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Confidence in the Cowboys explodes after team demolishes the Eagles

Cowboys fans are pretty confident these days.

NFL: DEC 10 Eagles at Cowboys Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys went out last Sunday and took care of business against the Philadelphia Eagles. They not only won, but they dominated the Eagles to the tune of 33-13, and that score was actually closer than what it should have been as the Cowboys missed a few opportunities. That win changed a lot for the Cowboys, not only by getting over the ‘beating a good team’ hump, but in more important ways like keeping their pursuit of the NFC East crown alive.

We’ve laid out how the Cowboys have reached first place in the NFC East, and how the Eagles actually still control their own destiny but how Dallas could still claim the division.

Of course, that is all predicated on the Cowboys continuing to win. And Cowboys fans are feeling pretty confident about the direction of the team. Last week, we asked about confidence in the direction of the team and 85% of you were confident. After beating up the Eagles, that number has jumped to 95%, around the same levels as during the early run of the season.

Next, we wanted to know how you felt about the Cowboys winning the NFC East. This question really has two parts - confidence that the Cowboys will keep on winning, and that the Eagles will stumble down the stretch. We asked this same question back in mid-November, and only 19% of fans thought Dallas could win the NFC East. Thankfully, that number has grown to a majority.

For our final question, we tempted the fates and asked about Brandon Aubrey’s field goal streak. For all the superstitious types, you can stop reading now. Aubrey is on a 30 for 30 streak kicking field goals for the start of his career. We wanted to know if he will miss a kick this year. Perhaps the outdoor setting in Buffalo with possible wind and rain has influenced the answers, or maybe it’s just odds catching up. But a majority think he will miss a field goal at some point this year.

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