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NFC Playoff Picture: Dallas Cowboys lead NFC East after big win over Philadelphia Eagles

For the first time since early in the season the Dallas Cowboys have the lead in the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys vanquished the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night and this is one that is going to taste good for a while. On top of humbling a division rival and stretching their home-game winning streak to 15 games, the Cowboys did something significant by beating Philly in that they overtook them for the lead in the NFC East.

This information comes with a caveat. While Dallas leads the division at the moment, the Eagles still control their own destiny. With regards to who will earn the coveted caps and t-shirts if the Eagles win out then the NFC East is theirs based on their remaining schedule. Dallas still needs to see their rivals lose another game, assuming they don’t drop anymore themselves which is admittedly a bit bold.

Note that the Green Bay Packers do not play until Monday night.

As a result of Sunday though, the NFC playoff picture has seen a massive shakeup elsewhere as well. We were all grateful that the San Francisco 49ers won in Philly last week, and they were similarly rooting for the Cowboys on Sunday night because, well, they now hold the top seed in the conference and have control of their destiny.

Across the rest of the conference, the Detroit Lions had their own humble pie to eat as they lost on the road against the Chicago Bears. It will be rather interesting to see what things look like in the NFC North if the Green Bay Packers win on Monday night.

If Dallas does wind up not winning the division then they will very likely enter the postseason as the top wild card in the conference (a fate Philly shares if Dallas does manage to pry the division away from them). Whoever holds that spot will in all likelihood visit the winner of the NFC South in the first round, and as a result of their win on Sunday that is currently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they took down the Atlanta Falcons.

The Cowboys did not clinch a playoff spot in Week 14 but will very likely do so in the immediate future. Again, there is obviously a lot of work left for them to do, and it starts with a huge two-game road trip visiting the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, but beyond that they are still looking to other teams to help them out.

But how about that win?

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