks Can you win the game in the 4th quarter?
Cad | 22:49 EDT
Saints The offenses in this game are a painful reminder of just how bad our offense really is.
BRwhodat | 22:50 EDT
Seahawks Protect your hearts, everyone.
MrFrogs | 22:50 EDT
Seahawks This game has been, despite all the freakin' penalties, WAY more entertaining than we had any right to expect.
srhare | 22:50 EDT
(14:22) G.Smith pass short left to D.Metcalf for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 27 - SEA 35
Seahawks DK is having a night!
sas1969 | 22:52 EDT
Cad | 22:52 EDT
49ers It's been over 30 years since Steve Young led the 49ers in the first ever NFL game to feature no punts by either team. Don't look now, but this game hasn't seen a punt yet.
Mr_JF | 22:55 EDT
Raiders We didn't draft Cee Dee Lamb. Outsmarted by Jerry-overpay-Jones, that one hurts.
TimKerr | 22:57 EDT
(11:27) B.Aubrey 38 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 30 - SEA 35
Seahawks So many flags you can't see the field, leads to a field goal.
Zak Venturo | 23:00 EDT
Seahawks We need at least one more TD.
Jom Gelborn | 23:00 EDT
Eagles What's the playoff scenario where Dallas has to play at SF in the wild card round? That's what I want to happen.
Revenge of Weapon X | 23:03 EDT
Seahawks We need 7 this drive. Can't count on clean defense for us.
Dmadgrass | 23:23 EDT
49ers Only like 100 more yards of penalties and they break the record.
Derekjallen | 23:05 EDT
Eagles Cowboys fans are on the BTB game chat thread, right now, talking trash about the Eagles while they are losing to the Seahawks.
newt10 | 23:07 EDT
Seahawks Need another 3rd down conversion
Hawkcrazy.taxspecialist | 23:07 EDT
Chiefs Dallas has been so talented and so poorly coached for so long it would be excruciating being a fan of theirs.
jdklks | 23:08 EDT
Seahawks We are 81 percent on 3rd down this game so far.
Zak Venturo | 23:09 EDT
Seahawks Come on Pete go for it.
PLeeM | 23:09 EDT
Seahawks 4th and 1. Ugh.
Cad | 23:09 EDT
Seahawks Gotta go for it
DannyTartabullsOnParade | 23:10 EDT
(7:08) 4th-and-1: Z.Charbonnet for no gain (D.Lawrence). Turnover on downs.
Eagles It was less than a yard. Have Geno fall forward.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 23:10 EDT
Seahawks Oh no.
jose luis | 23:10 EDT
Seahawks I can't breathe.
IWentToJared | 23:10 EDT
Steelers What do these teams have against punters?
kdsteel | 23:11 EDT
Seahawks Good time for a turnover.
Nshima | 23:11 EDT
Seahawks It’s Lamb every play.
Joe Pancake | 23:15 EDT
Seahawks No flags for over 3 minutes.
Jom Gelborn | 23:15 EDT
Seahawks Might want to defend against that Lamb guy.
noelahg | 23:15 EDT
Seahawks Do we just not know that Cee Dee is good?
singingintherain | 23:16 EDT
Seahawks Assuming they score, we're going to have time going back the other way.
PLeeM | 23:16 EDT
(4:41) D.Prescott pass to J.Ferguson for 12 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 36 - SEA 35
Seahawks Ferg got Adams.
Jonetwo | 23:18 EDT
Seahawks Can’t give em 2 here.
SaltyOldVet | 23:18 EDT
(4:41) TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. D.Prescott pass to B.Cooks is complete. ATTEMPT SUCCEEDS.
DAL 38 - SEA 35
Seahawks Adams gave up the TD AND the 2pt conversion.
twelfth monkey | 23:18 EDT
Seahawks Alright Geno. 4:30 left, let's go down get a TD and get this win.
PLeeM | 23:19 EDT
Seahawks 3-point game, plenty of time to score and you all are about to slit your wrists.
jim.t.mitchell | 23:21 EDT
Seahawks I know people are mad at our safeties, but Lamb is putting up an absolute clinic tonight on Woolen.
Riles206 | 23:22 EDT
Seahawks We never stopped Dallas once from scoring, so if we are gonna win this game, we'd better do it with leaving no time on the clock.
SouthKoreaDave | 23:23 EDT
We did stop them once on 4th.
MooseHawk | 23:23 EDT
(3:16) 4th-and-4: G.Smith pass incomplete to J.Smith-Njigba. Turnover on downs.
Seahawks That's that.
Cad | 23:25 EDT
Seahawks That's game.
MooseHawk | 23:25 EDT
Seahawks Ah well. I hate the Cowboys.
Frostbite43 | 23:25 EDT
Eagles Get ready for the Cowboys Superbowl contender talk
Fly Like An Eagle | 23:27 EDT
Eagles Dallas will drop one of their remaining games at least. Could have been tonight, oh well.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 23:28 EDT
Seahawks In hindsight, we should have punted at the 4th&1.
lgfp | 23:28 EDT
Seahawks They threw the ball? Thank you very much. This is not over at all.
PLeeM | 23:32 EDT
Seahawks Dak just gave us a chance?
lgfp | 23:32 EDT
Seahawks Honestly Dallas *should* go for it here.
Joe Pancake | 23:33 EDT
Seahawks Watch him miss it.
btownfritz | 23:33 EDT
Seahawks Alright offense, you know what you need!
sas1969 | 23:33 EDT
Eagles Mike McCarthy clock management. Just when I was heading up to bed…
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 23:34 EDT
Seahawks Go decision was worth +5.9% WP. Impressive stuff from McCarthy.
FortyThreeEight | 23:34 EDT
Jets Imagine if we drafted Cee Dee Lamb instead of Bec-TON .
Huge Jets Fan | 23:35 EDT
Imagine if we drafted half decent players in any year besides 2022.
GangreneNation | 23:40 EDT
(1:46) B.Aubrey 32 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 41 - SEA 35
Dmadgrass | 23:35 EDT
Packers Is McCarthy going to choke it away to hurt GB yet again?
Wiedmann | 23:37 EDT
Seahawks Let’s get the first down please.
Mr Twelfman | 23:37 EDT
(1:11) 4th-and-2: G.Smith pass incomplete [M.Parsons]
Seahawks Three chances for two yards. I just can’t.
Jmiles1978 | 23:38 EDT
Seahawks Decided not to block Parsons at all? What the heck is that?
PLeeM | 23:38 EDT
Seahawks Didn’t block their best player!
Joe Pancake | 23:38 EDT
Seahawks Perhaps block the BEST DEFENDER ON THE FIELD.
neutronium | 23:38 EDT
Seahawks Parsons completely unblocked, what a joke.
twelfth monkey | 23:38 EDT
Seahawks How do you not block the best player in the league?
NovaHawk | 23:38 EDT
Lions Letting Parsons come unblocked is not a winning play.
positivebob | 23:39 EDT
Panthers We could have drafted Parsons instead of Horn.
OptimistPanther | 23:39 EDT
Seahawks Depressed.
go_huskies | 23:39 EDT
Seahawks It's fine, this Micah guy isn't that great.
AestheticsInMotion | 23:39 EDT
Lions Ridiculous, Parsons unblocked.
1951LION | 23:40 EDT
Seahawks So new HC, OC, and DC
GoalDigger | 23:42 EDT
Seahawks Burn it to the ground. Fire Carroll, Schneider, OC and DC. Bench Geno. Cut Geno. Cut all the dead weight. We deserve a reset.
GeneralHawk | 23:42 EDT

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