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Christmas wish list: 3 gifts we want Santa Claus to bring the Dallas Cowboys

We all have Christmas wishes for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Help could be on the way for the Dallas Cowboys. With Christmas now just mere days away, Santa Claus could be coming to the rescue with some gifts that could help them close out the 2023 regular-season on a high note, and also help them on their journey to the Super Bowl throughout the playoffs.

Today, we are going to identify and discuss some gifts we'd like to see Santa Claus gift the Cowboys from his big red bag for Christmas. Bestowing these gifts on the Cowboys organization could be just what they need to bounce back and improve after the embarrassing 31-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills last week.

#1 - Laundry detergent

One area we'd all love to see Santa Claus help out the Dallas Cowboys with is the amount of penalty flags they seem to accumulate on a game to game basis. They are currently leading the league in penalties and don't show any signs of finding some way to correct the issue. This will be a problem as we draw closer and closer to the postseason tournament when every single negative play could be the difference between continuing the journey to the Super Bowl or watching it from the couch. With no easy fix, it may take some divine intervention from the big man in the red suit to cut down the amount of yellow laundry.

#2 - Roadmap/GPS

It's looking more and more likely the Cowboys postseason journey to the Super Bowl will be decided by how well they play on the road throughout the playoffs. While they're not completely out of the running to win the NFC East division and possibly the No. 1 seed, they will need a little bit of help from around the league as well as finishing the regular-season strong. It's not completely out of the question they can still secure home-field advantage for part of the playoffs, it's just more likely they'll have to be road warriors. Hopefully with a little guidance from Santa Claus they can improve on the road.

#3 - Energy bars

Whether accurate or not, there are those out there who believe the Dallas Cowboys are a "soft" team. True or not, it's not something the organization wants to use aspire to or live up to. Instead, they'd much rather be known as a physically imposing team who plays with a certain sort of swagger/attitude. There are certain individuals on the team like Jake Ferguson who kind of personify these traits, but as of yet it really hasn't become infectious throughout the roster. Maybe with a little help from Santa Claus that can become true sooner rather than later. An energy boost could help them on their Super Bowl journey.

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