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Monday Night Football picks and live discussion: Titans at Dolphins, Packers at Giants

The final games of Week 14 in the NFL feature the Titans at Dolphins, and Packers at Giants on Monday Night Football. We have picks and predictions.

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The final games of Week 14 in the NFL feature the Tennessee Titans at the Miami Dolphins, and the Green Bay Packers at the New York Giants.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook the Dolphins are 14-point favorites over the Titans, and the Packers are 6-point favorites over the Giants.

This is an open thread for game chat.

Let’s see how the BTB staff picked the games.

Here are their thoughts on why they made their pick.

Dave Halprin: The Dolphins are just a much better football team than the Titans, And they are at home so take the Dolphins to win, but the Titans to cover. In the other game, the Packers will pull out a very close one that will allow the Giants to cover.

RJ Ochoa: It is very difficult to imagine a world where the Giants do not embarrass themselves. I cannot believe that we have to sit through another one of their games on primetime, but it is what it is. Give me the Packers in a comfortable win along the lines of 23-10.

Miami has the potential to turn things on offensively at any moment in time and right now the Titans do not appear to be able to turn anything on at all. Tennessee has shown an ability to hang tough at times in a weird way though, but I just can’t see it happening. I’ll take the Dolphins to the tune of 27-19.

Matt Holleran: The Packers are riding high after two impressive victories over the Lions and Chiefs. The Giants come into this matchup riding their first two-game wining streak of the year, but I think they are due for some regression in this game. Green Bay held Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense to just 19 points last week, so they should have no trouble slowing down a Tommy DeVito led Giants’ offense. Give me the Packers to win big, 24-13.

Since Week Eight the Titans are averaging just 18 points per game. That puts them in a very tough spot tonight against a Dolphins team that has scored the second-most points in the league. I think Tennessee keeps this thing close until Miami pulls away in the third quarter. Give me the Dolphins, 26-17.

Tom Ryle: It is getting so hard to pick games. If I think a team will win, they wind up flopping, it seems. If I go against my first instinct, however, the game goes exactly the way I would have thought. Sigh. In any case, the Packers are fighting to stay in the wildcard equation while the Giants are just playing to build something for next year. I will take Green Bay despite really waning New York to show us something to make us think they can take on the Eagles.

The teams are in similar positions over in the AFC MNF tilt, only Miami is still in the hunt for the 1 seed. Plus, the Fins are at home. I don’t think the Titans will be much of a challenge, and the game in two weeks for the Cowboys looks to be another barn burner if the Dolphins keep winning, which I think they will.

David Howman: Call me crazy, but this seems like a game that’s ripe for an upset. The Titans have always been a physically imposing team, even now as they go through a bit of a rebuild. The offense has taken steps each week under Will Levis, and this Miami defense is vulnerable in spots. I see Tennessee getting into a fist fight with Miami and coming out on top by the skin of their teeth, something like 28-25.

The Packers have been rolling lately, but so have the Giants. New York won two straight, with Tommy DeVito looking confident, before heading into their bye week. I think they can score some points and their defense can make life hard on Jordan Love, with homefield advantage playing a big part here. I’ll take the Giants winning 21-18.

Brian Martin: Despite winning their last two games I don’t have much confidence in the New York Giants against the Green Bay Packers in this MNF matchup. Green Bay is playing some really good all-around football right now and I just can’t see the Giants being able to keep pace with them. I’ll take the Packers by two scores.

I still don’t know quite what to make about the Tennessee Titans this year. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand has been one of the better teams in the entire league this season in large part due to their explosive offense. Because of that I think the Dolphins will easily handle the Titans on MNF and win by at least two touchdowns.

OCC: I am beginning to believe the Jordan Love story. Never for one second bought the Daniel Jones story. Packers by 20+.

Sometimes, it’s just fun watching how good other teams are, and to be able to see Tua and Tyreek play is just delightful. For Tennessee, it’s going to be a fortyburger of sadness in Miami.

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