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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Eagles. ‘This Cowboys kicker is an animal!’

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles and we are celebrating with... TROLLING THE NATION!

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It’s Victory Monday, which means it’s time to take another leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys crush the Philadelphia Eagles to the tune of 33-13.

You probably can’t help but feel a certain Schadenfreude for Eagles fans as you read through what they and other fans said and thought as they watched the Cowboys put the game out of reach early.

At some point while reading the comments, you might even feel a slight sting of pity, but you’ve got to work through that. After all, Eagles tears are the sweetest tears.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Eagles This is going to be a blow out one way or the other. Hoping it goes our way.
Negadelphia Norm | 00:59 EDT
Steelers Hoping for a dalLOSS in a high scoring track meet.
NAS204PSU | 20:04 EDT
Commanders Gotta root for Dallas tonight. We need them to have something to play for against us in the final game.
Demj | 20:12 EDT
When they beat us 70-9?
ShahShahS21T | 20:57 EDT
49ers Want to see an “overtime” game with Cowboys winning. Beat da crap out of each other for 5 quarters!!!!
BigMar | 20:16 EDT
Steelers I think the SB winner will be out of the NFC this year. This game could very well be a preview of the NFC championship game.
Kyjake | 20:18 EDT
Packers The Eagles will probably take out last week's loss on the Cowboys.
WCBadger | 20:19 EDT
Yeah, I don't think this game will be close.
Wiedmann | 20:22 EDT
Agree. If it was a regular Sunday game, it'd probably be cut away to a more competitive game at halftime, like Vikings-Raiders.
TheGhostofaFan | 20:50 EDT
49ers Still trying to get this Cowboys jersey on me, it's been really difficult so far.
bignerd | 20:19 EDT
Eagles I am suited up and ready to switch to a different TV in the house at a moment's notice if things start to go south.
GTMoskoff | 20:19 EDT
Saints Eagles defense has been porous for a month. Eagles are going to have to score, and often.
whatwasthat | 20:20 EDT
Eagles I can't wait for TTN this week. It's gonna be great!
JJ for President | 20:21 EDT
Eagles Were going to come out with a 44-6 level beating! Am I serious? Yes. Should I probably be drug tested? Most likely, yes. Do I recognize that? Also yes.
theuncoveredlamp | 20:22 EDT
Eagles Everything on the line. Eagles need to take this. If this team is what we think they are, they are going to go in there and win.
jXn | 20:23 EDT
49ers Cowboys coach on the sideline less than one week after an appendectomy? That's insane!
Brn2bwild | 20:24 EDT
Steelers And some Dallas fans want a new QB. I always say I’ll trade ya.
Pittsblitz56 | 20:25 EDT
Lions Dallas moving the ball at will so far.
LionsTACKLE!!! | 20:25 EDT
49ers Turpin looks like he's 5'6 135lbs.
marinfrs | 20:26 EDT
49ers Eagles D line and secondary soft and overhyped.
Saint of Killers | 20:26 EDT
Eagles Defense already getting blown off the line of scrimmage and giving up chunk plays.
nononono | 20:26 EDT
Eagles I don’t believe the nonsense Bosa said about a blueprint to stop Hurts. But there is clearly a blueprint to attack the middle of this defense. Middle of our defense is cream-filled softness, like a Twinkie.
KyngJimbo | 20:27 EDT
Eagles When do we get the ball..?
JohnnyNight | 20:28 EDT
After they score.
RBHeadge | 20:28 EDT
Steelers Must be something to have an offense.
The Gif Sgt | 20:30 EDT
49ers Cowboys have been playing very well the past few weeks, Cee Dee Lamb and Dak especially.
RaikkFan | 20:30 EDT
(10:00) D.Prescott pass short left to C.Lamb for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 7 - PHI 0
Eagles Man, it is time to admit this team is [so] overrated [it could fall up a tree]. This defense is cooked, Hurts has been sucking. Stick a fork in them.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 20:31 EDT
Eagles This defense is embarrassment to the city.
ToddSK | 20:31 EDT
Eagles Gonna be a shootout. Relax.
conquense | 20:32 EDT
Unfortunately we don’t shoot back.
Ksugunner | 20:32 EDT
Lions That’s what’s missing in Goff, he can’t get out of the pocket and extend the play and make accurate throws while on the move.
Forellma | 20:33 EDT
Eagles Sirianni is to blame as well. No [friggin'] adjustments, the team is stagnant and can't do [jack]. I'm so over his "yelling on the sideline" schtick, look at how the team is playing.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 20:33 EDT
Eagles Not a single blitz on that drive. Dak once again shreds the defense.. he is so comfortable playing against Philly it's really embarrassing.
Joey0210 | 20:34 EDT
Dolphins Eagles overpower Dallas.
heatforlife | 20:35 EDT
Eagles Brilliant......lineup with an empty backfield, nobody knows what's coming lol.
MrOilman | 20:36 EDT
Eagles Dude, Hurts, what are you doing, trying to hold the ball until 2024???
insaneeaglesfanatic | 20:36 EDT
Eagles Maybe those pregame notes - "the one player we can afford to lose track of is Lamb - make sure you cover everyone else" were wrong?
Limey2020 | 20:36 EDT
Eagles Nobody is afraid of this team. Everybody coming out way harder than us. Our defense is Charmin.
phillyphanatic10 | 20:40 EDT
Lions Well. What do you know... if pressure comes from the edges, you can actually climb the pocket and look downfield!!!
golionsgo | 20:42 EDT
49ers Bosa: "Here's a blueprint." Dallas: "Lol, we can't read."
no_such_thing_as_nothing | 20:42 EDT
Steelers Eagles have collapsed.
Yinzer. | 20:43 EDT
Eagles Hurts continues to be trash, and the idiot homers will continue to trash me for trashing on Hurts.
slashsnake | 20:43 EDT
(5:42) J.Hurts FUMBLES (D.Wilson), RECOVERED by DAL-D.Wilson at DAL 21.
Eagles And the obligatory Hurts fumble.
eagleonmars | 20:43 EDT
Eagles Hurts has butterfingers. Dude fumbles all the [ever-loving] time.
(Un) | 20:43 EDT
Dolphins Can't stand the Eagles coach, don't know why.
Orchids_of_Asia_VIP | 20:44 EDT
He’s a doosh. Really enjoy seeing them lose so that smug look is wiped off his face.
CoJo11 | 20:45 EDT
A lot of people think his face is so punchable lol.
Orchids_of_Asia_VIP | 20:46 EDT
Top 3 most punchable face of a head coach of all time lol. He’s honestly the perfect coach for that franchise. He matches those obnoxious fans lol.
CoJo11 | 20:49 EDT
49ers Jalen Hurts has butterfingers!
kentathuesen | 20:44 EDT
Eagles Get the turn over right back…. If we go down 14, we’re gonna abandon the run like some schmucks.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 20:44 EDT
Eagles Jalen Hurts is not the reason the Eagles win. They win in spite of him. It’s literally obvious every week.
PhiladelphiaDucks | 20:44 EDT
Eagles Went to the QB run too many times. When I do that in Madden, my QB always fumbles.
ddunlapjones | 20:45 EDT
axmanchops | 20:45 EDT
Eagles Dak is way too comfortable, not a single blitz yet.
Joey0210 | 20:48 EDT
(5:06) 3rd & 9: D.Prescott pass deep right to C.Lamb to DAL 48 for 26 yards (B.Roby).
Eagles Is the gameplan to cover everybody BUT Lamb?
zeeterus | 20:48 EDT
49ers Lol kicker off the street and we spent a high pick for Miss-Em Moody
falseintellect | 20:49 EDT
Eagles It's the same exact thing every time and they can't figure it out. I'm absolutely lost at what I'm watching.
Nullington_Void | 20:49 EDT
Eagles They have one guy to stop, and he's always open.
jXn | 20:49 EDT
Eagles Don't worry, they'll go for it. They're good for it right over the middle.
Nullington_Void | 20:50 EDT
Eagles I would go for it too.
DougPsBurner | 20:50 EDT
Commanders Philly defense is looking familiar to ours.
murtd1 | 20:51 EDT
Eagles Ran it right up our [tushie] on 4th down.
ClayBidwell | 20:51 EDT
Eagles Remember when we were all excited about Carter and Davis? Can't stop the run.
Fly Like An Eagle | 20:52 EDT
Eagles 3rd and 17.. right where they want us
conquense | 20:52 EDT
(1:39) 3rd & 17: D.Prescott pass incomplete short left to M.Gallup.
PENALTY on PHI-D.Slay, Defensive Pass Interference, 15 yards, enforced at PHI 47 - No Play.
Eagles It could be 3rd and 40 and I'd expect Dallas to convert.
Relocated_astro | 20:53 EDT
Eagles There's 'big play Slay' at it again.
slashsnake | 20:53 EDT
Eagles Slay put his arms completely around him.. so dumb.
JohnnyNight | 20:54 EDT
49ers This Philly defense is crumbling before our eyes, their secondary and linebackers have been bad all year but even their D Line is nowhere near what it was last year.
coveman | 20:55 EDT
49ers All of a sudden, the Chiefs and Eagles are getting called on all the penalties they’ve been committing for years.
Sticks49 | 20:56 EDT
Eagles This is a train I don't think we can stop.
Eagles13 | 20:56 EDT
Eagles Every Cowboy receiver going "where's the flag....this is ridiculous"
BoilerGrad2005 | 20:57 EDT
And then there is Cox flopping every other play looking for weak holds.
MisterFerro | 20:58 EDT
Eagles 60 yd kick, good Lord, he is going to get it, isn't he?
insaneeaglesfanatic | 20:57 EDT
(0:50) B.Aubrey 60 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 10 - PHI 0
Packers [Wow], that would have been good from almost 70.
Wiedmann | 20:57 EDT
Eagles Unfurling real.
axmanchops | 20:58 EDT
Eagles What a kick.
ryrytheslyguy1776 | 20:58 EDT
Eagles That would have been good from 70.
Phillypimpslapnu | 20:58 EDT
Eagles This defense looks like old ladies jumping out in front of a speeding bus.
Mrcogburn | 20:58 EDT
49ers How much for the kicker?
Derekjallen | 21:00 EDT
Eagles Hopefully we can make another tough 60-yard drive and turn the ball over.
BandK | 21:00 EDT
Bills Dang...Mike McCarthy might have the biggest balls to pull off a gutsy decision like that. A 60-yard FG...and Brandon Aubrey (Who has never played college football in his life) makes it. Most NFL coaches wouldn't dare do that with the kind of field position they're on. But holy crap...that was something.
hawk7401 | 21:01 EDT

Second Quarter
Eagles This has to be a TD drive. Or game will spiral out of control.
GMAN2017 | 21:04 EDT
Eagles 3 and out.
nybridevils | 21:05 EDT
(14:54) (4th & 2, Punt formation) B.Mann pass O.Zaccheaus to DAL 39 for 28 yards
Eagles Omg!!! Creativity!
axmanchops | 21:06 EDT
Eagles Fake punt!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gwaihir | 21:06 EDT
Eagles How is this team still not ready to play. Ridiculous.
gophili | 21:09 EDT
Eagles How did a team that was built for run blocking become so bad at run blocking?
Bleedgreen93 | 21:09 EDT
By not running.
bkeagle718 | 21:12 EDT
Eagles All of a sudden our sure-handed receivers are dropping balls?
BADDAD_007 | 21:09 EDT
(12:34) PHI 52 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 10 - PHI 3
Eagles MVP Elliott.
MrOilman | 21:09 EDT
Eagles In 3 minutes: 17-3.
nybridevils | 21:10 EDT
Eagles Our best quarterback is our punter.
zeeterus | 21:10 EDT
49ers Imagine Philly loses today and next week in SEA. Would be magnificent.
NinerGuy81 | 21:11 EDT
Eagles So our best offensive play was called by our Special teams coordinator.. got it!!!
rabram17 | 21:11 EDT
Steelers Dallas offense is smooth.
The Gif Sgt | 21:13 EDT
Eagles Defense is not gonna hold too long against Dak.
rob80 | 21:13 EDT
Giants So if Philly loses tonight do we still have to listen to all of the Hurts apologists with the 'He's not healthy' excuse making, or can we just call him for what he is - a limited QB who needs to follow a very specific game plan to have success?
Cttribe73 | 21:14 EDT
Eagles Not only do I hate Dallas, but I have never hated a QB cadence more than I hate Dak Prescott’s right now.
NoClearRecovery | 21:15 EDT
Dolphins This Dallas offense gonna be a handful for us.
Orchids_of_Asia_VIP | 21:16 EDT
Steelers I hate the Cowboys.
Yinzer. | 21:17 EDT
You’re a Steelers fan, goes without saying.
SNW | 21:18 EDT
Eagles Cowboys just doing whatever they want against this defense.
EaglesArmy | 21:17 EDT
Eagles Just a slow death at this point. Their offense is marching at will. And our offense gets cute and can't sustain drives.
jXn | 21:17 EDT
Commanders We are a long way from the talent level of both these teams.
shally | 21:18 EDT
49ers Dak is legit looking more comfortable against pressure. Nice sense of pressure, steps into pocket, eyes downfield. He keeps this up, Dallas is gonna be a problem in January.
GoNads79 | 21:18 EDT
49ers 2023 Eagles one of the top ten most overrated teams of all time.
Saint of Killers | 21:18 EDT
Jets I thought the Eagles reputed inability to tackle in the back seven was overstated, I may have been wrong.
GreenSince69 | 21:19 EDT
Eagles This team is slowly imploding in front of our eyes. The offense is miserable.
VickT | 21:19 EDT
Eagles Having two rookie coordinators is finally catching up to us. The league has caught on, exposed us, and we can't adjust.
phillyphanatic10 | 21:19 EDT
Packers Just when I thought I couldn't hate Dallas any more, YEAH HERE WE GO.
Michael V Herndon | 21:20 EDT
Giants We took Bellinger seven spots ahead of Jake Ferguson. That's great.
dviswr20 | 21:20 EDT
Eagles They gonna score the tush push on us? That's messed up.
ryrytheslyguy1776 | 21:20 EDT
(6:14) R.Dowdle right guard to PHI 1 for no gain. Dallas challenged the short of the goal line ruling, and the play was REVERSED. R.Dowdle right guard for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 17 - PHI 3
Eagles Tush push TD.
ryrytheslyguy1776 | 21:20 EDT
Eagles That’s going to be a TD.
KyngJimbo | 21:21 EDT
Eagles That is a TD.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 21:21 EDT
Eagles I don't know if there's enough evidence to overturn this. Ah, who am I kidding, they probably will say TD.
Gwaihir | 21:21 EDT
49ers I don't think they overturn here but he was in, Eagles still insanely lucky.
Saint of Killers | 21:22 EDT
Eagles Give credit to McCarthy, he's got that offense humming.
jXn | 21:24 EDT
Eagles We've invested a stick of chewing gum and a ball of lint in the LB, safety and slot corner positions. Throw in unoriginal play calling and aged corners and it's pretty predictable.
MustbeaVulcan | 21:24 EDT
Eagles Have to count on Dallas slacking off thinking game is already won..
JohnnyNight | 21:25 EDT
Eagles Hurts gonna die if he's not careful.
Gwaihir | 21:29 EDT
49ers I’m damn surprised to learn that since the Dallas Cowboys hired Bill Parcells in 2003, they only have 4 losing seasons. That’s in the zip code of consistency that New England and Pittsburgh have experienced, just without championships and deep playoff runs.
CV93924 | 21:31 EDT
Eagles Dallas has indeed bloodied Philly’s nose.
Mrcogburn | 21:32 EDT
Eagles The Eagles HAVE to get a TD here. They can’t settle for a FG.
nononono | 21:32 EDT
Eagles Can someone re-make the burnt toast meme with basically the entire defense.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 21:34 EDT
Giants Makes me sick we passed on Micah Parsons when the entire community knew he'd be worth it. I never understood the trade down when we had him in our grasp.
Giantstep | 21:35 EDT
Eagles Hurts has the pocket presence of a lawn chair.
Some Kat | 21:35 EDT
Eagles Both coordinators are going to get fired. Siriani's seat is getting warm too.
euphronius2 | 21:35 EDT
49ers Well, I like this blueprint also.
ninerminer | 21:36 EDT
49ers Lane Johnson is a false start machine! Every damn snap. They've called it maybe once and never last week...
carpe | 21:36 EDT
(1:48) PHI 44 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 17 - PHI 6
Eagles At least we scored!
Gwaihir | 21:36 EDT
Eagles I fear what's coming in the next minute or so.
OhioEaglesGal | 21:36 EDT
Eagles Another blowout coming.
Gingersnaps33 | 21:36 EDT
Eagles Gee, is that what a blitz on 3rd and long looks like?
micronesianpaul | 21:37 EDT
Eagles How do you not have a hot route for that obvious all out blitz that everyone could see coming.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 21:37 EDT
Eagles Hey you think you're mad now? Wait till the Giants beat us.
Nullington_Void | 21:38 EDT
Eagles Worst 10-2 team I’ve ever seen.
(Un) | 21:38 EDT
Eagles Dallas will go right down the field.
EbbyCalvinLaLoosh | 21:38 EDT
Giants He’s not saying ‘Yeah, here we go.’
He’s saying, ‘Yeah, Philly blows.’
Cttribe73 | 21:42 EDT
Eagles MM wanting that cheeseburger now that the appendix is out.
Mrcogburn | 21:43 EDT
Eagles Two penalties on the same player. But did he at least break up the pass? No.
eoos | 21:44 EDT
Eagles Nick Sirianni about to feel what it’s like when the honeymoon is over in Philly.
rabram17 | 21:45 EDT
Eagles Sirianni is A LOT less likeable when we are sucking.
Packers Maybe we should have cut out McCarthy's appendix in 2014?
TheGhostofaFan | 21:46 EDT
Eagles I predicted 31-6 at half. Off by a TD.
nybridevils | 21:47 EDT
Eagles Prescott looks like Marino.
Mrcogburn | 21:48 EDT
Eagles Everyone calm down. I am sure we will get a field goal on the first drive of the second half.
Eaglenation22 | 21:48 EDT
Dolphins Philly looks like they’re wearing down for the playoff push.
Wildfin22 | 21:49 EDT
49ers I hope Dallas completely demoralizes Philly this game and they go on a big losing streak.
psychofancy | 21:50 EDT
Eagles At this rate, I'm afraid our 42-19 loss is about to be eclipsed by 52-19.
Sea Lion | 21:50 EDT
We aren't scoring 19.
Some Kat | 21:51 EDT
Eagles Chiefs fan here, I’m just here because misery loves company.
ReggyReg | 21:50 EDT
49ers BGN meltdown in progress.
2017IsTheYear | 21:51 EDT
49ers Dallas is running circles around the Eagles.
kentathuesen | 21:51 EDT
Bills Dallas is good. We better be ready to score some points next week.
mike.couch.75 | 21:52 EDT
Eagles Imagine falling to 10-3 and being the worst team in the league. What a joke.
kknight5282 | 21:52 EDT
(0:20) D.Prescott pass short left to M.Gallup for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 24 - PHI 6
Eagles Plenty of time for a pick six for Dallas. Come on
Nullington_Void | 21:54 EDT
Eagles The Eagles are going to get DESTROYED by the national media tomorrow. And rightfully so. Because they’ve been completely exposed as being frauds. This team is NOT a legit SB contender. They are way way WAY worse than last year’s team.
nononono | 21:54 EDT
End of Half
Eagles Well I have better things to do with my time but I'll still read the hilarious comments.
RVS053063 | 21:56 EDT
49ers BGN losing it, it's hilarious in there.
Markel100 | 21:57 EDT
Eagles Grow up people. The game is not over. Tired of all the constant negativity on the board during games each week. You’d never know the Eagles were 10-2 based on how most of you are constantly so negative.
IrishSteve | 21:57 EDT
birdy | 21:58 EDT
Eagles The league has caught up to Sirianni's offense. It looks boring and predictable compared to the top teams in the NFC (SF and DAL). No motion, lack of running creativity, etc...He needs to adjust and throw in some wrinkles for the playoffs.
PHL2PDX | 21:58 EDT
Eagles Mahomes whining about flags at the end of the game is hilarious.
EaglesFanatic80 | 22:00 EDT
Eagles The good news is, Dallas is known for 2nd-half collapses. I predict we will win 41-34.
Sea Lion | 22:00 EDT
Giants It’s that time of year when I go visit the Bleeding Green Nation comment section and take it all in.
Madhops | 22:01 EDT
Eagles Mahomes complaining about a call at that point in the game? Are you kidding me lol???
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 22:01 EDT
49ers Watching Mahomes cry just makes this day so much better!
Smalls_forever | 22:02 EDT
Eagles I don't think we should be counting the next 4 games as wins.
Eagles13 | 22:04 EDT
Eagles Bottom line is this team has failed the “eyeball test” for a heck of a lot longer than the last 2 weeks. Things are coming home to roost now
HoosierNovaDeac | 22:04 EDT
Eagles Cowboys told the Niners, "Hold my beer"
BADDAD_007 | 22:05 EDT
Eagles Nick Sirianni is Jason Garrett on Adderall
BandK | 22:05 EDT

Third Quarter
Eagles Hurts fumble on opening drive just set the tone!!
TheDisciple | 22:08 EDT
49ers Only thing that's pissing me off with this Eagles beat-down is all the Dak MVP talk is gonna be pumped up.
Markel100 | 22:09 EDT
Eagles Wow, a Swift run. Is this real life?
Gwaihir | 22:10 EDT
Eagles I nearly had a heart attack from shock at a Swift run.
theuncoveredlamp | 22:10 EDT
49ers How is it that Micah Parsons can get sooo much push on Lane Johnson, but Bosa cannot???
BigMar | 22:13 EDT
Eagles Bosa must have been correct when he said there's a blueprint to beating the Eagles.
RagsToRigginsIsBack | 22:13 EDT
49ers Broadcast shows Lane Johnson vs Micah Parsons highlights. Good on Johnson that he didn’t do any egregious holds and only kinda false started once in those highlights. But he also didn’t exactly win any of the highlights (except the one where he had Parsons in a headlock).
smathis | 22:14 EDT
(13:31) J.Hurts pass to A.Brown . FUMBLES (S.Gilmore), RECOVERED by DAL-D.Clark at DAL 37.
Eagles And another fumble...
RobTheEaglesFan | 22:14 EDT
49ers That’s it Cowboys, take their soul!
ninebyninerwest | 22:15 EDT
Eagles Every play they're going for the rip cuz they know these clowns can't hold on to the ball.
denver eagles fan | 22:16 EDT
Eagles A Stop !! Amazing !!!
ClayBidwell | 22:17 EDT
Eagles A stop!! Xmas came early.
Jet27 | 22:17 EDT
(12:02) DAL punts
Saints Man I’m not going to be able to take these Cowboy fans this week.
Oreck Vincent | 22:18 EDT
Eagles To all the haters who thought the Eagles would give up 11 straight scoring drives, I bet you feel dumb now that we know the cap is 10.
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 22:20 EDT
Gwaihir | 22:20 EDT
Got 'em
Relocated_astro | 22:20 EDT
Eagles We might actually lose the division. Cowboys are peaking at the right moment.
VickT | 22:20 EDT
49ers Just scrolling through Twitter it seems like everyone but Chiefs fans have turned on Mahomes for being a whiny little baby.
Saint of Killers | 22:21 EDT
Eagles Phunk. New meme is born
Tom Nicholson | 22:21 EDT
The Philly Phunk
BADDAD_007 | 22:21 EDT
Eagles Mahomes crying about a call at halftime has been the high point of this game so far.
MustbeaVulcan | 22:22 EDT
Eagles Oh look a Blitz… and it works.
Bigdaddy40 | 22:22 EDT
(11:01) PHI punts
49ers Dear Lord, please don't ever make us cheer for the Cowboys ever again.
1776 or bust | 22:23 EDT
49ers Skip is going to be insufferable tomorrow lol.
Gaiacreation | 22:23 EDT
Eagles Cowboys are going to embarrass this team and put up a lot of points.
el aguila | 22:23 EDT
Did you mean to post this in the 1st quarter thread, Nostradamus?
PhillyInMKE | 22:24 EDT
Eagles Leonard probably wondering if he should’ve waited another week to make his decision.
Gingersnaps33 | 22:26 EDT
49ers Before AI becomes our overlord - but after it becomes smart enough to solve novel problems - I would like a way to mute the "here we go".
no_such_thing_as_nothing | 22:27 EDT
(10:41) D.Prescott sacked at DAL 39 for -6 yards (F.Cox). FUMBLES (F.Cox), RECOVERED by PHI-J.Carter for 42 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 24 - PHI 13
Eagles Whoooooooooo, let's go!!!!!
Gwaihir | 22:27 EDT
Jarvin Driftwood | 22:28 EDT
Sea Lion | 22:30 EDT
Eagles Good thing I have plenty of Miller Lites!
BrotherlyLuv24 | 22:35 EDT
To celebrate!
jeagles05 | 22:36 EDT
To drown sorrows.
BrotherlyLuv24 | 22:36 EDT
Eagles We just let CD run free.
micronesianpaul | 22:37 EDT
Eagles Ah yes, let's let Cee Dee Lamb run uncovered in the field on a crosser on 3rd and short. GREAT [MARVELOUS] PLAN.
Relocated_astro | 22:37 EDT
Eagles Good blitz call, better execution by them.
MrOilman | 22:38 EDT
Dolphins Dallas has a heck of a TE group.
72Phins4ever | 22:39 EDT
49ers Refs had to step in and keep the Eagles in the game once again.
Saint of Killers | 22:40 EDT
Ain’t called the Refereagles for nothing.
smathis | 22:40 EDT
Eagles 3rd and long...close my eyes.
micronesianpaul | 22:41 EDT
(6:05) 3rd & 15: PENALTY on DAL-T.Biadasz, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at PHI 33 - No Play
Eagles 3rd and really long...closing eyes again.
micronesianpaul | 22:42 EDT
Eagles The further it gets, the higher the odds of conversion
Relocated_astro | 22:42 EDT
(4:49) B.Aubrey 59 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 27 - PHI 13
Eagles I mean, well within this crazy dude's range.
Relocated_astro | 22:43 EDT
Eagles [Bless] this kicker.
Eaglefarts | 22:43 EDT
Eagles Aubrey is [gloriously] unreal. 29 consecutive FGs to start his career?
Sea Lion | 22:44 EDT
Eagles This Aubrey is cutting these long kicks right down the middle.
KyngJimbo | 22:44 EDT
Eagles Is there a position where the Eagles have the advantage over the Cowboys?
Paul Douglas "Doug" Collins | 22:44 EDT
Shady54 | 22:45 EDT
RootForTheLaundry | 22:45 EDT
Bills This Cowboys kicker is an animal. He kicked a 61 yarder and a 59 yarder tonight. I can’t even see 59 yards.
Bobo Bill | 22:45 EDT
Commanders Aubrey pretty impressive tonight.
1052skins | 22:46 EDT
Dolphins When you tell Philly to shove it they really take it to heart.
72Phins4ever | 22:48 EDT
Eagles TD here and it is a new game.
TheDoctorisrealin | 22:48 EDT
Eagles FG's dont matter anymore it's TD or bust.
Joey0210 | 22:49 EDT
Eagles Go for it.
ClayBidwell | 22:50 EDT
(0:25) 4th & 8: J.Hurts pass to D.Smith to DAL 29 for 1 yard (S.Gilmore). Turnover on downs.
Steelers I miss the days when we could blitz like that and get pressure.
The Gif Sgt | 22:51 EDT
Eagles Apparently, throwing for 2 yards when you need 11 on 3rd down is the new META. Same on 4th down.
zeeterus | 22:51 EDT
Eagles Who called that play?
949kman | 22:51 EDT
Eagles Never mind what I said about momentum.
el aguila | 22:51 EDT
Eagles Steph Gilmore has been dominant in the secondary.
KyngJimbo | 22:51 EDT
Eagles Why can't Jalen understand a blitz is coming?
jabberb | 22:51 EDT
Because if you make him actually play QB, he isn't good
Some Kat | 22:51 EDT
Eagles Getting kinda tired of Jalen’s moping resting face
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 22:52 EDT

Fourth Quarter
49ers Philly's ego is writing checks their team can't cash.
RockieDad | 22:53 EDT
Eagles Dallas hired a real defensive coordinator and we have Desai.
HammerofThor34 | 22:54 EDT
Eagles The Eagles are in free fall.
reverse-reverse-reverse | 22:54 EDT
Eagles I know we are ticked at the coordinators, but at some point Nick needs to own this mess.
Eagles13 | 22:55 EDT
Oh it is definitely his fault since he brought these guys in to run his team.
MandoloKal | 22:56 EDT
Meh. It's really Howie's fault. Howie needs to sign off on it when the bottom line comes.
slashsnake | 22:57 EDT
They worship Howie in these parts.
ddunlapjones | 22:57 EDT
Steelers Cowboys scheme open slants/crossers, and use their TE in the middle. Who would’ve thought?
FantasyFanatic7 | 22:58 EDT
Saints Looks like somebody solved the Eagles puzzle. Sorry that it’s the Cowboys.
Philistine | 22:58 EDT
Eagles And Geno Smith put up 35 against them lol.
MrOilman | 22:58 EDT
Lord, he’s gonna whoop our [patootie] next week isn’t he?
eagleonmars | 23:00 EDT
My point, genius, is that Geno put up 35 against the Dallas defense and your wonderboy Jalen has 6.
MrOilman | 23:03 EDT
Eagles Prescott is 1-2-3 drop, ball out, and on time.
denver eagles fan | 22:59 EDT
Eagles Already in FG territory.
Relocated_astro | 23:00 EDT
Eagles [That delightful fellow] Ferguson is a monster.
Starkad2! | 23:01 EDT
Sea Lion | 23:02 EDT
(9:40) B.Aubrey 45 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 30 - PHI 13
Eagles That dude might not ever miss.
ClayBidwell | 23:03 EDT
Eagles Gonna be a long week listening to Cowboys fans at work.
Always Hurts | 23:07 EDT
Eagles Somewhere in LA, Carson Wentz is laughing.
Starkad2! | 23:08 EDT
At a mirror.
Phillysf | 23:09 EDT
Eagles Anybody else tired of Dak alway lighting up the Eagles, they do nothing to make him uncomfortable.
Joey0210 | 23:08 EDT
Eagles Old [honorable] Gilmore shutting down AJ is pathetic.
Simple Jakk | 23:10 EDT
Eagles Gilmore is good as [a Fredericksburg peach] man… older than Slay too.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 23:10 EDT
Lions The Lions play the Cowboys in Dallas? Ouch.
Singledigit | 23:12 EDT
(6:38) J.Hurts pass to D.Smith. FUMBLES (M.Bell), RECOVERED by DAL-M.Hooker at DAL 12.
Eagles Another fumble LOL.
EaglesFanatic80 | 23:12 EDT
Eagles Fumble number 3. Fitting way for this game to end.
RobTheEaglesFan | 23:13 EDT
Eagles Seattle is going to eat this team alive.
Paul Douglas "Doug" Collins | 23:14 EDT
Eagles WE could have been losing 37-6 right now.
Sea Lion | 23:16 EDT
Eagles Three captains fumble the ball, can't make this [tomfoolery] up.
Joey0210 | 23:16 EDT
49ers Cowboys are looking pretty good. The Eagles? They look like hot poo.
Carve Grind | 23:18 EDT
So hot it's steaming.
Derekjallen | 23:18 EDT
Eagles Hey mods can u just put up the Eagles lost article now?
Eaglefarts | 23:18 EDT
Eagles I'm so sick of Dak sitting back there doing whatever he wants..
Joey0210 | 23:19 EDT
Eagles I'll take another Aubrey FG for my fantasy team please.
MrOilman | 23:19 EDT
Eagles I actually think Dallas kills Miami… Buffalo is gonna have to beat them.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 23:21 EDT
Dolphins This kicker is unreal, 29 for 29.
heatforlife | 23:23 EDT
Eagles 2 weeks ago I said this team was lucky to be 10-1 and I got a bunch of grief for it.
piratefan74 | 23:26 EDT
(1:08) B.Aubrey 50 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 33 - PHI 13
Eagles I'm seriously scared, how does this Aubrey guy never miss? Is he a T-1000 Terminator?
Sea Lion | 23:27 EDT
Steelers Cowboys kicker has 22 points. Thank god I own him.
Yinzer. | 23:28 EDT
49ers That Dallas kicker is something else. His kicks are straight as an arrow even from 60 yards.
kaepernicking | 23:29 EDT
Kinda weird since last year their kicker couldn't even make an XP at one point.
Captain Jack's Ghost | 23:52 EDT
That 60 yarder he made was good from 75. What a weapon.
Supafishal | 00:40 EDT
End of Game
Eagles I'm starting to think we gave Hurts his money too soon.
FreeKellyGreen | 23:30 EDT
Eagles Dallas is going to win the Super Bowl.
phillyphanatic10 | 23:30 EDT
Stop it.
ddunlapjones | 23:30 EDT
Maybe if CMC jumps off the Golden Gate.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 23:30 EDT
Dolphins Eagles coach don’t look so arrogant now!!
Wildfin22 | 23:31 EDT
Eagles The only problem with Dallas beating Philly is people will just say Dallas still hasn't beaten a good team....
randomguy48 | 23:32 EDT
Eagles The crying Sirianni sign is 100 percent Siranni's fault and should never be forgotten.
Starkad2! | 23:32 EDT
Giants Welp... Cowboys fans are gonna be insufferable after that game. Then again, Eagles fans would have been too if they won so... If only there was a way they both lost, lol.
Lucky | 23:34 EDT
49ers Looks like Dallas has a blueprint too.
WelcomeToTheBrock | 23:37 EDT
Eagles Man, I’ve always been a big Steph Gilmore fan. I hate seeing him wearing that [sublime and dazzling] star.
KyngJimbo | 23:37 EDT
Lions We're gonna get stomped in Dallas.
Adam P. Henderson | 23:40 EDT
Eagles I wish we had been 5-7 so that people could still say the Cowboys haven't beaten a winning team.
Sea Lion | 23:42 EDT
Commanders My ole lady is a DIEHARD COWBOYS Fan, the ISH I gotta hear with nothing to say about our Commanders.
murtd1 | 23:46 EDT

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