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10 thoughts on the Cowboys breezy 33-13 win over the Eagles on Sunday night

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Eagles on Sunday night and we have some thoughts on everything that happened

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have now won five consecutive games after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 33-13 on Sunday night. The Cowboys scored on their opening drive and never took their foot off the gas. At the moment, the Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East, and we’ll make sure we enjoy it. Here are ten thoughts on the Cowboys Sunday night win over the Eagles.

1. 30 FOR 30

We are kicking this thing off by talking about how awesome Brandon Aubrey is because the guy just continues to amaze. The Cowboys’ rookie has extended his perfect field goal-kicking season to 30 consecutive makes to start his NFL career. That’s remarkable.

What’s even more impressive is that he’s keeping that streak going with some big kicks. Three times on Sunday night he made a kick of at least 50 yards, including both a 59- and 60-yarder, a feat that’s never been done before. What can we say, the guy is amazing. As Cris Collinsworth said, his FG range is the state of Texas. Aubrey even hit the crossbars a couple of different times during kickoffs. The dude is mega-accurate and he’s just showing off now.


The Eagles entered this game as the fourth-highest-scoring team in the league. They are top 10 in yards gained and only one other team has gained more first downs than the Eagles offense (it’s the Cowboys). But on this night, this highly-efficient offense couldn’t find the end zone. That’s right. For the first time all year, the Eagles' offense failed to score a touchdown. The defense did get a touchdown after Dak Prescott was strip-sacked and the ball was recovered by Jalen Carter and taken 42 yards for the score, but as far as the Eagles offense went, no soup for them!


The Eagles offense did move the ball into Cowboys' territory a few different times but it was just a tease as they would end up putting it on the turf multiple times. Whether it was Jalen Hurts getting his bell rung, A.J. Brown getting stripped, or DeVonta Smith getting sandwiched, the Eagles' ball carries kept losing their grip. Three times the Cowboys' defense delivered strong blows that forced a fumble that put a stop to an Eagles scoring drive.


The Eagles made a concerted effort to get their star receiver the ball as A.J. Brown was targeted 13 times in this game. While Brown did finish with nine catches for 94 yards, it could’ve been much worse if it wasn’t for the play of Stephon Gilmore. The veteran corner was all over Brown and even when the receiver caught the ball, Gilmore was on him quickly to bring him down. Gilmore finished as the Cowboys leading tackler with nine tackles, all solo.


If there was an area of frustration, it would be that the Cowboys continue to make miscues and draw flags. Dallas was flagged seven times for 60 yards in the game. Fortunately, that paled in comparison to the 10 penalties for 95 yards that the Eagles got rung up for. It was weird seeing Philly get tagged so many times as they usually bring in good favor from the officials, but not on this day. They even got two penalties enforced on one play after a facemask/pass interference was called on Eagles rookie cornerback Kelee Ringo.


This one will get swept under the rug, but great job by Mike McCarthy to call a timeout after Micah Parsons sacked Jalen Hurts to force a 2nd-and-long late in the second quarter. The Eagles were in great shape to get back-to-back possessions and get themselves back into the game. McCarthy’s clock management allowed the Cowboys extra time to settle for a field goal score a touchdown on their ensuing drive. It’s the little things that matter and McCarthy was on top of things in this one.


It was another strong performance from the Cowboys' second-year tight end Jake Ferguson. He was eluding arm tackles and jumping over defenders again. He compiled five catches for 72 yards. He was the Cowboys leading receiver on this day out-gaining CeeDee Lamb by a single yard. It was the second-straight game that Ferguson has reached 70 yards receiving as he continues to become more and more a part of this offense.


The Cowboys appear to have come out of this relatively unscathed, but they did lose one of their key defenders in the second half when veteran defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins exited the game with an ankle injury. We’ll know more information later, but early reports are that it isn’t anything severe. Hankins’ play is easy to take for granted as he’s a big piece of the Cowboys' interior defensive line. Gell well soon, Johnny boy!


The Cowboys rushing attack will show 138 yards at just 4.3 yards per carry, which was a solid effort. The nice part about it is that it showed a nice balance between Tony Pollard and Rico Dowdle. Pollard had 16 carries for 59 yards and Dowdle had 12 carries for 46 yards. They even used Dowdle at the goal line which yielded a touchdown after a challenge reversed the initial call of being short of the goal. It’s good to keep these guys fresh with a good mixture of each back and they allowed the Cowboys to burn some clock as they executed a positive game script.


Cowboys punter Bryan Anger finally got some action after never kicking the ball last week against Seattle, however, he only punted the ball once. Over the Cowboys' first 11 games, Anger punted at least twice in each contest, but now he’s gone two games without punting twice in a game. But hey, when the offense is always scoring, there isn’t much need for a punter. The Cowboys scored seven times on Sunday night, marking three straight games with at least seven scores. Not punting is fun.

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