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Where the Cowboys stand in the NFC playoff picture after blowout loss to the Bills

The NFC playoff picture was greatly impacted by Week 15... here is where the Dallas Cowboys stand.

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys received good news on Sunday when they learned they had clinched an NFC playoff spot based on some of the losses in the early games. That was basically the only good thing that happened to Dallas on Sunday, as they barely even showed up for the late afternoon game against the Buffalo Bills. It was a horror show as the Bills mauled the Cowboys in every way possible.

Dallas was hoping for a win to keep pressure on the Philadelphia Eagles who have a tough task on Monday night when they face the Seattle Seahawks. That didn’t happen and the Cowboys ceded first place in the NFC East back to the Eagles for now.

Things don’t get any easier as next week Dallas hits the road again for a game against the Miami Dolphins, and they are already underdogs in that game.

As of now, the Cowboys are back to the fifth-seed wild card spot, pending the results of the Eagles game on Monday night.

NFC Standings

1. San Francisco 49ers-y (11-3)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (10-3) MNF
3. Detroit Lions (10-4)
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-7, win over NO)
5. Dallas Cowboys-x (10-4)
6. Minnesota Vikings (7-7, win over GB, 6-3 NFC)
7. Los Angeles Rams (7-7, 5-4 NFC)
8. New Orleans Saints (7-7, loss to TB, 4-5 NFC)
9. Seattle Seahawks (6-7) MNF
10. Atlanta Falcons (6-8, win over GB)
11. Green Bay Packers (6-8, loss to ATL)
12. New York Giants (5-9, win percentage in common games > CHI)
13. Chicago Bears (5-9, win percentage in common games < NYG)

Y - San Francisco clinched the NFC West
X - Dallas has clinched a playoff spot
e - Washington, Arizona, and Carolina have been eliminated from the postseason

In this current scenario, the Cowboys would go on the road for their first playoff game and play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One would hope that’s a game they could handle, but the road has not been kind to the Cowboys this year for the most part. They suffered their embarrassing loss to the Cardinals on the road, and their two blowout losses to the Bills and 49ers.

The Cowboys are juggernauts at home, but the road is a different story and that’s where they could spend a lot of time in the playoffs.

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