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Week 15 is just another box to check for the Dallas Cowboys

In a season full of proving people wrong, a road trip to Buffalo serves as another chance for the Cowboys to show they are the real deal.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When schedule makers put the NFL schedule together this year, they knew what they were doing. A mid-December matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills in upstate New York is box office. Two teams that figured to be in the thick of things, battling it out in winter conditions was surely the vision back in May.

While the weather won’t be exactly what they had hoped, they were still right about the fact it is set to be Week 15’s marquee matchup. While the Bills are fighting for their playoff lives, the Cowboys can use this week to continue to prove they are who they think they are.

Turning Doubters Into Believer's

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys enter Week 15 tied for the best record in football and are the hottest team in the NFL. Fresh off a dismantling of the hated divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles a week prior, the matchup against the Bills just serves as another chance to go out there and prove this team is different from years prior.

When it comes to the Cowboys, the goalpost is moved often. Earlier in the year it was that the offense was being carried by the defense, then it was that they were beating up on bad teams, then Dak’s MVP campaign is due to no overwhelming favorite and it isn’t all that impressive. No matter what the Cowboys do, there will be a built in excuse to combat it.

Hence why this road test against the Bills is just another box for them to check. They’ve handled most of the adversity thrown at them this year, with the latest test being the Eagles. Week 15 presents a chance to put to bed another excuse - that they need to be at home to win big games.

Yes, the Cowboys are undefeated at home this year, and haven’t lost there since early last season, but discussion centers around their capabilities on the road.

Sunday serves as a chance to put that narrative to bed, and while a win officially locks them into a playoff berth it also proves that they are battle tested enough to win anywhere, anytime. The Bills are a dangerous team with an impressively talented quarterback and a good group of weapons to worry about. Any talk of downplaying a potential win this week is nonsensical.

We’ve Heard It All Before - But This Year Feels Different

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

2021 felt like their year, 2022 caught many by surprise, but 2023 feels like they have a little bit of everything you need to win the whole thing. In years past, this would be a game the Cowboys would drop. They would come out flat, not meet the challenge, and look bad while doing it. Fast forward to the current day and they have a chance to prove, once again, this Cowboys team is different.

They have an elite offense with a QB playing the best football of his life, an opportunistic defense who are playing with a chip on their shoulder, and they even have a special teams unit led by Brandon Aubrey who looks to be one of the leagues biggest surprises of the season.

We are all just ready for the playoffs because that’s where they can really prove us wrong or right. However, in the meantime, there is still work to be done and they have everything in front of them to make this year different from what we have become accustomed to seeing. The moment is now, Carpe Omnia.

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