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Cowboys vs Eagles: Writer predictions for prime time rivalry rematch

Can the Cowboys split the series and stay alive in the NFC East race?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The NFL has to love how the schedule has shaken out for this game. After both games last year in this heated rivalry between the Cowboys and Eagles saw a backup quarterback starting for one team, the league is now set for its second duel of the season between Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts. This time, both quarterbacks enter among the top three in MVP odds for a Sunday Night Football battle.

The game also has massive implications for the divisional race. While neither team can clinch the NFC East with a win, things could change dramatically. Right now, the Cowboys have just a 17% chance to win the division, per New York Times’ playoff simulator. A win over the Eagles boosts those odds to 24%, but a loss would see that number dwindle to less than 1%. The stakes couldn’t be much higher, but what do our writers think will happen?

When Philadelphia has the ball

Win on early downs

It’s no secret that the Eagles are one of the most aggressive teams when it comes to fourth-down decision making. They have the 12th most fourth-down attempts and lead the league with a 73.7% conversion rate, with much of that featuring the unstoppable tush push. The first time these teams met, the Eagles converted 50% of their third downs and both of their fourth-down attempts.

By now, it’s pretty evident that the Cowboys - or any team, really - cannot stop the Eagles when they run the tush push. The answer, then, is to create negative plays on first and second down to prevent the Eagles from getting into situations where they can be aggressive and use the highest percentage play in football. If the Cowboys can win those early downs, they should stand a chance at getting Jalen Hurts off the field.

When Dallas has the ball

Be aggressive. Be be aggressive.

It always helps to be aggressive, but against a team like the Eagles it becomes imperative. Mike McCarthy has generally been an aggressive coach, as the Cowboys are near the top of the league in early-down pass rate, deep throw rate, and optimal fourth-down decision making. But the Cowboys need to match the Eagles’ level of aggression in order to have a shot.

For the most part, Dallas did that in the first game: they went for it on fourth down two more times than Philadelphia and had a sky high 64.5% early-down pass rate in the game. And the Cowboys offense played well enough to be in the game right up until the end. They’ll need to replicate that performance, and hope the defense can come up with a few more stops than they did last time.

Now onto the predictions from your BTB writers...

Tom Ryle (8-4):

Whew, this is a big one. The Cowboys can tie the Eagles in the NFC East, although who will win the division depends on how both finish out their seasons, and the Eagles have a much easier final four games. But this one is important for Dallas to finally silence the critics about them not beating any really good teams.

I think they will not only do that, but win by at least ten. Frankly, I refuse to even consider the possibility of a loss to Philadelphia, despite how real it is.

Tony Catalina (11-1):

Put me in the “I would love to be wrong category.” This Cowboys team absolutely can beat the Eagles. They’re playing better, their QB is better, and their defense despite last weeks bump in the road is better.

All that being said - when it comes to a game of this magnitude I need to see it before I can predict it. Until they win this type of game I have a tough time predicting that they will.

Give me the Eagles begrudgingly, 33-30.

Matt Holleran (10-2):

This game really feels like it will be a crossroads for Dallas’ 2023 season. If they beat Philadelphia, they have a legitimate shot at winning the division and potentially getting the NFC’s No. 1 seed. If they don’t, they will be wild card bound at best and no one will be able to truly believe they could beat Philly in a potential playoff matchup.

This games going to be close, but with the way Dak Prescott is playing right now I’m not picking against the Cowboys. Dak and the offense lead the way in a high-scoring matchup that is decided in the last minute.

Give me the Cowboys, 30-27.

Matthew Lenix (9-3):

I feel like the Dallas Cowboys will control this game at the line of scrimmage defensively, forcing some quick, unsuccessful drives for the Philadelphia Eagles offense, and setting up Dak Prescott to continue his MVP level play. I see the Cowboys also getting a few turnovers as well.

It will be a close battle for the most part, but Dallas pulls away late and wins 34-24.

Mike Poland (9-3):

The Cowboys are on a 14-game winning streak at home, the longest winning streak currently in the NFL. The Eagles, on the other hand, haven’t won a game in AT&T since 2017. To make matters worse, what the Cowboys are excelling in, the passing game, is what the Eagles struggle with the most.

The Cowboys currently lead the NFL in passing touchdowns, where the Eagles rank second-worst in passing touchdowns allowed. Let’s keep this going shall we. The Cowboys rank first on offense in points-per-game, the Eagles defense rank eighth-worst in points allowed.

The NFC East sees a change at the number one spot this weekend when the Dallas Cowboys claim victory and win 34-28.

Brian Martin (9-3):

I’m expecting another close, hard-fought game with plenty of trash talk back and forth, much like it was in Week 9 when both of these two teams met for the first time this season. The Eagles may have lucked out the first time around, but I think the Cowboys get the better of them this time. They’re much better team playing at home then they are on the road and I think that will be the difference this week.

Cowboys win 34-30.

RJ Ochoa (10-2):

Obviously this is a terrifying game for the Cowboys as it carries such big implications one way or another. I am at a place where I am more than willing to trust them, even in tenuous moments, so I will do so here.

Give me Dallas in a game that is close but that they put away near the end along the lines of 37-27.

David Howman (8-4):

When the Cowboys were the road team, I picked them to win the game. Even though they lost, I felt vindicated. That’s because they played well enough to win, but a few key plays all went the Eagles’ way, namely recovering three of their own fumbles and Terence Steele having the worst game of his career.

I’m not expecting the Eagles to turn it over five times or Steele to look like the second coming of Rayfield Wright, but I also don’t expect the Eagles to get as lucky as they did last time around. Combine that with this being played in AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys are winners of 14 straight, and I like their chances of getting revenge.

Cowboys win 38-28.

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