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How the Cowboys can still win the NFC East after beating Lions 20-19

The Dallas Cowboys are 11-5 and still alive!

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were one, two, three two-point conversions away from losing their chance at capturing the NFC East. The wild ending to the Cowboys game against the Detroit Lions had Cowboys fans on a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment it looked like any hope of capturing the NFC East was gone when the Lions appeared to have gone ahead on their first two-point conversion. A penalty flag saved the day, then a Micah Parsons penalty on the next attempt brought about despair again. Finally the last attempt was incomplete and the Cowboys kept themselves afloat in the NFC East.

Now the pressure moves over to the Philadelphia Eagles. They host the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and they need to win that game to keep Dallas at arm's length. If they lose that game, the Cowboys can capture the East with a win on the final weekend against the Washington Commanders.

Even if Philadelphia wins this weekend, they will still need to beat the New York Giants on road on the final weekend to assure themselves of the East crown. If they lose to the Giants, the Cowboys can capture the division with a win over the Commanders next week.

Sure, the Eagles should be able to beat both the Cardinals and the Eagles, but crazier things have happened. The Cowboys lost to the Cardinals earlier this season and the Eagles were beaten by the New York Jets.

The Cowboys victory over the Lions kept the dream alive for a home playoff game and the number two seed in the conference. Go Cardinals!

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