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Cowboys at Bills: The good, the bad, and the ugly from Week 15

Just about everything was ugly from Sunday’s Cowboys loss.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Ups, downs, and loop de loops. The roller coaster ride that is the Dallas Cowboys continued in Week 15 against the Buffalo Bills. Entering the matchup it was looking as if the Cowboys could do no wrong, but unfortunately, the opposite was true Sunday afternoon. The result, a 31-10 beat down.

This was a complete whipping, something that we haven’t seen the Dallas Cowboys take since Week 5 versus the San Francisco 49ers. The Buffalo Bills were the more physical and better executing team on the field Sunday afternoon, and in all honesty, it wasn't even close. The Cowboys now have to figure out some way to put this game behind them and bounce back.

Due to the shellacking the Buffalo Bills put on the Dallas Cowboys, there was very little good that came out of this Week 15 meeting and a lot more bad and ugly things that took place. It's a pretty huge flip-flop from weeks past, but that's just the way things ended up playing out this time around.

THE GOOD - Cowboys are playoff bound

You'd be hard-pressed to find much, if any, good for the Dallas Cowboys that came out of this Week 15 matchup with the Buffalo Bills. This was arguably the worst they've played as a whole on the offensive and defensive side of the ball the entire season. They had absolutely no answers for Buffalo Sunday afternoon, but thankfully this disappointing loss didn’t stop them from clinching a playoff spot. Fortunately, before this game even started the Cowboys secured that spot in the playoffs thanks to some help around the league. It's a small silver lining considering how Dallas was completely dominated by the Bills, but it is a silver lining nonetheless.

THE BAD - Zack Martin's injury

You can probably point the finger to a number of different things that went wrong for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 15 and you wouldn't be wrong. But, the worst thing that came out of this completely embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills is Zack Martin sustaining an injury that could impact his availability during the remainder of the 2023 regular season. This would be a huge blow to Dallas' offense, even though T.J. Bass seemed to handle himself relatively well as an injury fill-in. No. 70's injury could impact the way Dallas approaches the rest of the regular-season. With a playoff spot already locked up they may want to take the cautious approach to try to get as healthy as possible for the postseason.

THE UGLY - The James Cook show

Football is known as a team sport, but you wouldn't know it by the way James Cook completely dominated the game Sunday afternoon against the Dallas Cowboys. He was just shy of 150 total yards in the first half alone and ended up finishing the game with 221 total yards (179 rushing, 42 receiving) and two touchdowns, one each on the ground and through the air. Considering Buffalo's offense only had a total of 351 yards altogether, it's pretty much a given James Cook carried the team to victory in Week 15. Hopefully this is just a fluke performance by Dallas' defense. It was just the first time all season they've allowed a 100-yard rusher, but nonetheless, it was still pretty embarrassing.

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